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If there’s one thing we all enjoy when it comes to working from home, it has to be the freedom to dress however we please – and, whether you’re a dressing gown and slippers kind of person or more of a ballgown type, anything goes. If you want to get dressed up to the nines in your favourite designer dress for a day in your home office, then who’s going to stop you?

More often that not, though, it can be tempting to keep things casual and comfy – but although this comes with benefits, it can have a detrimental effect on your productivity levels. Those who dress smartly and appropriately for a day at work have been shown to maintain a tougher work ethic throughout the day that those who choose to remain in pyjamas instead. Opting for loungewear can make you feel tired, lazy, and not at all like you’re really ‘at work’ – so how should you dress during lockdown for an efficient day of professional success?

The good news is that it couldn’t be easier to combine style with comfort in a range of outfits that are guaranteed to boost your productivity – and all whilst enjoying a slightly more relaxed approach to dressing than you would for a normal day at work. The key is to find a happy medium, and to take pride in your appearance at all times. After all, when we look our best, we feel it, too – so try our top picks of the best in home office attire.

If your wardrobe wasn’t already stocked with stylish and comfy clothes to begin with, it’s time to change that, pronto. Once you load up on these cosy looks, you’ll never go back to working in pyjamas again.

If there’s one thing we all enjoy when it comes to working from home, it has to be the freedom to dress however we pleaseA long cardigan and your favorite pair of skinnies

No, your favorite snuggie doesn’t count as a legitimate work-from-home outfit. In fact, a US Court officially ruled on the matter back in 2017. But more importantly, we think your work-from-home style deserves much better than a glorified blanket with sleeves. A long duster cardigan is a far more stylish option for your WFH style and serves the same purpose: keeping you warm and comfortable. Wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans (made from stretch fabrics—because comfort is key!), a bodysuit and a cute pair of flats for a look that is casual, yet chic.

An oversized shirt with leggings

Just because something is comfortable doesn’t mean that it can’t look dressy. Case in point: an oversized button-down shirt paired with faux leather leggings. This stylish duo is everything you could ask for in a work-from-home outfit. Not only is it quick and easy to throw on in the morning, but it’s also still sharp enough for an afternoon video conference call with your boss. Complete the look with a cute pair of designer loafers for an outfit that is professional yet comfy from head-to-toe.

Every working professional should have a midi skirt in their wardrobeA turtleneck and a midi skirt

If you went from working in an office to working from home somewhat recently, then you almost certainly have a turtleneck and midi skirt in your wardrobe. And if you don’t, then you definitely should. Every working professional should have this no-fuss combo in her wardrobe, regardless of where her office is located. Just throw on this high-neck staple, pair it with a seasonal midi skirt and some white mules, and you’ve got a look that will instantly up your style game.

Athleisure wear for days

Another perk of working remotely? You can now rock the athleisure wear trend with ease. Before you started working at home, your athleisure wear was probably limited to barre class, quick trips to the grocery store and brunch outings with the girls. Now, you have free reign to don your sportiest styles without worrying about crossing any lines with HR. So, go ahead: rock a funky tracksuit or wear a casual t-shirt with your favorite pair of joggers. Want to pretend that you’re still dressing for your 9-5? Aim for a more sophisticated look by pairing black leggings with a chic leotard underneath a sporty blazer.

A chic headband for messy hair days

Let’s talk about messy hair days, shall we? We all have them. But just because you work from home now doesn’t mean that you should embrace the messy-hair-don’t-care philosophy. One of the easiest and most stylish ways to save a bad hair day is by utilising hair accessories. A cute headband or bandana can save your chaotic tresses while giving you an empowering, Rosie the Riveter vibe. And if that doesn’t pump you up to crush your workday, we don’t know what will.

Striped culottes and a basic tee

Feeling unmotivated and unproductive? Consider leaning on patterns, prints and colour to give your workday a much-needed lift. A classy pair of culottes with vibrant stripes is perfect for spring and summer. Not to mention, they’re ridiculously comfy and pair well with a basic t-shirt. If you want to maximize the summery vibes, opt for a matching set that makes getting dressed in the morning infinitely easier. Finish the look with a strappy pair of heels or cute sliders for an outfit you can rock just about anywhere.

A jumpsuit takes all the guesswork out of finding a matching top and bottomA trendy jumpsuit

Who doesn’t love a stylish jumpsuit? This beloved one-piece takes all the guesswork out of finding a matching top and bottom. Plus, wearing a jumpsuit at home makes perfect sense when you think about it: they’re cute, comfortable and a total breeze to put on in the morning. And let’s get real for a second: going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit is much less awkward when you’re stripping down in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve ever worn a jumpsuit or a romper and needed to use a public restroom, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

A dress that makes you feel like a total boss

If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or just someone who could use an extra dose of confidence at work, don’t be afraid to wear a dress. And not just any dress, but a dress that makes you feel like a total boss. Sure, you’ll probably be the only one who will see or appreciate your smart and sophisticated look, but that’s irrelevant, and here’s why: research shows that wearing your best clothes can help you bring your A-game to work. Pick a dress that flatters your body type, wear it on days you could use a pick-me-up, and be amazed as you feel more capable than ever.

Figuring out what to wear when you work from home can be tricky, and it’s difficult to motivate yourself to get dressed when you don’t have any coworkers to impress. But by keeping these cute and comfy looks in your heavy rotation, you can keep your style – and your motivation – at an all-time high.

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