Brunch Dresses Women Over 50 Need In Their Closets in 2023

Move over skinny jeans!  This is the year of the dress, and there are dresses for every style and body type. Dresses are our new best friend, especially for social occasions like a casual brunch.  Whether you are dressing for Sunday brunch or a more formal get-together, brunch dresses are an easy way to make a statement.  A good dress–or several–has become a wardrobe staple.

This season’s dress code is feminine, especially as we head into warmer weather.  If it’s still a little cool where you are, look for a dress with long sleeves, or add a leather jacket, oversized blazer, or denim jacket, and your look will be right on trend. As we continue to enjoy more and more social activities, brunch is at the top of the list as a means of gathering with family and friends. There are lots of options to express your personal style when choosing the perfect brunch outfit.  

Step One: Style

When shopping for a dress this year, look for midi and maxi styles as they have become increasingly popular. Midi and maxi dresses create an elegant look while still being flattering on any body type. Look for fun prints in muted hues, like florals or small geometric designs, which can be great options for brunch or church services. For more formal occasions like weddings or cocktail events, solid colors with subtle embellishments like sequins or beading can make you stand out from the crowd.

Step Two: Color Wheel

Color wheel

When it comes to color, opt for bright colors such as teal and hot pink, or stick with classic neutrals like ivory and gray. You can also go for a timeless look with a little black dress, which is sure to be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe this year. It never hurts to stay on trend either; invest in statement sleeves and ruffles, as they are very trendy right now.  Over the past few seasons, we have begun to see more black dresses making their way into spring and summer, along with white dresses and dresses in a variety of neutral colors.

Step Three: Fit and Flatter

When it comes to dressing fashionably after 50, the key is finding styles that flatter your body type. Look for dresses that make you feel comfortable and confident – after all, it’s not about trying to conform to trends but about finding what works best for you! With so many options out there, you’ll surely find the perfect dress to suit your needs in 2023.

Matching sets are a great option for brunch because they create a unified, put-together look. Choose two pieces with the same color or print and switch up your accessories. For example, try pairing a midi skirt with a matching blouse and accessorize with statement earrings or subtle layering necklaces to achieve the perfect brunch ensemble! Denim skirts are also trending, especially for casual wear, and can be perfect for a brunch party.

Skirt and sneakers

Final Touch: Accessories

Accessories can take your brunch outfit to the next level. Choose a lightweight scarf in a bold color or pattern for added flair, or try on some statement earrings that will add charm to your look. Don’t forget about shoes either; opt for classic heels with a pop of color, or go for more comfort with chic sandals that will complete your ensemble. Don’t forget white sneakers–they help to create casual outfits and are a great classic look.  

No matter what type of dress you choose to wear in 2023, it’s important to remember that fashion trends come and go, but the key is finding styles that flatter your body type while still being age-appropriate. With so many options out there, you will surely find the perfect dress for any brunch or social event this year! 

Let’s put our denim jeans aside and embrace a beautiful maxi dress or a midi.  Add a pair of high heels or flats, and you will look amazing. No matter what trend you decide to follow this year, remember that dressing in clothes that make you feel confident is always in style. Find dresses that embrace your style and let you shine – no matter what age you may be! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect dresses for any occasion in 2023. Have fun shopping and enjoy your new fashion finds!

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