Alcove bathtubs are luxurious units that are designed for installation in the alcove section of a bathroom, with three of their sides entirely enclosed by walls


You can add a shower curtain or bathtub door to provide privacy. 

If you would like to have such a bathing area, you need to know, “what is the best alcove bathtub for the money?” In this article, I am going to review the top eight best alcove bathtubs on the market today.
Top 8 Alcove Bathtubs Review – 2020 Top Picks 
Here is my review of the top eight alcove bathtubs that can make your shower more attractive.
1. American Standard 2461002.020 Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub  Shop now at Amazon
It is a 5-foot by the 32-inch tub that comes with a right-hand drain to allow you to remove the water with ease. The unit is made of long-lasting Americast material that is lighter than cast iron. 

You get a soothing 14-inch depth for resting comfortably when taking a bath, and the unit retains heat. That means the bathtub can keep warm water for long compared to what other units do. 

It also comes with a stansure slip-resistant floor that is easy to clean and maintain. And its finish is made of non-porous, shiny porcelain enamel that is scratch resistant.

The formed steel center layer of the bathtub is stable and robust to ensure that you rest in a safe place. 
2. Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub  Shop now at Amazon
It is the right model for people looking for a left-hand drain, and it comes with overflow holes to pass the water when it gets full to prevent soaking your bathroom floor. The unit is made of solid acrylic material that is reinforced with resin and fiberglass.

Another thing about this model is the apron and is a drop-in tub that won’t take a lot of time when putting together. It offers up to 4mm thickness acrylic construction, meaning that you can have the confidence in a secure unit.

The bathtub can hold up to 58.2 gallons of water and measures 60-inch by 30-11/16-inch. It offers a depth of 22-1/16-inch, and the water reaches up to 13-15/16-inch before it starts to overflow.
3. American Standard 2460002.011 Cambridge Apron-Front Americast Soaking Bathtub Shop now at Amazon
The 240002.011 has a left-hand drain and measures 5-foot by 32-inch; it is an excellent model that can allow you to soak comfortably. It made of Americast material that is easier to handle than cast iron.

The bathtub offers a soaking depth of up to 14-inch, which is comfortable for your whole family use. Another thing that makes this a great model is the steel center layer that makes it stable and sturdy to hold a lot of weight.

It also comes with a leveling grid and padded carrying bars that make it easier to install. You can easily place it in the right position without seeking professional help.
4. American Standard 2425V-LHO002.020 Evolution 5-Feet by 32-Inch Deep-Soak Bathtub  Shop now at Amazon
The model boasts of apron left-hand drain outlet and comes in white color that makes your bathroom look more attractive. It is made of acrylic material that is reinforced by fiberglass to make it more durable. 

Another feature is the removable access panel that makes it easier to maintain and clean the bathtub without removing many parts. It also comes with 3-sided water/tile retention flange and has dual molded-in armrests.

One thing you can be sure of is that the bathtub is comfortable and lasts for years without getting damaged. The model does not get scratched and quickly resists dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain.
5. American Standard 0263.212.020 Bathtub  Shop now at Amazon
The 0263.212.020 is a unique model that comes with an end drain outlet that makes it easier to get rid of water. It comes in white color that is attractive and easy to clean compared to other colors.

One thing that makes it a great unit is the one-piece construction – you do not get a lot of parts to install or maintain. The model is also resistant to acid thanks to the enameled steel construction and has an integral apron.

It was designed for the above floor rough installation, where other bathtubs fail to work effectively. You can have peace of mind knowing you have a quality product that can last for years without getting damaged.
6. Fine Fixture Acrylic/Fiberglass Soaking Bathtub  Shop now at Amazon
If you are looking for a small size bathtub of about 54-inch by 30-inch, this is the unit for you, and it comes with a right-hand drain. The model is made of quality acrylic material that is reinforced with fiberglass to provide strength and lasts longer. 

It also boasts of glossy porcelain finish that doesn’t crack or crop and is safe against oils and salts. The bathtub boasts of simple recessed installation that can save you time and money.

There is also a pre-fixed tile flange that helps to prevent water from leaking to the wall – you don’t need plaster or mortar. Another feature is the sloped lumbar support that gives you the best bathing experience.

You can also adjust the tub’s legs to suit your desired height. The unit can hold up to 43 gallons of water.
7. Jacuzzi LNS6036BRRXXXXW Linea 60” Three Wall Alcove Acrylic Soaking Tub Shop now at Amazon
The Jacuzzi comes with a right drain ability and comes with a limited lifetime warranty that can give you peace of mind. It is made of quality material acrylic material that is supported by lumbar to provide you with stability when using your bathtub.

Another notable thing is the slip-free bottom tub that lets you soak without worrying about falling. There is also an ultra-high density foam level that offers easy leveling and support for faster installation. 

The model offers sleek linear overflow that remove excess water to ensure that you do soak your bathroom floor. And you can comfortably rest inside the 36-inch by 17-inch of the unit. It is a great model that can provide value for your money.
8. Mirabelle MIRSKS6030LWH 60” x 30” Acrylic Soaking Bathtub  Shop now at Amazon
Mirabelle MIRSKS6030LWH is a left drain bathtub with a round overflow that gets rid of excess water. It is made of acrylic material that lasts for years and is attractive when installed inside a bathroom. 

The model has a 5-year warranty that shows it is durable and can provide you with value for your money. Another feature is the textured slip-free bottom that allows you to soak inside your tub without worrying about anything.

The tub is designed for three-wall alcove installation and features tile flange as well as tub skirt. Also, the tub comes with a 9-degree slope to the basin. It is a model that you should consider buying if you want an attractive unit to soak inside.
Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is an Alcove Bathtub?
A: An alcove bathtub is also called a skirt or apron bath and is a type of tub designed to slot inside a space surrounded by three walls. You only need to cover one side of these bathtubs.
Q: How to Remove Alcove Bathtub?
A: Follow these seven steps:
Cut the supply tubes in the access panel  Remove all the hardware Take out the drain plug Take out the overflow cover plate   Remove the overflow pipe  Cut the wall Remove the tub  Q: How to Tile a Bathtub Alcove?
A: Here are steps that you should follow:
Waterproof and prep the layout  Apply cement to the flange Apply felt paper to cover the corners Cut and fit the backer board Reinforce the corners  Apply caulk  Locate grout line  Apply adhesive  Install tile around the fixtures Apply grout  Remove excess grout  Conclusion 
You can now choose the best rated acrylic alcove bathtubs for your need. Go for a product that can last for years and is affordable.

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