Five Frugal Things | some new clothes!

1. I got a Beyond Yoga tank on eBay

Kristen in blue tank top.

Back when I was still getting Stitch Fix boxes, I had gotten a Beyond Yoga pink cropped tank top, and I’ve worn it quite a bit.

two tank tops.

So, I thought, “Hmm, I might like to have another one of these.”

I had Stitch Fix credits, so the one in my box was free to me. But to buy one from Beyond Yoga was gonna cost $74 and I was like, “ummmmmm, NO.”

two beyond yoga tank tops.

I looked on ThredUp and came up dry, but then I hopped over to eBay and found one for around $20.

It was a listing that accepted offers, so I sent in an offer for a few dollars less, and the seller accepted my offer. Sweet.

Kristen in a tank top and jeans.

Paired with my not-so-skinny jeans which were free!

2. I got two free Athleta skirts

Years ago (like, maybe in 2015?), I bought a skirt on clearance at Athleta, and I’ve worn it many, many times. It’s a ruched knit skirt, and I’ve liked that you can dress it up or down.

Kristen and her friend.

Sometimes I wear my black tank top with it (a clearance purchase from Old Navy) and people often mistake that combo for a black dress.

Kristen with her hair pulled back.

This is the black tank I mentioned

Anyway, I knew Athleta didn’t carry this anymore, so I looked on ThredUp and I found one in a slightly different color. Yay!

I also found a sort of similar skirt, except in a longer length, with a curved hem.

curved hem black skirt.

two Athleta skirts.

I had a promotional gift card to use at ThredUp (I have no idea how I got it but it showed up in my email a little while back), so both skirts were free for me. Yay!

black Athleta skirt.

3. I planted my basil seedlings in pots outside

basil seedlings.

How they started

The little seedlings are now respectable plants, so I took them all out yesterday and planted them in pots in front of my house.

Here’s hoping they thrive and I’ll get lots of fresh basil this summer!

4. I sold a Lego kit for Lisey

She’s minimizing her possessions in preparation for her move to Hawaii, so I listed a little Lego kit she had, and it sold pretty promptly.

5. I…

  • drank coffee that I made at home (as always)
  • used up a million and one odds and ends in my breakfast/lunch meals (as always)
  • used up the last bit of my conditioner bottle by shaking it with a little water

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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