How to Dress Up for a Disco Party

Disco outfits are known for their bright, funky colors and fun accessories. When you go to a disco party, you want to make sure that your outfit is as authentic as possible. Start by shopping online or in a vintage shop for some fun and classic outfits from the disco era, considering different fabrics and fashion trends as you go. Once youve selected your costume, jazz it up with a classic hairstyle, some disco-ready makeup, and some great shoes and accessories. With all the glitz and glam of the disco era, youll be sure to find an outfit that works for you!


[Edit]Selecting Clothing Items

  1. Try on a jumpsuit for a funky and sleek look. Jumpsuits are a great option for both men and women due to their timeless style and sleek appearance. If you truly want to embody the disco era, opt for a one-piece jumpsuit that reaches your ankles. This garment is great if you plan on dancing a lotyou can even jazz it up with high heels or platform shoes.[1]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 1.jpeg
    • For example, wear a sleeveless coral jumpsuit along with a pair of chunky, high-heeled sandals. For a more masculine approach, opt for a two-toned jumpsuit instead, like purple and black or tan and brown.
    • Unlike other fashion staples of the disco era, jumpsuits are still worn today![2]
  2. Pay homage to traditional 70s fashion by wearing a disco suit. Get into the spirit of the times by going to the party in a three-piece disco suit. For an especially bold look, opt for an all-white ensemble. If youd prefer to add a splash of color, try pairing a dark vest and slacks with a brightly colored dress shirt.[3]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 2.jpeg
    • For instance, wear a white vest, slacks, and jacket with a blue and white plaid dress shirt underneath. Add some flair to the outfit with a pair of sunglasses!
  3. Pair some shiny pants with a clingy top to look extra chic. If you dont want to commit to the jumpsuit but still want to wear something fun and relaxed, try on some shiny, sleek pants with a form-fitting top! If you arent a fan of long sleeves, wear a sleeveless top with brightly colored shiny pants instead.[4]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 3.jpeg
    • For instance, try wearing a pair of shiny blue pants with a teal tube top or sleeveless shirt. For a bold long-sleeve option, try a black shirt paired with some bright red pants.
  4. Stay relaxed and comfortable in some bell bottoms. Dress down for a disco party by pairing a funky top with some classic bell bottoms. Dont feel limited to just wearing blue bell bottoms; instead, try creating a theme with your outfit.[5]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 4.jpeg
    • For example, try pairing a dark, sleeveless top with some pink paisley patterned bell bottoms! For a more masculine look, try wearing a light yellow dress shirt with some gold pants.
    • To really embody the 70s look, try choosing high-waisted pants.[6]
  5. Stand out in a mini-skirt or midi-skirt. Pick a form-fitting mini-skirt if youd rather wear something short and form-fitting. If youd prefer a skirt that goes down to your thighs, opt for a midi-skirt instead. Make your outfit extra funky by choosing a skirt with a fun pattern, like leopard print.[7]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 5.jpeg
    • If you dont want your legs to get cold, try pairing your skirt with a pair of opaque tights.[8]
  6. Put on a wrap dress if youd like something more convenient. If you want a last-minute fix for your disco party, try on a wrap dress. Choose this option if you plan on dancing a lot, or if youd prefer to wear something fancier than a jumpsuit. If you dont like sleeveless dresses and shirts, then this might not be the outfit for you. Keep in mind that, unlike other dancing dresses, the wrap dress usually goes down to your knees.[9]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 6.jpeg
    • Wrap dresses are unique since theyre often made of 2 different fabric colors. They also come with a cord that you can use to tighten the garment around your waist.
    • For example, try pairing a burgundy and light pink wrap dress with a pair of wine-colored high heels.
  7. Choose a dancing dress if youd prefer a traditional option. Unlike spandex and leotards, dancing dresses allow you to look feminine without appearing too gaudy. Look especially striking at the party by choosing a dress in a bright, solid color.[10]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 7 Version 2.jpeg
    • For instance, try wearing a bright red dancing dress with white, high-heeled sandals.
    • If youd prefer a dress with long sleeves, try wearing a Qiana dress, which features long sleeves along with a thigh-high skirt. Opt for a plain look by choosing a dress in a solid color. If youd like to spice things up, look for a garment that comes in a fun pattern.
  8. Wear a white shirt and blue jeans for a quick and easy outfit. Opt for a more timeless look by wearing a traditional shirt and jeans, or something similar. If you want to add a splash of color to your look, go for a multicolored shirt along with a pair of flared jeans. Add some extra pizazz to your ensemble with a chunky belt as well![11]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 8.jpeg
    • For example, try wearing a brown and yellow patterned shirt with some blue jeans, accompanied by a chunky brown belt.
  9. Look extra suave by wearing a disco shirt. Bridge the gap between fancy and casual by wearing a fun, flowing disco shirt. While still paired with nice pants, you can look a lot more relaxed and laid back by wearing a disco shirt. If you want to dress up a little more, wear some neutral-toned slacks with your shirt. If youd rather dress down, opt for some blue jeans instead.[12]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 9.jpeg
    • For instance, pair a black and grey patterned disco shirt with a pair of grey slacks and some nice loafers.

