A well-oiled machine

No - I'm not talking about a sewing machine - I'm talking about ME.

I know that some people are having trouble coping with this current situation. They might not like the self-isolation, they might not be coping with the uncertainty, they might have a household full of crazy children or other family members, and well - you get the point.

Thankfully - that is NOT the case at our house. We're both perfectly happy with self-isolation. Liking yourself is a skill that we learn as children. If we've been trained as children to be constantly entertained by someone or something, self-isolation can be a challenge. I strongly believe kids need to learn to play by themselves. It's a very handy skill to have. I certainly had loads of time alone when I was a kid so I learned that if you want to be entertained, you entertain yourself.

I'm not a worrier. That doesn't mean that I don't get concerned about things. But if I can't change something, then I'm certainly not going to worry about it. WAIT - I can be concerned, but I'm not worried about it if I can't change it. Life before the current situation was precarious and there was lots to worry about and loads of uncertainty. I just let it go. I have to or I'd drive myself mad.

Now - I don't have crazy family members or kids to deal with so that has been a blessing for us during this crazy time. I feel for the parents with kids - trying to work, entertaining kids, and run a household. I can only hope that they are coping as well as they can. I can only hope that they are not trying to be heroes. They need to take time for themselves, let the kitchen get filthy, let things go - you can't do it all. I certainly don't try.

My kid is an adult now. I'm not going to worry about her. If she makes mistakes, she makes mistakes. That's part of learning to be an adult. I made tons of mistakes when I was her age. That's just life. She's also a pretty independent person so I know she's going to be OK. Love you kiddo!!!!!  I will say that she's slow to answer my e-mails so I do wonder what the heck she's doing all day. But I digress.

The one thing I'm learning about myself during this time is that I like coping with LESS. There's a reduction in physical things that occurred by tidying up the studios and partially clearing the office. Less stuff makes me feel better. Making decisions about getting rid of stuff makes me feel great and if I can't control what's going on outside my house, I can certainly control what's going on inside my house. I'm in charge and I'm going to make this happen.

I'm also liking coping with less mental stuff. I did not join a quilt guild this year - not a single one. That's the first time in 20 years. You know what? There's so much stuff online that I don't miss the guilds at all. I can have a ZOOM meeting to stay in touch with quilting stuff, but I don't have the guilt that I felt with the guilds. If I was a member, then I felt that I had to be an ACTIVE member. No more guilt. I may join back up at some point, but I'm perfectly happy with no guild.

There's also less running around to classes, meetings, and whatever. I'm really liking that and I will reintroduce some of those things to my schedule, but I'm really liking the current QUIET and NOT STRESSFUL situation. Yes - I have online classes and that is keeping me fully entertained in that department.

Someone asked about my dressmaking class. It's totally on hold. NO - I haven't even started my skirt. I should get it in that laundry basket so I can get it done!! That'll go in next week.

So as we start to reopen our communities, I'm going to seriously evaluate what I'm involved in, where I go and how often. I do like to get out, but honestly - LESS is more. Imagine how those kids feel who are shuffled off to 10 different activities in a week. And we wonder why those kids are stressed? I'm stressed just thinking of the schedule and the coordination required. I didn't have access to that as a kid and I think I turned out just fine!!!!

OK - enough of that!!! But seriously -- we all need to evaluate what we do and who we do it with. We shouldn't just fall back into our old ways (unless we were 100% happy with our old ways).

I did get a lot done yesterday but I don't have a lot to show for it.

I got most of the magazine quilt cut out that has to be finished soon. I'm using this new collection by Northcott called Stag and Thistle. This stuff is hot off the ship! I've already started to sew the blocks together.

New fabric for a magazine quilt

I got another quilt quilted as well. This one is slated for Quilts of Valour. I was hoping to have it trimmed and the binding on when I make my delivery this morning, but that didn't happen. So it'll go with the next batch.

Quilts of Valour quilt - DONE

Let's see - oh yes - another porch delivery/pick-up. It's great to see everyone even at 6 feet away. What is our normal distancing? About 3 feet? I used to work with a fellow who just couldn't cope with 3 feet. His distance was about 1 foot. It was rather disconcerting. You'd move away, he'd move closer! I wonder how he's managing with 6 feet?

I decided before I started to piece my blocks that I'd finish the applique on this wall hanging. It's all done!! I just need to tear the stabilizer off the back. I was going to start the other one, but decided that it was better that I get the quilt top put together - that should be my priority.

The top of the wall hanging is done
I did try to find those darn bodkins. I'd like to use them so I can clear up some stuff in Studio U, but I looked in all the usual places where I would have put them. I can't think where I last used them. I don't think I've serged anything except pet mats. GRRR  - and I can't even get out to buy a new pack. Oh well - just suck that one up and find the darn ones I have. This is why it's critical to put things back in their permanent home. I'm usually very, very careful so I don't know what happened.

Oh yes - then I got my blocks done for Vintage Christmas. I'll post tomorrow after I've shared them with the group.

I glanced out the window yesterday to see a Yellow Finch at the bird feeder.  Holy -- we've never had one before and I don't have the right kind of birdseed for the poor little guy. Well, now that hardware stores are open, perhaps I can get some!

Yellow finch at the feeder

What's with the weather? If I wanted to sit outside, I'd have to put my winter clothes on! While the temperature is cold, it's also the wind! I'm still walking outside and there are times when the wind will take your breath away. But we continue to walk - a bit of cold and wind is no excuse to skip the walk. Just dress for it and go! I'm 40% (over 900 MILES) of the way from Chicago to Los Angeles on my virtual challenge for Route 66. And in Canada? I'm almost at the Alberta/Saskatchewan border!

On that note, I've got computer work to do today, and I'm going to try and get those blocks together.

One other thing - has anyone tried to make a comment on the blog and not been able to?? I know some people have had trouble. I checked the settings this morning and it's set to ANYONE including anonymous people (those without a Google account). Let me know and I'll see if there's something else I can do. I LOVE getting comments and I try to answer them all. I'm just a bit slow sometimes.

Have a super day!!!!


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