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Sometimes, shopping for skirts can be a minefield. From minis to pencil skirts, once in a while they emphasize all of the wrong areas. They’re cute, hypothetically, but in the fitting room mirror or your bedroom, not so much. If you’re sick of being let down by unflattering skirts, we’ve got a solution for you. The pleated A-line swing skirts are game-changers. You’ve probably seen these everywhere, but they are universally flattering. They emphasize your waist, while flaring the rest of the way down, usually ending just below your knee. It’s the ultimate work skirt and a flirty date night option. Perfect for just about any day, type of weather or event, the high-waisted pleated skirt is something that you must-have in your wardrobe. 

We found the best high-waisted and pleated A-line swing skirts for you. These skirts are designed to last—much like this classic clothing item. We found them in a variety of colors and patterns that are chic, stylish and statement-making. One of our picks is even a throwback to the swinging skirts of the 1950s.

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