143 Times Designers Failed So Hard, They Got Shamed On The Internet (New Pics)

I guess it's safe to say no designer (or anyone else) wants to see their work shamed on the Internet. But to have it featured on the subreddit r/CrappyDesign you must've really done something wrong.

Maybe you created plant-dyed underwear that looks like it has just gone through a messy disaster. Or maybe you decided to use Comic Sans and useless quotation marks on actual police cars. Point is, if a picture of something you made ended up going viral in this online community, it wasn't by accident.

Continue scrolling and check out the times designers messed up so mad, it's like they don't even know how to use common sense! After you're done, fire up Bored Panda's earlier pieces on sub-par design here, here, and here. They're just as good. Err, I mean, bad. You get the idea.

#1 These Benches At My University Are Tilted Back And Have No Drainage System, So The Water Just Sits There For Up To Days After A Rainstorm

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Sandwich Board Advertising Seniors Day - Unfortunate Fastener Placement

Image credits: bycrackybygum

#3 The Pockets On Women's Trousers

Image credits: Iwantmyteslanow

#4 A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 I Wonder How Many People Have Backed Into This Fire Hydrant

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 Be Positive?

Image credits: whynotfart

#7 Toilet Seat Makes It Looks Like Someone Didn't Quite Make It

Image credits: PanthermalUnderwear

#8 I Was Having A Good Day Until I Went To The Supermarket

Image credits: -The-Goat

#9 This One Was A Real Brain Teaser

Image credits: demostheneze

#10 This Bowl Looks Like It's Perpetually Dirty

Image credits: Floating_Neck

#11 This Kid Mannequin

Image credits: Cnmbnmya

#12 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Ballroom Where Everyone Downstairs Can See Up Your Skirt

Image credits: crudolph0828

#14 Color Indicators In This Graph Doesn't Do Anything

Image credits: YATALAX

#15 Don't Come Stumbling In This House Drunk At Night. As Seen On Zillow

Image credits: togish

#16 This Fridge Magnet Clip Where The Magnet Can't Make Full Contact

Image credits: andrewlesliecooper

#17 How Not To Sell Birbs In A Museum Shop

Image credits: Rooscuro

#18 The Cop Cars In Orange Country Florida All Say Making A Difference In Comic Sans With Useless Quotation Marks. Makes It Seem Like They Aren't Making A Difference

Image credits: Warm-Branch

#19 Modern Living Condo For Sale. 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1/4 Kitchen

Image credits: SlaughterheartMagus

#20 This Guy's Glasses Make It Look Like He's Bleeding Out Of His Eyes

Image credits: SirRichardSlickston

#21 I Thought It Was A Horribly Stained Mattress Until I Focused On The Details

Image credits: dweebiest

#22 10 Year Old Me Lighting Up Any Room In The Sims

Image credits: SilverSkilo

#23 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It... But If It's On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

Image credits: ItsDiana5454

#24 One Armed Mother And A Demon Child

Image credits: pieterpiraat

#25 You Cant Even See The Country Lines

Image credits: PiranhaPursuit

#26 Hp Made The Track Pad The Same Texture As The Rest Of The Laptop So Its Awful To Use

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Can’t Even Read The Text On The Back Of These Eyelashes Packaging

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Is This Trophy For Golf, Or Assault?

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 These Mannequin Faces That Look Like They Want To Kill You

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 The Placement Of The Pictures Makes It Look Like She Has A Giant Head

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Dead End Sign At End Of Path

Image credits: double-you-dot

#32 This Maze Solution

Image credits: her_dog_is_odd

#33 Thanks For Vjsjtjng

Image credits: frozenfirefly

#34 This Door To The Restroom

Image credits: Slobelisk

#35 This Acronym For Some Student Association Plastered All Over The College

Image credits: VerifiedMadgod

#36 It’s Supposed To Say “Heroes” Lol

Image credits: Careless-Net-1262

#37 Healthy Smoothies For Everyone

Image credits: mattlepro21

#38 Picture Cannot Be Centred Level Because Of Even Number Of Notches

Image credits: A_1337_Canadian

#39 Hey High School Bulldog, Meet My High School Wildcat

Image credits: seycerebrum

#40 Origami Kit Where The Paper Has Already Been Folded To Fit In The Box

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Step 4: Just Go Sit In Some Other Chair

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 Anna Had A Bit Too Much Botox And Hans Has Seen Some Stuff. Wouldn’t You Agree?

Image credits: KITTYKOOLKAT35

#43 My Oven Uses A Touchscreen, So Whenever I Open It, Steam Gets On The Touchscreen And Messes With The Settings

Image credits: NeafyWasTaken

#44 This Apartment In Munich (Price Around 500000$) Has A Sloping Floor Because It's Right Above The Underground Garage

Image credits: UniqueDaya

#45 How Do You Like Your Windows?

