Having a small apartment or a bedroom that lacks storage space can be challenging, so you’ll need to think of creative space-saving ways to store your belonging

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s. With some planning, you can place your belongings under your bed while making your room appear spacious. Below, discover five ways to make the best of the space under your bed.
1. Get a bed frame with built-in drawers
One smart way to use the space under your bed is by resting your mattress atop a storage bed frame. Storage beds have built-in drawers that make it easy to stash your belongings out of sight. You can store clothing, shoes, bed linens, and other miscellaneous things in the storage bed’s built-in drawers without sacrificing the space you might need elsewhere in your room.
2. Get wheeled boxes that fit under your bed
Another creative way to utilize your under-bed space is by using wheeled boxes. Whenever you need something under your bed, you can access your belongings simply by rolling the storage box out for easy access. Wheeled boxes can be especially great if your bedroom floor is hardwood, as wheels roll especially well on this flooring material. 

You can find wheeled boxes on various online marketplaces. Although many wheeled boxes are plastic, you can also use other materials to make DIY under-bed wheeled boxes.
3. Use storage bags
You can add some storage space to your apartment’s bedroom by using storage bags underneath your bed. Many people use flexible cotton or canvas storage bags, for example, to keep their clothing and extra bedding tucked away. Usually, storage bags have breathable canvas or cotton materials that can keep your belongings clean. 

Storage bags can also be great since many are flexible, thus making them easier to fit in tight spaces. Their clear vinyl covers can help you stay organized since they make it easier for you to see what you’re storing inside. Additionally, many storage bags have handles, making it easy for you to grab your storage unit bag and slide it out from under your bed.
4. Elevate your bed frame with bed risers
If you lack under-bed space, you can use bed risers to elevate your bed and create more under-bed space. To use bed risers, place one under each corner of your bed frame, one corner at a time. After placing your bed risers, make sure that your bed is completely stable before putting any weight on top of your bed or underneath it. 

Once you have bed risers, you can make use of your under-bed storage with your choice of under-bed organizers such as those named above. If you don’t like the way the bed risers look, you can add a bed skirt to cover the space under your bed.
5. Use a suitcase or trunk
Lastly, you can make the best of your under-bed storage space with a suitcase or trunk. If you have a suitcase or trunk around your apartment that you’re not using that fits under your bed, you can store items in it under your bed. This way, your belongings are both organized and tucked away.

How do you use the space under your bed? Sound off in the comments!

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