10 Brunch Outfits You Can Turn to Weekend After Weekend

There are few joys in life as pure as waking up on a weekend morning and heading to brunch. Sitting around a table laughing with friends, bottomless mimosas flowing—there’s nothing not to love, especially when the brunch in question is taking place on a spring day. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the new life those first warm days of the year inevitably bring, and of course, is the perfect way to debut spring fashion.

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Brunch fashion is an outfit category all its own; finding a going-out outfit that works for the daytime (and often morning, no less) isn’t always an easy feat. The leathers and sequins of nighttime attire probably aren’t the first thing you’re going to (or should) reach for, but you still want to look and feel fun and confident—trust us, we get it.

Don’t have a brunch on your calendar just yet? After seeing these brunch-worthy outfit ideas, we have a feeling you’re about to. These 10 outfits are perfect for a spring brunch (and go way beyond floral dresses and pastels).


10 Brunch Outfits for Spring


A gingham maxi dress and straw bag

There are few things as quintessentially spring as a gingham pattern, especially in the form of a dreamy maxi dress. It’s a one-and-done look that’s easy to throw on, but that can also be made your own depending on what you pair it with. If your brunch is on the more casual side, you can opt for flat sandals or white sneakers; if it’s a bit more elevated, heeled sandals are your best bet. A straw bag will complete the look in a way that’s made for a morning of pancakes and mimosas.


Denim on denim

Heading to your city’s cool new restaurant for your spring brunch? It’s time to break out one of spring 2023’s hottest trends: the Canadian tuxedo. Pair your favorite jeans with a denim jacket or denim shirt for an of-the-moment look that’ll make an OOTD pic an absolute necessity. When choosing your denim combo, just make sure your denim pieces are as close to the same wash as possible for a true Canadian tuxedo effect.


A matching set and thong sandals

Matching sets and warm weather fit together like a glove, and is the perfect option for a cozy brunch where your main priority is comfort, but you still want to look the part. A pair of thong sandals give an off-duty, resort wear effect that’s ideal for if you’re heading to a homemade brunch at a friend’s apartment. After all, a matching set feels like pajamas, but looks like anything but.


A statement coat and denim maxi skirt

If the weather is still chilly but you want to dress like it’s spring, it’s time to break out your favorite statement coat—better yet, your favorite statement coat and your favorite statement bag. Pair them with a trendy denim maxi skirt and white tee for a cool combo that’ll work for transitional weather. 

When coming up with your coat and bag combo, the bolder, the better. Mix colors, patterns, and shapes (hello, heart bag!)—no fear of them clashing necessary. 


A button-up and mini skirt

After a long winter hibernating, it’s time to break out the legs for their seasonal debut. With the help of a mini skirt (preferably in a pop of color), a classic button-up or white tee, and heeled sandals, your brunch outfit will have a touch of prep that’s perfect for the occasion. If you have one handy, you can’t go wrong with a mini dress if the weather is right, either. 


A floral maxi dress and shoulder bag

We couldn’t talk about spring brunch outfit inspiration without mentioning one floral dress, could we? A floral maxi dress doesn’t have to feel like you’re heading to a baby or bridal shower; with sexy details like cutouts and bustier-style details, it’s a modernized version of the spring classic. With a shoulder bag and your favorite sunnies, this look is one you won’t regret reaching for.


A tailored jacket, jeans, and white sneakers

If your vibe is laid-back but still put-together, this outfit is calling your name. A structured, tailored jacket will give you business-chic on top, but a relaxed pair of denim on bottom will ensure that the look in its entirety gives cool girl rather than “I’m heading to the office.” The cherry on top? A pair of white sneakers that ties it all together.


A feather top, jeans, and slingbacks

If your brunch is at a fancy restaurant, it calls for a little something special, and we vote that that something special be feathers. A touch of feathers around the cuff of a button-up or blazer is a playful addition to a button-up that gives Gossip Girl cosplay chicness. On bottom, a pair of high-waisted jeans and a pair of slingbacks tie it all together and make the look a home run.


A denim maxi skirt and tank top

The hottest thing you could have on the bottom half of your body this season? The denim mini skirt’s cooler, edgier older cousin: the denim maxi skirt. Pair yours with a colorful knit tank or crop top for a relaxed, cool look that still packs a major punch. If the spring weather is playing games with you and veering on the chillier side, a leather jacket will be your best friend. Take it on and off throughout the day as the temps change, without feeling like you’re sacrificing your look to stay warm.


A tennis skirt and white sneakers

The tennis skirt is the preppy trend we couldn’t get enough of last fall, and we’ve been counting out the days until we could bust them out again this spring. With a long-sleeve top of your choice and retro sneakers, you’ll look like you just got off the court—but in a chic, brunch-ready way. If it’s still chilly outside, a cable-knit or crewneck sweater will give the same country-club chic vibes we’re aiming for.


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