Delightful December

Here's what's been going on in our house in the month of December:

Snowman pancakes

I love this cute skirt that my friend, Rebekah made!

Silly Christmas animals I painted

The first gift of Christmas!
(Aunt Mary D always does such a beautiful job of wrapping)

What a cool ornament!

Philip had fond memories of doing clove oranges with his aunts as a child, so we decided to do some

It was fun and they turned out really pretty and smell SO good!

I decided to hide the reindeer that was on Aunt Mary's gift...this was one of the spots.  I also love how Caleb made the animals all crowd around and look in ;)

In lieu of an advent calendar this year (since I wasn't on the ball and they all sold out), we are doing this "Chocolate Passport" from Trader Joe's

It has chocolate from all around the world, and every couple days, we try a new one 

Each one has a description of what the chocolate is like - they do not all sound good!
We have liked them pretty well so far, although they are all Very dark!

We've been making a lot of dutch oven bread lately 
Keenan had the idea to keep stacking up magna tiles on this stool to see how high he could make it and still jump over it!

Check this out!

Caleb and Moriah made these awesome pictures (their idea) and then we got some treats to take to our local firehouse

Caleb and Moriah spent most of a day making this fort out of some big boxes
Caleb's is a tank...

...and Moriah's is a pretty igloo

The inside of Moriah's - with the secret tunnel that attaches it to Caleb's

I came across this 13 year old picture of Keenan and I ;)

Laura and I had a baking date over Skype.   We made saltine toffee bark (which I haven't made in Years) and she showed me how to make shortbread!

My friend paid Caleb to fold this money as a gift for her niece

Some pour paintings that Moriah and her friend, Abby did

They also decorated a gingerbread house together

Some of the cute, fun things at an outdoor baby shower Moriah and I went to

Caleb made a cheese house one day at lunch

These pictures loaded in reverse - this is an ornament Caleb made out of dried mums and things from our backyard

Caleb showing Philip how to draw a firefighter

Gingerbread house time!  The kids and I love to do this every year

We are doing a beautiful Advent reading and listening this year, built around Handel's Messiah.  This is how we listen to the music segments each night

Keenan's first time ever in a movie rental store!  ;)
He got a giftcard as part of a gift - so funny

I was delighted to find some unique Lindt flavors at the Nifty Nut House - Mango and White Chocolate, Cappuccino and Coconut!

This was the line outside of the Nifty Nut House, five minutes before it even opened!

Laura and I baked on Skype again and made Swedish Tea Ring

Pretty snow-on-cotton shot I got on the way to drop one of the tea rings with friends

Cranberry coffee cake with a vanilla caramel sauce

We had a pretty snowfall on the 15th and Caleb fell back in love with playing the piano (we have not been at lessons since Covid hit)

It was really fun to watch and listen to him play

What a goof

So many Christmas secrets in our house - there are so many areas where specific people can't go because gifts are hidden! ;)

We had fun making champagne salted caramels with our friends!

I don't have a picture, but we actually put crushed potato chips on top!

The extra champagne had to be used up in mimosas ;)

Then we made birdseed gifts

It was SO messy and sticky!

We shaped the birdseed mixture in cookie cutters.  When they hardened we threaded them and they can be hung from trees for the birds.

On to birthday happenings...

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