171 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas That You May Need This Holiday Season

Progressing through your life, from young to old and wise, changes your perspective on many things. And ugly Christmas sweaters also share this same fluent progression of perspective. If at first, they seem like the nastiest garment anyone could have thought of, sometime later, they start to grow on you. Reaching your twenties, these ugly sweaters start to look kinda funny, kinda cute, and you enthusiastically, yet ironically choose one for the annual party. Ten years pass, and you can no longer envision Christmas day without wearing one. Come your forties, and a sudden realization that you own a whole collection of these puppies is in sight. But, whether you are just a fledgling sweater wearer or a seasoned pro, we bet that you either will want to add some of the cardigans from our list to your collection or, at least, wear them ironically.

This list that you’re about to see will give you some pretty awesome ugly Christmas sweater ideas. First, there are elaborate handmade monstrosities, such as Rudolph doing a very technicolor yawn or exposing parts of your body as if to allude they are a component of a Christmas elf behind. Then there are the storebought goodies - Dwight as Rudolph, Rudolph as Dwight, Dwight as Dwight, and Rudolph as a sweater. Even if you’re not into Dwight, your choices will be aplenty, catering to the needs of even the most connoisseuring connoisseurs there are. If you’re one of them, then why not borrow the idea of turning yourself into a human Christmas tree or wear your grandma’s hand-knitted, vintage TV table cover that you’ve embellished with your own hands? Wear it ironically, of course.

Hopefully, your interest is growing with each sentence, and now you’re pretty anxious to check out the sweater gallery below. And good for you! These ugly Christmas sweaters are going to be worth your while and might even make your day just a tiny bit merrier. So, sleigh down below to the hilarious photos and vote for the funny sweaters that you might wear yourself! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, as they might also want to look at these jolly good ideas. 

#1 My Ugly Christmas Sweater Work Party Is Today. Think I'll Win?

Image credits: UnaPesadilla

#2 My Friend Just Plain Gets How To Do Ugly Sweater Parties

Image credits: Quinnbo

#3 My Boss And I Had An Ugly Sweater Competition

Image credits: FinemImmort87

#4 My Cousin's Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: neodawg

#5 Parents Haven't Noticed My Christmas Sweater Yet

Image credits: Barnitz

#6 The Dangling Sleeves On This T-Rex Christmas Sweater

Image credits: killxorxbexkilled

#7 Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Heathiepants

#8 Merry Christmas To You All Out There From The Both Of Us Today! Hahaha. Enjoy The Time With The Family And Cherish Every Moment

Image credits: kingjames

#9 Collection Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: sheymyster

#10 Catch And Release, But Probably The Funniest Ugly Christmas Sweater I’ve Seen

Image credits: blackbettybamalamm

#11 This Person Took Things To The Next Level And Attached A Whole Working Train Set And Christmas Village To Her Sweater

Image credits: teentigermom93

#12 My 11-Year-Old Son's Home-Made Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: skinflaps

#13 Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Thinaeariel

#14 My Workplace Is Having A Christmas Sweater Competition On Friday. Here's What I'm Bringing To The Table

Image credits: taylorguitar13

#15 Christmas Sweater Day At My School. This Kid Made My Day

Image credits: Acrylic_Splash

#16 Mom Bought Me This Christmas Sweater... I Can't Even...

Image credits: dakang727

#17 Rudolph Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: sharingthestoke

#18 I Ordered A Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: jbenz

#19 What Do You Think Of My Christmas Sweater?

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 Needless To Say I Won The Ugly Xmas Sweater Contest. Saint Nic Cage - My Masterpiece

Image credits: scootertrashed

#21 I Didn’t Have An Ugly Christmas Sweater For The Party, So I Made One

Image credits: NewHumbug

#22 I Present To You... This Year's Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Cash_Johnny

#23 Last Minute Ugly Christmas Sweater Creation For Office Party

Image credits: sojaminc

#24 This. No

Image credits: taramup

#25 Smileeeeeeee

Image credits: ollymurs

#26 If I Was Santa, I Would Call The Police On This Sweater

Image credits: lpsmediaoffice

#27 Ugly Christmas Sweater Winner

Image credits: mrlindstrom

#28 Happy Holidays To You And Yours! Thank You Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit For This Special Christmas Gift!

