6 Spring Style Ideas for Busy Mums

You know spring is coming when you’re looking for where to buy antimicrobial neck loop face masks in preparation for hay fever season. And as spring rolls around, so do new fashion trends that you might be tempted to ignore as a busy mum. 

You might think that upgrading your wardrobe is out of your budget, or that you’re comfortable enough with your basic tees and leggings combination. But a part of you might still want to dress up, look good, and feel more confident and you don’t necessarily have to buy new clothes to make that happen. 

Below are six style ideas you can follow to spruce up your outfit of the day, all while still feeling comfortable. Some of these clothes might already be in your wardrobe, so make sure to check there first and discover new ways to wear old favourites. 

Layer with Denim or Utility Jackets

Denim or utility jackets are great to wear for those days when temperatures can rise or drop suddenly due to the changing of the seasons. Not only do these jackets keep you warm, but they can also make your t-shirt and leggings combination look a bit more fashionable. 

If your leggings don’t have pockets, you can use the pockets on these jackets, which can come in handy for small items you’d like to keep on hand rather than in your purse. Utility jackets, in particular, are loose and breathable, so they’re easy to take off when the weather gets too hot. You can also create a different look when you tie these jackets around your waist.

Wear High-Waisted Bottoms

You should occasionally swap your leggings for high-waisted bottoms. Whether they’re jeans, culottes, or shorts, you might already have them in your wardrobe. High-waisted bottoms never seem to go out of style, so you’ll always look as if you’re keeping up with the trends when you wear them. This type of bottoms is also flattering on any figure as they cinch the waist, highlighting your curves.

If comfort is your top priority, choose high-waisted bottoms that are loose, stretchy, or breathable, so you can freely move around in them. They’re perfect for those days you need to run after your toddler or have to run errands the whole day. 

Play with Floral Patterns

Wearing tops with floral patterns or kimonos with flower designs can be a great way to make your ensemble a bit more fashionable or spring-inspired. You can choose from tops with dainty prints or large statement designs to easily match with your jeans or leggings. Wear prints with solid color basic pieces to create contrast, or you can use accessories like scarves and brooches to introduce more elegant floral elements to your outfit. 

Add a Pop of Color to Your Outfit

You don't have to give up your athleisure style of a basic tee and leggings if you don't want to. But you can make it more spring-ready by adding colorful articles of clothes that are reminiscent of spring. Yellow, coral, earthy tones, and pink are just some of the colors you can play with. Wear a coral t-shirt with your black leggings or find pastel-colored coordinates for a more trendy look. You can even wear a light shade of yellow for your top and pair it with leggings that have a darker shade of yellow.

Get More Looks Out of Your Spring Dresses

Spring dresses are a staple for the warm seasons. They can boost your confidence and help you feel dressed up without much effort. But if you only have a few pieces of spring dresses, wearing them too often might feel repetitive. Refresh your look and come up with more outfit ideas by wearing your dresses with other clothes. 

Turn your dress into a top by wearing pants or shorts over it. If the dress is short, pair it with some leggings to get a different look. If your dress has a flowy skirt, wear another top over it and turn the dress into a skirt. These are just some ways you can change up the style of your spring dresses. 

Slip Your Feet into Padded Sandals or Stylish Trainers

Rubber shoes are comfortable when you’re running errands, but their shape isn’t always trendy, and their colors don’t always match the tones of spring. Change up your shoes to padded sandals or stylish trainers. 

Padded sandals have soft sole linings, so your feet don’t hurt as much even after a full day of walking around. They’re great for dressing up your outfit and easily go well with any sort of ensemble, like your t-shirt and leggings combination. 

If you want to keep your toes warm, then trainers are the way to go. Compared to athletic rubber shoes, trainers usually have a more sleek shape as well as more design options, including fun prints, metallic finishes, and pastel accent colours. As such, trainers can easily give a basic look a bit more style. They are also comfortable to wear for days you might need to run after your kids.  

With these six style ideas, a busy mum like you can look spring-ready and fashionable without much effort. You don’t even have to sacrifice function and comfort. You can have the best of both worlds, so you can take care of your kids and family while also looking good.   

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