Don’t you love it when a project turns out better than you had imagined?

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That happened with this skirt! I had an idea of how it would look, but seeing it finished and on, I absolutely LOVE the finished skirt!

The fabric was purchased from Hancock Fabrics, and I found it on the clearance table. Never under estimate clearance! 

I purchased 1 1/2 yards. Here it is unfolded and laid out. You can see that the stripes are only one side of the fabric.

As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew that I wanted to make a circle skirt with it.

I used the same method for this women’s circle skirt, that I did for my girl’s Layered Square Circle Skirts. The only difference is that this skirt is a single layer skirt, but you create the circle skirt pattern the same way!

How to Make a Circle Skirt Pattern

This is a good time to jump over to my other tutorial, Layered Square Circle Circle Skirts Tutorial.

This post explains exactly how to measure and convert those measurements into a pattern for the Circle Skirt.

Once you have the pattern you will know how much fabric and elastic to purchase for your skirt.

Draw the pattern onto some butcher paper or even the blank side of some wrapping paper.

How to Sew a Women’s Circle Skirt

Fold your fabric square into fourths.

Pin the pattern to the fabric making sure that the waist portion of the skirt is on the corner of the fabric that is completely folded and has no raw edges. Cut around the pattern.

Optional Step: Use a serger and sew along the waist and then the hem.  The fabric that I used tended to fray a touch so I wanted to stop that before it started.

Use satin ribbon for the hem of the skirt. Turn the ribbon into bias tape my ironing the sides in and then in half.

Sew the ribbon/bias right over the serger sewn hem to give the skirt a nice finished look.

The waistband is created with 3-inch elastic using the method stated in the Layered Square Circle Circle Skirts Tutorial and sewn into the waist of the skirt.

The skirt came together really pretty quickly and I love how it turned out.

My inner little girl came out and I had to do a couple spins!

Do you have a favorite skirt that you have sewn Share and leave a comment below!


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