14 Halloween costumes that are built around protective face masks

Formerly, a "safe" halloween costume meant one that kept trick-or-treaters visible, couldn't be tripped over or wasn't made of questionable chemical-laced materials. But since 2020, "safe" has taken on a whole new meaning. While trick-or-treating may look a little different this year, that doesn't mean your little one has to skip out on all the fun (or candy).

Thanks to Etsy, parents can shop from a variety of creatively-themed face masks for their kids (or you!) that inspire the rest of a costume. These protective coverings will inspire or tie together costume ideas while also putting your child's health and safety first. Whether you plan on crafting a DIY Halloween costume or purchasing a kids costume kit from the store, these protective face masks will fit right in.

See our full list of mask-inspired Halloween costumes for kids and adults below.

Puppy mask 

CUBCOATS  Pimm Puppy & Tomo Tiger - Kids Face Masks (2-Pack)

This two-pack set of masks allows your child to pick between puppy or tiger. Plus, they can wear these to school after Halloween is over.

Lion face mask

This adorable lion mask is realistically fierce.

Glow-in-the-dark mummy face mask 

Glow-in-the-Dark Mummy & Peeking Eyes Safety Mask

This spooky mask has a dark secret. The eyes glow in the dark!

Mermaid face mask

Add this adorable scale rainbow mask to the mix and your little mermaid is ready to go out trick or treating.

Unicorn face mask 

CUBCOATS  Uki the Unicorn - Mask Buddy

This kids face mask is designed to be taken on-the-go. Using the elastic band on the back, they can be worn on their wrist or used as a hair-tie.

Cher from Clueless

All your kid needs is a yellow plaid skirt, matching blazer, white knee-highs, and this face mask to look like one of the most iconic movie characters from the '90s. And if they don't get the reference, you can take this one and look like a total Betty.


For the DIYers, this Dalmatian costume can be pulled together in a flash with the help of a white t-shirt, this fun headband and face mask combo, and black jeans.


Need a last minute costume idea? This scarecrow face mask pairs nicely with a pair of jeans, flannel, and a straw hat!


Forgo the green face paint thanks to this Frankenstein-themed face mask. Your child will be the scariest monster on the block!

A Sanderson sister from Hocus Pocus

Embody one of Halloween's most beloved fictional characters with this Sanderson sister face mask.

Vincent Van Gogh

Dress up like the famous Dutch painter, using his most renowned canvas painting, The Starry Night, as a muse for your child's mask.


Your little one will look like a mini-Peter Parker in their Spiderman costume and face mask!

Jack Skellington

A black and white striped suit is the finishing touch to this Jack Skellington-inspired costume.

Rose the Riveter

Pay homage to this feminist icon by sporting an all-denim ensemble acessorized with red accents. Rosie the Riveter was known for her red and white polka dot bandana, hence the matching face mask!

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