Image credits: MAURY

#29 Ugliest Christmas Sweater I've Seen This Year

Image credits: Pigmy

#30 Microsoft’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Is Windows XP This Year. It Even Comes In A Softwear Box

Image credits: tomwarren

#31 My In-Laws Know How To Ugly Sweater Party As Well

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Señor Navidad

Image credits: CalvinHobbes21

#33 Pouch To Hold Her Beer

Image credits: _lanaloo

#34 This Ugly Christmas Sweater I Made Out Of Mini Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: grosseboudouline

#35 Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: Uwannabuggy

#36 Ugly Christmas Sweater Made Of Nightmares

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 The 'I Am A Christmas Tree' Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: JoshofWestern19

#38 Average-Looking Dudes Never Get Their Christmas Selfies To The FP! Me

Image credits: RichBrook

#39 A Black Cat On A Christmas Sweater. That's Probably A Bad Luck

Image credits: MMegan79

#40 It’s Christmas Jumper Day At Work Today

Image credits: ElViejoPava

#41 This Is My Entry For The Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Naughty Santa

Image credits: thegigibeast

#42 Ugly Xmas Sweatshirt Selfie

Image credits: MeowIcat

#43 Accurate 2020 Christmas Sweater

Image credits: saraimariemohawk

#44 This Good Boy Came Ready For The "Pawty"

Image credits: VegasPupBailey

#45 Never Forget

Image credits: patrickschwarzenegger

#46 Royally Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: Madame Tussauds

#47 We Made Ugly Christmas Sweaters Last Weekend, And I'm Pretty Proud Of Mine

Image credits: undercome

#48 Help Me Win A Pizza Bet Redux

Image credits: BruceCampbellsChin

#49 My Coworker Wins At Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: weeeats

#50 An Outrageous Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Opus1

#51 That's A Good Way To Use Hair Extentions

Image credits: Beka_Lou

#52 Baby Yoda Does It All

Image credits: trishmollo

#53 Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: scottkimbrell82

#54 This Ugly Christmas Reindeer Sweater

Image credits: kittytaxes

#55 I Present To You All: My Drunken Masterpiece I Made In 1 Hour Before An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Image credits: dairyer

#56 Adding A Banana To Everything Makes It Look Better

Image credits: joanbulani17

#57 Merry Christmas My Merry Mutants!! Thought You Guys Might Appreciate My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Rpruiz25

#58 Freehanded Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Aesuan

#59 My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: surfrock66

#60 The Doge Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Brennuhhhh

#61 I Love When I Get To Wear Christmas Sweaters At Work

Image credits: Skyler_Hawkins

#62 It's A Shame She Didn't Win It

Image credits: cantstopstaryn

#63 Merry Christmas... Chief

Image credits: lpsmediaoffice

#64 My Wife’s Ugly Christmas Sweater For This Holiday Season

Image credits: randyrandomagnum

#65 Happy National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Image credits: catsnickers2023

#66 This Christmas Sweater

Image credits: allyrn13

#67 Couple Sweaters

Image credits: Burstcreationss

#68 Ugliest Christmas Sweater

Image credits: ogofbrew

#69 2019's Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Aesuan

#70 Got My Christmas Jumper For Tomorrow Sorted

Image credits: enteejay

#71 Santa's In Trouble

Image credits: idntfxckwithyou

#72 Best "Okay" Christmas Sweater Ever

Image credits: trollaltdelete

#73 My New 'Ugly' Christmas Sweater Came In

Image credits: madmaninabox42

#74 My Little Sisters Ugly Christmas Sweater For Family Dinner

Image credits: DuckieMcWasted_lrg

#75 Help Me Find A Legit Place To Buy This Ugly Lotr Taters-Themed Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Thrumpshrill

#76 Home-Made Ugly Sweater With A Light Up Tree Skirt

Image credits: LadyBlitzkrieg

#77 DIY Christmas Sweater

Image credits: ElvisMariePresley

#78 Target Killin It!!! Wish They Had A Belschnickle Ugly Christmas Sweater Tho

Image credits: macygallagher

#79 My Friend At Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party/Gift Exchange. That Is His Gift

