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It's that time of year again! Long time followers of the blog know that The Harris Sisters always dress up for Halloween, and if you've missed out on our group Halloween costumes in years past, it's easy for you to catch up on all of them. So what did we choose as our sisters Halloween costumes this year?

Disney Villains By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes . . . left to right, Misty is Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty), Donna is Ursula (from The Little Mermaid), and Deanna is Cruella DeVil (from 101 Dalmatians).

These Disney movies are the ones we grew up watching when we were young, so we are certainly familiar with these characters! While they originally appeared in cartoon form decades ago (Maleficent in 1959, Ursula in 1989, and Cruella in 1961), they are all enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to recent live-action remakes.

Maleficent shows off her trademark horns, staff, and raven.

Cruella has already stolen some Dalmatians!

Ursula is casting a spell!

Maleficent got her own movie (with top billing!) in 2014 and has a sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil coming out in October 2019. Both The Little Mermaid and Cruella are scheduled to come out in 2021.

The original Mean Girls are definitely having a moment:

The Devil's in the Details Misty crafted a staff for Maleficent out of a dowel and curtain rod finial. And she figured out how to make your own Maleficent horns using the directions in this YouTube tutorial. She borrowed a raven from Donna's Halloween decorations to use as an accessory. Donna sewed her purple underskirt using this step-by-step tutorial. Note: You can create your own (adult-sized) template by tracing a hula-hoop. The black overdress was a thrift store find and because it was made of jersey material, it was easy to cut 8 octopus legs out of the skirt - no sewing needed! The seashell jewelry that Donna is wearing for Ursula is handmade from actual seashells that have been painted yellow (necklace) and purple (earrings) and then hot glued to jewelry findings. You'll have to do a bit of planning ahead if you know you want to make these costume pieces yourself. Just be on the lookout for the correct size and shape shells the next time you visit the beach! Deanna's look for Cruella was mostly achieved by shopping her own closet. A black and white wig, a large emerald ring, and a faux cigarette holder complete the look! Don't forget to add a few Dalmatians as accessories for your photoshoot. The large inflatable Dalmatian was originally a prop in a Firefighter Birthday Party game. You might notice that we shot these photos in a bright green forest. Why so? Well, Disney villains are notorious for being introduced by the color of green!  We added a fog machine to create just the right malicious atmosphere. After all, these ladies are up to no good and are either cooking up spells or plotting to steal puppies while smoking cigarettes - either way, smoke, we felt, was integral! Here's another look at the costumes:

Make sure to check out our costume section of the blog for more tips, tricks, and ideas for this Halloween!

Happy Halloween from The Harris Sisters!

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