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I have nothing to wear. Kinda. At least that’s what I told myself a million times as I was packing for the most fashionable event in NYC. New York Fashion Week. No pressure, right? THIS post about “A Day in the Life of NYFW” showed what a day looked like, but it didn’t touch on how to pack. And it’s not just packing for NYFW outfits, it’s how to think through any outfit choices for special events. All of a sudden your closet is your nemesis. As I was wishing for a 1-800 number to Anna Wintour for support, I took a deep breath and reminded myself of a few key strategies to upgrade any outfit. You can do the same!

Keep it simple. Keep it in your own style.
The knee-jerk reaction is to Google “trendy outfit ideas” but hold on. Why break-up with your own personal style? All that does is create an inauthentic version of you. Instead, I upgraded my daily outfits for New York Fashion Week by doing the following:
Don’t overthink your outfits. That only results in something over the top (in a bad way). Determine what you gravitate towards in your closet. what colors are “your” signature colors? what accessories do you ALWAYS wear? what pieces of clothing represent you? Wear what you feel prettiest in. Confidence is truly your best look.

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Mix it Up – a Little!
Think of what you might normally wear, and then sass it up a notch. For example…
Graphic tees: Wear something with a little more “how you doin” to it, just for fun. Shoes: Go on and rock those fall booties with a block heel instead of flats. Or how about pairing funky sneakers with a dress? Sass. Bags: Try out different ways to pair a bag with your look. Maybe a fanny pack with a dress or a colorful bright bag with a monochromatic outfit.

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Try out Textures!
Don’t me afraid to combine a few different textures together. The results can be really eye-catching. I paired a lace duster/kimono with a faux suede skirt and a silk cami and I loved the result!
Drape a chunky sweater over your shoulders while wearing a satin dress. Gives it an unexpected preppy, textured type of effect. Wear a beaded statement necklace or headband with an athleisure outfit. Try a leather moto jacket with a macrame top to create texture with a masculine/feminine vibe.

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Try to not overwhelm your brain with a spinning array of outfits, because that will just end up in some wonky look that does NOT represent you or your style. Instead, use the simple strategies to add that extra bit of “glam” to your look without losing yourself in the process.

Thanks, NYC – it’s been real. 

📷: Kailey Marie Photography in Cleveland, Ohio

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