Image credits: ----0000000-------

#46 Every Time I‘M Doing The Dishes I‘M Switching The Light On And Off

Image credits: bethanalysis

#47 Covid-19 - I Got It!

Image credits: iatewaltwhitman

#48 360 Panoramic Design Fail

Image credits: RandyMarsh847

#49 My Bedhead Has A Constantly Lit LED Built Into The Light Switch That Is Bright Enough To See The Entire Room With At Night. Fun Fact, Blue Light Is Most Likely To Mess With Your Brain's Ability To Sleep!

Image credits: Sparrowflyaway

#50 My High School Commissioned A Bulldog Statue! This Is The Result

Image credits: cutzngutz

#51 All The Privacy You Need

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 Spange Boob Square Pants And Pitrick Strar

Image credits: DoomTheBloom

#53 This Rayquaza Figure That Looks Like It's Projectile Vomiting

Image credits: ElReyDeLosCielos

#54 Nail Varnish That Makes Your Nails Look Dirty

Image credits: butterspread

#55 Nothing Says "Welcome To Our Campsite" Like A Coffin-Shaped Cookies

Image credits: Purple-Post-1891

#56 People Will Never Learn To Not Put Faces In Corners

Image credits: evvolin

#57 This Instagram Ad Celebrating Your Crippling Debt

Image credits: MLutsenko

#58 The Built-In Thermometer In My Freezer Doesn't Include Numbers. It Goes From 0° To -°c

Image credits: Unkle_Mak

#59 "Moisturizing Gloves" Turn Your Hairy Elderly Hands Into Hairless Young Woman Hands

Image credits: radioflower0

#60 Botk Nooe

Image credits: reddit.com

#61 Who Thought It Was A Good Idea To Put An Image Of 7 Churros For The Sign Of 3 Churros

Image credits: Imhereforgiofilmsbro

#62 Again With Carpeted Bathrooms

Image credits: your_neighbor420

#63 This Guy In A Training Video At My Job Has 2 Moustaches

Image credits: Demolicious1995

#64 Think Bog

Image credits: CalmProfit

#65 They've Massacred My Boi

Image credits: Ghastly_gamer247

#66 Walked Up This Then Had To Turn Around Because Of These Useless Railings

Image credits: Training_Plate5805

#67 A Dollar Store Easter Toy That Shoots Foam Balls. But It's Not His Mouth, And It's Not His Nose

Image credits: DragoTheFloof

#68 Saw An Interesting Van Coming Home From School

Image credits: Mixaling

#69 Who Told The Employees The Make The Holes Small

Image credits: kyrian247

#70 This Paper Bag Looks Wet

Image credits: JoshuaBlueMoon

#71 Black Kids Sale Friday Amsterdam

Image credits: ArtSchoolRejectedMe

#72 A Desk/Sofa Combo That Doesn't Work Because You Have To Remove Everything From The Desk Everytime Want To Lay In It

Image credits: skane110

#73 Just In Case You Fall In The Wall

Image credits: djanic1246

#74 Not Just The Spelling, But The Two Eiffel Towers Too!

Image credits: enceladianCitizen

#75 Our Municiplaity Made Bike Lanes For Us Finally!

Image credits: sarsina

#76 Thanks Apple For Making The Mouse Emoji The Magic Mouse, Making It Look Like A Bar Of Soap

Image credits: UltraSheep99

#77 Trejo Wants You To Buy Corn Chips

Image credits: whifffey

#78 The Ridiculously Tiny Bathroom With Everything You Need (Or Don't)

Image credits: miko_talik

#79 Low Resolution Printouts In Walmart. (I Can Barely Read It, Lol)

Image credits: CatL0rd27

#80 My Mum Bought This At A Home Decor Shop Years Ago. I Never Read What It’s Intended To Say

Image credits: noviboy123

#81 Someone Will Die Right About X

Image credits: ctruo

#82 For Brushing Your Teeth In A Few Extra Dimensions

Image credits: FakeBenson

#83 These Stairs Leading Up To An Elevator

Image credits: redraider-102

#84 Can’t Decide If This Pool Is For Giant Children Or Miniature St. Bernards

Image credits: flojopickles

#85 I Have No Idea What Floor I'm On

Image credits: chartreuse_chimay

#86 It Would've Cost $0 To Flip That Pizza Around

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 Instructions: Gray Goes To Gray, White Goes To White. Both Plugs Are Both Colors

Image credits: reddit.com

#88 This Amazon Ad For A Faucet Attachment Has The Worst Photoshopped Water

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 The Lift In This Building Is On Every Alternate Half-Level From Where The Doors To The Houses Are

Image credits: caffeine_lights

#90 I Guess This App Couldn’t Realize She Is Playing The PC

Image credits: MarshalTheBoss

#91 A Drain Water Can't Flow Into

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 No It Is Not Dumpster Sized!

