Have you been meaning to take up golf but have not yet found the time to do so? If that is − yes, you are new to golf and curious about what to wear to your first golf lesson


Thank goodness for you that there is this post − a guide all about what you should wear to your first golf lesson.

We will give you all of the right information needed so that your golf lesson goes smoothly and without any stress.
What to Wear on Your First Golf Lesson Golf Glove
Golf gloves are made from different materials, but the best are usually some form of leather. This will allow your hands to breathe and prevent sweat from making the grip sweaty, or worse yet slipping, the golf pros at The Left Rough suggest. Many players opt for basic white gloves, while others choose more of a fashion statement with various colors and styles.

As a beginner, you don’t need to go overboard and buy a dozen pairs or anything like that. One to wear, and another in your bag, just in case, is fine. Wearing the glove on The Right Hand for a Right-handed golfer and the Left Hand for a Left-handed golfer is more like an unwritten rule than a rule.
Collar Polo Shirt
Golf is a textbook definition of a gentleman’s sport. Golfers can often be seen wearing polo shirts with collars to golf lessons. A collared polo shirt is an ideal attire for your first golf lesson. You want to find something comfortable and easy to wear that is still stylish. The polo shirt is a timeless, classic choice that is perfect for any occasion.

It is made of cotton which makes it lightweight, unlike other materials which are used in the production of various shirts. Golf lessons are about improving your game and staying cool and dry while doing it.

If you are wearing a collared polo shirt, you will keep your torso comfortable which in turn will make you more comfortable and therefore able to concentrate on the lesson. The collar is designed to allow air circulation and prevent the nerves on the top of the shoulders (commonly known as ‘pit nerves’) from flaring up during play.
Shorts or Slacks or Skirts for Women
Wear shorts or slacks for your first lesson. Why? Simply to keep it simple and to make sure you get a full range of motion during your swing. If you wear nice pants, you have to worry that they don’t have grass stains on them. Cream, beige, khaki, green, and tan are the safest shades for golfing pants and shorts.

As you rise through the golf ranks and develop yourself as a flashy, snappy dresser, you graduate to white and pink, as well as very bright colors.

Women can wear either shorts or skirts when playing golf. For skirts, it is important to wear a skirt which allows the legs to run freely. The length should reach just above the knee. Both knee-length and full-length skirts are suitable for playing golf. For shorts, make sure they are comfortable to play in.

Shorts can be worn during winter as well. They are important especially for women who do not want to get their legs hurt when playing on rough terrain including hills and mountains. The shorts should have belt loops as well as an elastic band at the waistline.
Golf Shoes
There are three kinds of golf shoes to choose from.
Steel Spikes -You should wear a pair of comfortable golf shoes. Be aware however that some courses do not allow spiked golf shoes. You don’t want to turn up for your first lesson only to find out that you are breaking the rules by wearing them as you will look silly and it might put other people off. It is always worth checking with the golf course just in case though if you have no choice. Soft Spikes are a form of golf spike that largely replaced metal spikes, which had been the standard for much of the game’s existence. Before the introduction of soft spikes, golfers used a series of metal spikes under each foot, which provided excellent traction but also caused significant damage to the golf course when the player misstepped. Generally, putting areas are in much better shape today than they were 30 years ago, and the demise of the metal spike can be credited with part of the change. Spikeless – Golf shoes with no spikes are better for the field than for the golfer. Spikeless golf shoes do not cause as much harm to the course as spiked shoes. Traditionally spiked shoes, on the other hand, are just as durable, comfortable, and helpful. They’re made to disperse body weight equally and increase flexibility. A Belt and Socks
You look like you are ready to take golf lessons. A belt and some socks go a long way. The belt makes your look better, as it is one thing you can complement your shorts or slack. Although, you don’t have to wear a belt with everything – only what matches it. It depends on what shirt you have, but if you’re wearing pants, try and find one or two that look good with a belt attached to them. As for socks, just make sure they aren’t rags and are long enough to cover your ankles.
Hat or Cap
You should wear a hat or cap (not compulsory) to protect your face from sun reflection when you play golf. The earflaps, visors, and bills of the caps are used to reduce the glare of the sun when playing. The front peak of the cap can be folded over as it helps in protecting your neck from the sunlight. There are wide brim caps that come with goggles for keeping one’s eyes safe.

When choosing a hat, test the cap by moving your head. A cap must fit snugly to be comfortable. Some players like to wear mesh caps which are lightweight and breezy. The ear is exposed but the head doesn’t get too hot while playing golf even when you are out for extended periods. Mesh caps also keep the sun off your neck and ears.

The majority of people already have everything they need for a golf lesson in their wardrobe. Before you arrive for your lesson, do a fast check of the golf course’s dress code policies. If there is something that stands out, you will be better prepared and more confident in your clothing choices.

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