Get Ready To See Stars With the Best Lingerie Set for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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For some, this time in quarantine has proven to be a wild time for sexual exploration and pleasure. But what if you feel like you’ve tried every new sex toy on the market and every sexual scenario imaginable and have since plateaued? According to experts, a simple outfit change could inject some novelty into your sex play—and for some inspiration for what to buy, you could turn to your zodiac sign for lingerie set recommendations.

Buying new lingerie can serve as a self-esteem-boosting self-care practice because the garments may help you tap into an especially sexy feeling that’ll in turn allow you to really feel yourself during partnered or solo sex. With that in mind, keep reading for astrologer Rebecca Farrar’s cosmic-inspired intel for picking a lingerie set for your zodiac sign.

Use your zodiac sign to pick the lingerie set that’ll help you see stars.
Aries: crotchless panties

According to Farrar, Aries are known for bold statements and fiery nature, albeit with some impatience. “An Aries could easily pull off crotchless panties to help get right to the deed and save time taking off pesky clothing,” she says.

Try this: Savage x Fenty crotchless string of peals thong, $10

Taurus: strappy garter belt

“This romantic Earth sign loves to play with desire and pleasure,” says Farrar. On that note, she recommends wearing a lingerie set that can be worn throughout the day to feel sexiest, like a strappy garter belt with a lacy set that can be paired with a flirty skirt.

Try this: Hanky Panky Lace Garter Belt, $45

Gemini: flirty lace set

Otherwise referred to as “the twins,” Geminis are known for their seemingly dual personalities and opposing energies. If you (or your partner) are a Gemini, Farrar suggests playing with a sheer flirty lace set.

Try this: Oh La La Cheri Valentine Soft Cup Flyaway Babydoll Chemise and Thong, $46 

Cancer: babydoll set

“Cancer is a sensitive water sign that also craves creature comforts,” says Farrar. “So a babydoll that doesn’t hug too tightly and is soft to the touch” would work best for them.

Try this: Escante satin and lace babydoll set, $43 

Leo: full-body suit

Leos are typically fierce, expressive, and embody the energy of their fire sign. “A flashy Leo craving self-expression may prefer something even more eye-catching, such as a full-body suit with gold stilettos,” Farrar suggests. Feeling even more badass? She recommends adding jewelry or other accessories to add an extra layer of regality.

Try this: Savage X Fenty Not Sorry Bodysuit, $30

Virgo: sexy, simple chemise

“An Earth sign known for its practicality, Virgo does best with things that fit more than one purpose,” Farrar says. That’s why she picked a sexy, simple chemise that’s also comfortable enough to wear around the house and sleep in to capture the practical sensuality that Virgos crave.

Try this: AdoreMe Angelica Slip $25 

Libra: expensive teddy

Air sign Libra enjoys the finer things in life. “Another romantic sign, this one often craves luxury in all things,” says Farrar. “A very expensive teddy or bodysuit that can be flirted in, out in the world during a fancy dinner, as well as [in] the bedroom” is best for this sign.

Try this: Agent Provocateur Willa Teddy, $375 

Scorpio: Leather bondage set or bustier

“Scorpio likes mystery, striptease, and sometimes even role play with power, such as BDSM,” says Farrar. That’s why she suggests a see-through set with added leather or a bustier as a fun way to get into the mood or spice things up with your partner.

Try this: Ann Summers vegan leather Tasha Teddy, $44

Sagittarius: mix-and-match costume set

According to Farrar, this playful and adventurous fire sign may also enjoy role-playing. To keep things interesting and to help avoid becoming bored, she recommends rocking a costume set that can be mixed and matched (with pieces you already own or something entirely brand new).

Try this: Shein fiery red mix-and-match cut-out set, $12 

Capricorn: balconette bra

Farrar warns that “this practical Earth sign can get caught up in status and may not spend enough time in pleasure. They also lean towards tradition.” This is why she suggests boasting a classy lingerie balconette bra to help this hard-working sign loosen up in the bedroom.

Try this: ThirdLove Artisan Lace Balconette Bra, $49

Aquarius: quirky patterned set

“Aquarius is known for its quirky taste,” says Farrar. “Something with varying patterns and textures with lots of mix and matching will keep their style interesting.” To spice things up even more, she notes that these air signs can also consider pairing some costume lingerie with a classic chemise or bodysuit.

Try this: Mapale black and rainbow trim high leg teddy, $21

Pisces: flowy teddy

“A dreamy and compassionate water sign [such as Pisces] can be a shapeshifter in the bedroom and play with energy,” adds Farrar. “A teddy combination in soft pastels allows for easy-flowing movement while being versatile and paired with other lingerie.”

Try this: Cosabella Celine Chemise, $89

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