Fashion Friday Week 1

Some of you have asked and so you shall receive. One thing I love almost as much as food is fashion. I will do a fashion post every Friday. They will mostly consist of what to wear to work ideas. A lot of my work clothes are older so I will share similar links. Everything with be affordable and versatile. And of course the content will be simple as I am not update with blogging or technology plus I don’t have a ton of time on my hands,

Jacket- mine is from Kohl’s and is at least 5 years old here is a similar option from Banana Republic Factory

Turtleneck shirt is new from Old Navy-

Skirt- At least 10 years old from Banana, similar link

Belt- current from Express

Booties- old from Old Navy, similar option

Bracelets- from I was made aware of this company from A Lovely Living- great blog to follow.

Hope this helps inspire!

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