Image credits: reddit.com

#93 Let’s Make This Look Edible

Image credits: reddit.com

#94 They Just Pasted The Same Image Into The Camera Screen Without Even Cropping Out The Camera

Image credits: hech_kay

#95 A "Secure" Bike Shed In Cambridge, UK. The Gaps Are For Ventilation, Apparently

Image credits: exploreplaylists

#96 Saw This At My Local Car Dealer

Image credits: sits_lit_fam

#97 I Pass By This Covid Sign Every Day And Still Have No Idea How To Read It

Image credits: Pontifff

#98 Hell Kitty

Image credits: MoPoYoLo

#99 This Poor Photoshop Design

Image credits: jkvfbv

#100 Spread Not The Soap Virus

Image credits: LumaGalaxyOG

#101 Why Do Women Need 2 Legs Anyways ?

Image credits: X-Pods

#102 A Moment Of Silence For All The Lost Correspondence And Keys

Image credits: ncsuandrew12

#103 "Arial" May Be Simple, But It Has One Significant Flaw

Image credits: rafioo

#104 This Symmetrical Pump Head Made Me Laugh

Image credits: jj1111jj

#105 These Pull Tabs That Never Come Off

Image credits: willyism

#106 “Hey Mom, Can We Go To The Starw Arst O Re?”

Image credits: DadDropsTheMic

#107 Good To Know, Substance

Image credits: SoulStealingGinger

#108 Just When You Thought You Were Reaching 1 Kcal

Image credits: commonlinnet

#109 This Building Right In Front Of Our Apartment

Image credits: emp1221

#110 I Had To Search Google Maps To Find What This Store Is Actually Called

Image credits: Starlly

#111 Thanks For The Stairs (On Both Sides Of The Bridge)

Image credits: keyzar_

#112 Fit The Ocean And A Great White In These Bags!

Image credits: jangleschan

#113 Totally "Not" Photoshopped

Image credits: proxy_slender

#114 This Ramp In Front Of A Bank Office

Image credits: Ameriggio

#115 I Don't Think That Dude Is 2 Meters Wide

Image credits: Laashang

#116 This German Pills Ad

Image credits: Lunin_101

#117 This Starbucks Cup’s “Design” Just Makes The Cup Look Dirty. The One On The Right Is With Water

Image credits: Pekororo

#118 Hungry Anyone? Cafeteria Name At My Work

Image credits: marcin0208

#119 The Toilet And The Paper Being On The Opposite Side Of The Room At A Hotel I’m Staying At

Image credits: Ossy-BTW

#120 Oddly Placed Pencil Holder Prevents The Paper From Completely Fitting On The Clipboard

Image credits: Apple______juice

#121 Metric Tape But With An Imperial Tape Holder Length

Image credits: reddit.com

#122 Inception Baby Carpet Tiles

Image credits: reddit.com

#123 Taco Bell Drive-Through. Intercom Before Menu

Image credits: reddit.com

#124 Mcdonald’s Toy My Kid Got Today. Red Made 9 Moves. Yellow Made 5

Image credits: reddit.com

#125 My Parents Bathroom Is On A Platform Next To An Angled Ceiling So You Hit Your Head Every Time... And It Has A Telephone

Image credits: Bdipentima

#126 Im No Expert On Beaver Butts But I Know Somethings Off

Image credits: cliffsis

#127 How They Think This Man's "Before" Chin Should Look Like

Image credits: dogism

#128 Frostbite = Bad. Hypothermia = Good

Image credits: noble_29

#129 Timeless Design, When They Can't Fit The 1 On

Image credits: Peebs_

#130 Globe Bouncy Ball Says Europe Doesn't Exist

Image credits: quinn_jong_un

#131 Yes Put The Pole Right In The Middle Of The Isle

Image credits: Spoodr-MN

#132 Their Faces Look A Little... Different

Image credits: emmaf08

#133 I'm Pretty Sure 4k Doesn't Increase Contrast

Image credits: reddit.com

#134 My Soda Sirup Has This Much Taste

Image credits: reddit.com

#135 Great Paint Job, Especially That Last “Step”

Image credits: reddit.com

#136 3 Inch Deep Pool That Blocks The Entire Staircase Entrance To This Building

Image credits: irishfro

#137 This Drying Rack’s Water Collection Tray Rusts On Contact With Any Water

Image credits: idiosynkratique

#138 I Called The Emergency Phone By Accident

Image credits: Bluet313

#139 This 'Art' On A Train Table Just Looks Like A Disgusting Stain

Image credits: claymountain

#140 Door? No! Window? Also No!

Image credits: flumpymews

#141 Solved With Grace

Image credits: stangame

#142 Life After Disney Wasnt Easy

Image credits: Pickle_needs_friends

#143 May I Present To You: The Weird Stairs At My House. I Never Actually Realized How Weird This Are Since I Lived With Them All My Life

Image credits: Trashadonna

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