A Whole Decade? Aka...Lucy turns 10!

Self Portrait, Age 9


A whole decade! You've been with us 10 years now and I can't imagine life without you. You are creative and artistic and fun. 

You have a wonderful laugh. 

(Photo credit to Norah.) 

 You love words and writing and stories. I love getting to be your teacher and experience books with you. You're so insightful. I've always thought it was sad that you can't ever read a book for the first time again but reading and talking to you about books, especially ones I've loved, is pretty close to that experience.  All your teachers (sunday school, art, AHG, etc) describe you as "Such a joy to have in class" and I agree! 

You love your family (animal family included). You are a wonderful sister and a daughter. 

You're great at pretty much everything you put your mind to - from spotting nature finds on hikes to baking (your solo baking skills are something the whole family is enjoying!) to writing poems and stories (you're finishing up a three volume novel on a dog named Trixie).You're starting to branch out and try things on your own and its such a fun thing to watch you soar. I'm really excited about all the new experiences we'll get to share this upcoming year. 

What is your favorite color? Teal

What is your favorite toy? Art Supplies

What is your favorite game? Catan and Tiger Stripes and Dominion

What is your favorite song? Yellow Rose of Texas

What is your favorite animal? Fox and horse and wolves and cats 

What is your favorite book? Green Ember 

What is your favorite movie? Parent Trap (old version) and Song of the Sea and the tv show Carmen Sandiego

What is your favorite thing to eat? Creamy Potato Soup

Where is your favorite place to go?  England, even though I haven't been. 

What is your favorite outfit?My long black skirt and the striped shirt that I always say is the coolest so I don't get hot.  

What do you like to learn about? I like to learn French. 

What have you learned in the last year? A lot of french. Acrylic. 

What is hard for you?  To do math. 

What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Just stay at home (Coronova virus answer?)

What do you like about Mommy? That you love me. 

What do you like about Daddy? That he's funny and he jokes about broccoli. 

What do you like about Jonah?  That he plays with me. 

What do you like about Norah? That she's hilarious sometimes. 

What do you like about Jude? That he is such a cute baby and makes us laugh. 

What do you like about yourself? That I'm good at drawing things and writing Trixie series. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Illustrator and an author and a poet and an art teacher. 

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