6 Beauty Trends in 2023 for Mature Women That You Will Love

beauty trends 2023

Most fashion and beauty trends are weird. The older you get, the weirder they look. If you’re anything like me, every season I sit back and roll my eyes that anyone would get suckered into wearing THAT look.

Having said that missive, passive-aggressive, I’m done with crazy fashion bunk, this year there is very little eye-rolling on my part and lots of whooping it up! I am enthusiastically talking about spring 2023 beauty trends because you can actually do these looks, and they are not weird unless you make them weird (which is fine by me).

They are so wearable, that I was able to find six that would suit almost everyone and tossed them like a Caesar salad into one easy to follow video tutorial, without too much dressing. Let’s hit it.

How to Have Dewey Skin

If you have dry skin, the idea of having dewey skin as a makeup look can be laughable. Having said that, dewey skin is less about foundation and more about skin health and hydration. What are the keys to having skin so hydrated it could be considered dewey?

Start with internal strategies like taking Omega 3-6-9 oils daily. The benefits are immeasurable; lower blood pressure, decreased liver fat, greater weight loss, better bone health, and adding vitality to cell membranes.

Vitamin C is also an important aspect of stimulating collagen, strengthening absorption rates, antioxidant properties to protect against pollution, cancer prevention, and much more. Along with those internal techniques, use great skin care like a topical, oil soluble vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, and fulvic mineral solution either separately or together for greater efficacy.

These ingredients help to protect, plump, and add vital minerals and nutrients for hydration and that effervescent glow.

As you treat your skin with the love it needs, use a sheer to medium coverage foundation that is oil based (not matte or oil free), and if your foundation is too heavy, mix it with some moisturizer and avoid using powder so that the dewey finish will last longer.

How to Create a Minimal Makeup Look with Underpainting

Many of us trek through our day with little to no makeup on, so the idea that minimal makeup is an actual look is, well, weird. In truth, it is a look, but it includes dewey skin, sheer foundation, cream blush and eyeshadow, and lip-balm for a polished, I thought about my makeup just enough to look amazing flare.

Along with this, there is the trend of under-painting, which has to do with applying a cream contour or bronzer under your foundation for an oh-so natural appearance. For mature skin, I love under-painting and cream products, and used correctly, you can achieve a beautiful, soft, glamourous look.

Can 90s’ Makeup Look Good on Mature Skin?

What were you doing in the ‘90s? I can barely remember what I did yesterday, much less the 1990s, but I do remember the makeup. It was a taupe and brown matte lovers’ paradise, and worn only by people with the ability to pull off the neutral flatness it inspired.

Having said that, this iconic look is back with a vengeance, and we can wear it, with a twist. For example, in the above video, I use bronze as opposed to taupe, a peachy lip as opposed to neutral brown, and a little glitter (another trend this spring) to brighten it up.

Keep in mind, we are still sticking with dewey skin and under-painting, so the whole look has a beautiful soft glow to it as opposed to the strong, matte look of the 90s.

A Smoky Eye Anyone Can Create

Nothing brings up the words overdone to older women like trying out a smoky eye. It’s a challenge to create this look and not look like you either have a black eye or are relatively insane. With that in mind, smoky eye has taken on a softer, more wearable trajectory this spring.

In the video, I demonstrate how to use the same bronze eyeshadow palette as in the 90s’ look, and apply it to the smoky eye look. It’s easy! Just take the brush #217, and run the shadow all over the lid and in the crease in a gently blended manner.

Then take a rich brown eyeliner pencil, or whatever color suits you, and run it along the outer edge and under your eye, blending it out with a blender brush for a smoky, classic, and stylish edge.

Glitter Is Back and I’m Dancing!

There is something about glitter that makes my skirt fly up. I can’t explain it, maybe it’s my little inner Suzy who just loves tossing glitter all over the house because the vacuum cleaner in no way can clean that up.

Glitter will get all over the dog and even a bath won’t remove it, so all that fun and playfulness will stay for weeks on end, and it’s fabulous!

For those of you scared of glitter, I get it, but by using a small amount right in the center of your eye you will get just enough to look a little glamorous without it setting in fine lines or looking crazy.

Trends can look weird, but you don’t have to! Take the ones you like the most and use them like your favorite Caesar Salad. And, if you can manage it, sprinkle a little glitter all over everything, especially the dog.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What’s your opinion on trends – makeup and fashion ones? Have you tried any and what were the results? What do you think of 2023 spring makeup trends?

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