A Rainbow Birthday Surprise

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Welcome again friends! 

I checked the results of the poll from the last post on Barbie's Mod Fashions. And the outfit that won was....

Red Mod Raincoat!

Both outfits were good choices but this one I do love just a wee bit more than the floral mini dress. :)

Now, on to the regular post!

This post is about a birthday surprise I bought for myself with some birthday money I got from my mom. My birthday was back in October but just now getting to this post. Better late than never right?

I went out shopping for some fun items for my kids for Halloween. Since Covid was rampant and no one was trick or treating, I was determined not to let that spoil a special Halloween for my kiddos. So they got some extra special goodies and I found something for myself too!

Meet Amaya Raine!

Now I have heard of Rainbow High from some other bloggers and they were cute but nothing really screamed at me. Until her! It's the rainbow hair. Rainbow hair and pink hair just do it for me. But I found this at my local Walgreens drug store and things there tend to be a little more expensive than larger store chains. She had no price listed so I grabbed her....then put her back thinking she would be way out of my price range. I grabbed her again...and put her back again. Then I grabbed her (a THIRD time!) and figured I would just ask how much she was. Amazon had her listed for $80 so yeah, she was going to be way way out of my price range. 

Imagine my surprise when she was only $35. I think at the time she was still really new and Amazon had those insane inflated prices that we see all the time. Not sure how my little Walgreens had her but they did and she came home with me!

Rainbow High dolls are by MGA so I would expect them to have big eyes and those fabulous real lashes that we've all come to love from dolls by MGA. 

This doll is supposed to be used with the salon as she came with all those awesome products that you can use to rainbow her hair even more!

  Color, ombre, glitter, yeah, I could get used to this! Fun!

And since I was on Amazon I checked out some reviews for her. A lot of people were saying don't bother because her hair was "Holiday Barbie" hard coming out of the box. Uh, yeah, you could say that again!

But, if you look at how she was displayed in the box, you could see that the hardness was purposely for that display. If not, you wouldn't be able to see that rainbow hair because it's on the underside of her head.

But, I wasn't going to take out those rubber bands holding her colors in place. I was going to have to be real careful. And also not wash that tinsel. We all know what happens when we wash the tinsel in hair right?

So she went to the spa!

She is feeling much better!
And then I braided those fabulous color strands. Now to be fair, the instruction sheet did mention that her hair should be washed before play because it did have a lot of product in it. So I can't really agree with all those negative reviews just because her hair was hard and crusty.

Let's talk about her outfit! I love the clear jacket and white + little hints of color.

She has big beautiful eyes and dewy makeup. She really piled on that highlighter! Amaya is no different than the other Rainbow High dolls though. They all have dewy makeup and lots of highlighter.

Earrings are so cute with the dripping star.

She wears a white leather corset type top with a clear jacket and a skirt with buckles. The jacket is a little stiff and doesn't allow her arms to lay down flat.

She has some awesome boots that have words on them like star, magic, sparkle, and rainbow.

And there's those colors showing through. I love the contrast with the white hair.

Speaking of the white hair, I would have added some colors to the hair but unfortunately, with those reviewers who used the color on her hair, there were a few that didn't wash out leaving her beautiful white hair forever tinted. So I opted to not use any colors because I just love that pristine white!

I might take out the rubber bands and blend in the colors together some day. I haven't decided yet. Until then she is a welcome addition to my shelf!

So friends, what do you think of Amaya Raine? Do you have any other Rainbow High dolls in your collection? Let me know in the comments! 

Next post will be the saga I have been waiting to show you. I can't wait. Until then!

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