Image credits: simms2406

#80 I Hear We're Sharing Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: reddit.com

#81 My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: SKYNeT8464

#82 Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals

Image credits: dontsmashpandas

#83 Tiger King Christmas Sweater

Image credits: dmimetals

#84 Pulled Out The Lotr Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Any-Morning-8159

#85 Funny Xmas Sweater, The Rock

Image credits: etsy.com

#86 Upside Down Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Orion90z

#87 Told My Wife I Need A Sweater To Wear On Christmas Every Year From Now On. She Delivered

Image credits: kukurutz

#88 My Christmas Tradition Is To Go To The Movies With My Cousins (Usually Star Wars) But This Year They Had To Cancel But That Didn’t Stop Me From Wearing This Sweater

Image credits: IalwaysupvoteSAABstories

#89 Our Friends Sent Christmas Sweaters

Image credits: Garp114

#90 What Does Reddit Think Of My Ugly Sweater Party Outfit?

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Ugly Christmas Cat Sweater

Image credits: ElvisMariePresley

#92 An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: TeamHendrick

#93 That Pocket For Your Dink Is Weird And Genius At The Same Time

Image credits: _lanaloo

#94 A Lot Of Work Went Into Decorating This

Image credits: EPS_RegionOne

#95 Finished My Ugly Christmas Sweater With Time To Spare

Image credits: 206noodles

#96 I Own No Ugly Sweaters, So I Just Borrowed This Hidden Gem From One My Best Friend. It’s My First Holiday Dinner With Girlfriends Parents, So I Gotta Make My Best Impression

Image credits: Tiberius_Maximus

#97 Ho Ho Ho

Image credits: Tito Snabitz

#98 Was Asked For A Sweater And Obviously First Time Doing A Person In Dark Fabric... Had To Fix Him A Few Times But It Came Out Ok

Image credits: designsbybecka

#99 Funny Grinch Hands Christmas

Image credits: etsy.com

#100 My Friend Abbie Has The Best Christmas Sweater

Image credits: imgur.com

#101 Abraham Lincoln In His Christmas Spirit

Image credits: napkin

#102 My Wife Took An Ugly Christmas Sweater And Made It Even More Obnoxious

Image credits: codycakez

#103 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Rainydaze1406

#104 So Snuggly My New Christmas Sweater

Image credits: pingpongtiddley

#105 Ozzy Celebrating Christmas In A Gizmo Sweater

Image credits: ozzyosbourne

#106 Merry Christmas

Image credits: serenalese

#107 Let It Snow

Image credits: MrBananaFingers

#108 My BF + I Decided To DIY Our Own Minecraft Xmas Sweaters This Year

Image credits: leahinlalaland

#109 Someone Has An Obsession With Meryl Streep

Image credits: Laine_Mitchell

#110 I Guess The Idea Is To Go Dancing With This Sweater

Image credits: jodiramos15

#111 Baby Yoda Christmas

Image credits: trishmollo

#112 Found What I’m Wearing To The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Holiday Party

Image credits: Hooch_Pandersnatch

#113 My Coworker Has An Amazing Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: StarGateGeek

#114 When You Put The Sweat In Christmas Sweater

Image credits: whitecheddarismyrappername

#115 Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

Image credits: OHIODeerSlayer

#116 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Winner. It Was 99¢

Image credits: THEDavidNobles

#117 We Are Having Our Ugly Christmas Sweater/Shirt Day At Mhs Today

Image credits: McAdamHigh2017

#118 Festive Sweater Day At Work. I Think Mine Really *shouts* Christmas

Image credits: YS2D

#119 Perfect Sweater For The Holidays

Image credits: P Lagergren

#120 Merry Delayed Rex-Mas! Got An Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY Kit From My Girlfriend, And This Is How It Turned Out

Image credits: Madmalicius

#121 Nyan Cat

Image credits: capetownbrown

#122 Ugly Christmas Sweaters On TV

Image credits: AngelaKnightCBC

#123 We Had An Ugly Sweater Contest At Work. Clear Winner

Image credits: impatrict

#124 There's A Lot Going On Here But I Like The Work She Put Into Making This

Image credits: a_babette

#125 Saga Continues

Image credits: idntfxckwithyou

#126 Go Jesus It's Your Birthday

Image credits: erdna1986

#127 Yes I Bought Bb Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: willbosquez

