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Hi friends!

We all have those "non-negotiable" dolly things right? Like, if you see it you have to buy it and money is no object? (well, within reason of course.) For me, the last couple of years have been the Barbie Super Mario Fashions and the Hello Kitty fashions featuring Little Twin Stars, my favorite Sanrio characters!

I grew up playing Super Mario Bros. on our old Nintendo. It was a family affair with my brother, dad and I spending hours at night trying to beat all the levels. My mom was our famous cheerleader as she could not get the hand/eye coordination down to push the jump button before you get to the enemy so you don't run into them. It created lots of laughs. So Super Mario definitely holds a special place in my heart. (And also The Legend of Zelda, Mattel, are you listening? Come out with fashions for that too please!)  

Well, Mattel came out with NEW Super Mario Fashions! As soon as I saw a doll blogger talk about them on YouTube, I rushed to Amazon to buy them. I told hubby I was spending some Christmas money early. As long as it wasn't over $50 he was okay with it.

Are we ready to check them out? YES WE ARE!

Outfit 1 we will call "White and Gold Logo"

Outfit 2 we will call "Cloud"


Outfit 3 we will call "8 bit"


Outfit 4 we will call "Faces of Mario"

Now, to choose which dolls to put them on! In my doll organizing extravaganza this summer, I put all my naked dolls in a bin so I don't have to rummage through all my doll boxes to find a doll. So as I lugged the approximately 30 lb. bin into the house, my son's quickly found a talking KidCore doll to play with while I looked for some special girls to wear these fashions. (Keeping them occupied so ALL the dolls didn't come out of the bin was the key here.)

Now I didn't have any more curvy dolls to try these on so hopefully they look good on dolls! Who are we choosing for these?

This early wave Fashionistas doll with pink streaks in her hair

This Cali Girl Barbie

Fashion Fever Drew

And the 2004 Happy Holidays Barbie. We love those rooted eyelashes! However she did have some marker on her face which does not come off with anything but Clearasil (10% Benzyol Peroxide) which I don't have any of at the moment.

So for fun I chose this Ocean Friends Barbie. The one that comes with Keiko the Whale. Thought the wetsuit legs might be cute as some tights? She is an old Barbie style so we shall see if these fashions fit her.

So they all went to the spa and came out beautiful and refreshed and ready for new outfits. 

Now, to figure out which outfits to go on each doll. And then since they come with a ton of accessories, I've made some modifications so we'll check those out afterwards.

I chose "Cloud" to go on Cali Girl Barbie.

She came with a ball cap with a Jugem's Cloud on it, clear round glasses and the dress has clouds with Mario hitting a block with a mushroom. (Jugem is the Japanese romanticized version of Latiku, an enemy who sometimes lives in said cloud.)

I gave her "Cloud" because of her necklace. Seemed to match the best with this outfit. The outfit also came with a gold necklace but I didn't want to remover her head to get the other necklace off. Besides, I like the Cali Girl necklace better!

She also comes with a handbag with Mario and a pipe.

And a wristlet with a Spiny on it.

She also comes with red sneakers

How did I change up the outfit?

I kept the adorably cute ball cap and got rid of the glasses. They just weren't doing it for her.

I added a scrunchie that came with another Mario outfit (8 bit)

Lastly I gave her some adorable white flower wedges.

No handbags as her arms are straight and they slide right off. The wristlet stayed pretty well but I didn't want to chance it falling off and getting lost (I do have kids!)

Since we mentioned that she borrowed an item from "8 bit" let's talk about that outfit next.

I chose Fashion Fever Drew for this one.

Now I actually kind of like this look for Drew! She came with gold sunglasses, red headphones and a flutter sleeve crop top with Mario on it.

Love this handbag! The old school Nintendo controller and a white watch. Her skirt is red and has a colored Mario and white outlined items from the game.

Her wristlet is a coin. And I didn't photograph it but the blue scrunchie that I put with "Cloud." It really didn't match this outfit anyway.

How did I change up the outfit?

I kept the sunglasses and put them on her head.

I also kept everything else and added these black booties. Again, no purses as they fall off her straight arms.

Next let's see who wears "White and Gold Logo"

Miss Fashionista! The outfit comes with a gold star necklace and these funny looking glasses. Like, whats the point of those? Just for fashion? They don't block any light. A new Barbie Extra doll has those and they are just crazy.

A red hip belt with a fire flower on it and a red bracelet.

A cute mini backpack with a Goomba on it!

If you look at the packaging, this outfit also came with a pair of lime green shoes. These shoes did not fit on any of the four dolls. They were way too small! I couldn't even get them half way on. They missed the mark with those shoes.

How did I change her up?

Sunglasses went on top of her head and the necklace was awesome so I left it.

I removed the red bracelet and hip bag. Red did not match. I also removed the backpack as you wouldn't see it anyway. I gave her the star handbag from "Faces of Mario."

It has super cute zipper details on the back!

For shoes I gave her these black wedges.

"White and Gold Logo" is an outfit that I think might fit better on a curvy Barbie. The skirt is a little big and slides up her waist quite a bit.

Now for the final outfit! Let's see how "Faces of Mario" fits on an old style Barbie body.

It fits REALLY well! All the velcro is secured in the back and it's not pulling in any weird places. I am pleasantly surprised!

She came with red Wayfarer sunglasses, yellow star necklace, and blue logo hip bag. The dress has a hood and does have a hole in it to stick hair through if you choose to use it. The sunglasses are a good look for her.

I love the cell phone accessory!

The star purse that I put with "White and Gold Logo" and a green bracelet.

How did I change her up?

As with most of the others, sunglasses went on top of her head. I love to see their faces.

I might remove the necklace, it doesn't fit well with the collar of the dress.

The red bracelet that came with "White and Gold Logo" went to this doll. It matched better.

And I think that the wetsuit "leggings" look totally works with this! I gave her the red sneakers that came with "Cloud."

And here is the group of fabulous Super Mario girls!

All of these fashion packs were $9.99. Beware of "8 bit" (the outfit on Drew.) At one point she was going for a higher price (over twice as much) most likely because of the Nintendo controller handbag. I checked Amazon again and she was brought back down to $9.99 so just something to look out for.

I have other dolls that are wearing Super Mario fashions! You can check out the first fashion packs here!

And there are other single fashion packs! We try them on different dolls here and pair them with other outfit accessories here!

So what do you think of the new Barbie Super Mario Fashions? Going to add them to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

This will be my last post before Christmas. I hope you and yours have a very happy and safe Christmas!

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