#128 Did I Double Down On Ugly Shark Christmas Sweater? You Bet

Image credits: commodorecliche

#129 Best Christmas Sweater Ever

Image credits: therrorie

#130 I Asked For A Christmas Sweater And Am Thoroughly Pleased

Image credits: KimIsAnAsian

#131 My Sweater For The Christmas Party At Work

Image credits: neawearsledsox

#132 My Dad Did Not Have An Ugly Christmas Sweater To Wear At Work. He Made Do With What He Had Haha

Image credits: Cremationistheonlywaymybodywillbehot

#133 Did I Impulse Buy This Ugly Christmas Sweater? You Bet

Image credits: commodorecliche

#134 My Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: J-Filth

#135 To Wrap Up Ugly Christmas Sweater Week, Me And My Friend Had An Ugly Sweater Off

Image credits: Bwayne3

#136 Something Something... Eye Of The Beholder

Image credits: bcyranod

#137 This Is My Ugly Xmas Sweater. You Can Write Your Own Tweet And Place It On The Box

Image credits: daschle04

#138 Birthday Boy Christmas Sweater

Image credits: amazon.com

#139 Not Amused

Image credits: capetownbrown

#140 Me And My Award Winning Christmas Sweater

Image credits: madeofspam

#141 Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas To All

Image credits: _DeterPinklage_

#142 A Gingerbread Sweater So You Can Let Everyone Know That Your Confidence In Winning Has Never Been Stronger

Image credits: amazon.com

#143 This Christmas Sweater

Image credits: itsyaboyfman

#144 Fully Vaccinated Still Antisocial Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: etsy.com

#145 Certified Santa Boy Drake

Image credits: etsy.com

#146 Christmas Sweater The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: etsy.com

#147 Crypto Christmas Sweater

Image credits: memes_store

#148 Working On A Festive Christmas Sweater

Image credits: loveandasandwich

#149 Ugly Christmas Sweater Selfie

Image credits: FLFrank42

#150 Ugly Christmas Sweater My Sister Just Gave Me

Image credits: jolego101

#151 Awesome Home Alone Christmas Sweater

Image credits: DeLoreanMotorCars

#152 Amazing Office Christmas Sweater Spotted Out In The Wild

Image credits: DavidCorzo

#153 My Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: SullenMoon

#154 She Definitely "Sleigh" Every One With This Sweater

Image credits: smallsscience

#155 Smokey And The Bandit Sweater

Image credits: BobYarbrough

#156 Ugly Sweater Day… Whatchu Got?

Image credits: jdprickett

#157 Oncoast Mike Tyson Merry Chrithmith Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: etsy.com

#158 This Glorious Christmas Sweater My Friend Ordered For Me

Image credits: Thefogwontstop

#159 That's A Buffed Santa On The Left

Image credits: JordanaWCCO

#160 Home Malone

Image credits: etsy.com

#161 Tomorrow I Am Going To An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I Hope I'm Doing It Right

Image credits: CanadianLadyMoose

#162 My Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater. I Was The Only Person Wearing One At Our Fancy Company Party

Image credits: imgur.com

#163 The Office Santa's Coming That's What She Said

Image credits: etsy.com

#164 I Got A New Christmas Sweater

Image credits: thomasoniii

#165 Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Selfie

Image credits: Mykel58

#166 Marry Christmas With Jump Man Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater

Image credits: Sushijoker

#167 Selfie? - Check. Christmas Sweater? Check. I'm Christmas Ready

Image credits: petitedanone

#168 I May Not Be A Hot Girl, But My Inspired Christmas Sweater Selfie Is Awesome

Image credits: MrBmobz

#169 'twas The Nizzle Before Chrismizzle

Image credits: etsy.com

#170 The Only Sweater I Want To Wear This X-Mas

Image credits: TomDelongeSayingWTF

#171 Santa Joe Biden Merry 4th Of Easter

Image credits: etsy.com

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