[Edit]Choosing Items with a Disco Vibe

  1. Dress up in bright, flashy colors to stand out at the party. Get in the spirit of the disco era by wearing a variety of fun, bright colors. Dont worry about your colors clashing or looking too out-of-placeat the disco, all colors are welcome! If youre feeling especially bold, opt for metallic or sequined clothes to make your outfit sparkle.[13]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 10.jpeg
    • For instance, try pairing a bright orange, form-fitting crop top with a pair of dark blue bell-bottoms.
  2. Pick clothing made of Spandex to wear something fun and flexible. Go to a disco party in maximum comfort by incorporating spandex into your outfit. You can find Spandex in a variety of different clothing items, including jumpsuits, jeans, and tops. Mix and match until you find the perfect outfit![14]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 11.jpeg
    • Viscose rayon is also a great option if you like to wear a lot of patterned fabric.[15]
  3. Choose accessories with classic 70s symbols to embody the disco spirit. Pay homage to the disco era with a variety of classic symbols on the accessories, such as a peace sign or disco ball. Try to find shirts or other articles of clothing printed with these popular symbols. If youre feeling especially ambitious, order a cheap disco ball online and bring it to the party![16]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 12.jpeg
    • If you want to take a more musical theme with your costume, wear some vintage tees of famous 70s bands like ABBA or the Village People.
  4. Select fringed fabrics for an extra funky vibe. Look for clothing and accessories that have an element of fringe, or dangly decorations. You can find many vests and boots with fringe, in addition to pants as well as other items of clothing. While not as stereotypical as a jumpsuit or pair of hot pants, fringed clothing and accessories are a great way to add an extra layer of cultural depth to your disco attire.[17]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 13.jpeg
  5. Try on clothing with bright and fun patterns. Take advantage of the disco eras bright and flamboyant fashion style by opting for patterned clothing and accessories. If youre looking for a more feminine style, choose a shirt or dress with a paisley pattern. If youd prefer a more retro look, opt for a Hawaiian shirt instead.[18]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 14.jpeg
    • Animal and floral prints are also great pattern options for a disco costume.

[Edit]Doing Your Makeup and Hair

  1. Apply heavy layers of pastel makeup for a classic disco look. Use a small makeup brush to pack a lot of pastel eyeshadow on your eyelids. To really exaggerate the look, brush some product above the crease, stopping right beneath the brow bone. If you want to go for a bolder look, try an eyeshadow in robins egg blue or lime green.[19]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 15.jpeg
    • If youd like to get some makeup inspiration, look online for images of fashion magazine covers and makeup advertisements from the 1970s.
  2. Add some face gems to make your face shine. Stand out from the crowd by decorating your face with rhinestones. Use a skin-safe adhesive to glue the gems into a fun shape or pattern, and let the disco lights do the rest! If you want to look especially bold, try using larger and chunkier rhinestones.[20]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 16 Version 2.jpeg
    • Silver or diamond rhinestones are a great color that go with almost any outfit.
  3. Wear thick eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Imitate some musical greats of the disco era by applying heavy amounts of dark eyeliner around your eyes. Dont worry about looking out-of-place at the party, since disco is all about bold and exciting looks! If you dont want to apply too much product, start by giving yourself dramatic wings around the corners of your eyes.[21]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 17.jpeg
  4. Feather your hair into layers for a chic, feminine look. Get ready for a disco party by layering your hair in large wispy sections. If you dont want to mess up your natural hair, search online for wigs that have feather layers. If youre styling your natural hair, keep in mind that feathered layers long best on people with shoulder-length hair.
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 18.jpeg
    • For inspiration, look up pictures of Farrah Fawcett online.
  5. Part your hair down the center for a traditional 70s hairstyle. Save some time by going for a simpler but classic 70s look. If youd prefer not to spend a lot of time on fancy updos, use the narrow end of a comb to part your bangs down the middle of your head. Make sure that you have equal amounts of hair on each side of your face.[22]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 19.jpeg
    • Keep in mind that this style is easiest for people without short bangs. If you have shorter bangs, keep them front and center.
  6. Go for a mullet or surfer hairstyle to look like a rockstar. Embody the cool vibe of the disco era by making your hair loose and free. If you dont feel like going to a lot of trouble, tousle your neck or shoulder-length hair so it looks messy, or like youve just come from the beach. If youd rather give off a more classic look, opt for a mullet instead.[23]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 20.jpeg
    • If you dont want to style your hair in a mullet, try purchasing a mullet wig online instead.

[Edit]Finding Funky Accessories and Shoes

  1. Slip on a pair of sunglasses for a retro vibe. Make your outfit look even funkier by accessorizing with sunglasses! While any sunglasses will do, opt for sunglasses with large, round lenses. Additionally, look for glasses with bulky frames and colored lenses to add some flair to your costume![24]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 21.jpeg
    • For a unique look, choose glasses with ovular or circular frames!
  2. Include a headband in your outfit to add a burst of color. Round out your disco costume with a fun head accessory, like a brightly colored or patterned headband. Choose a headband that fits the circumference of your head, or that ties easily around your scalp. If you want to be extra fancy, look for a headband with fake jewels or other fun add-ons![25]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 22.jpeg
    • If youd prefer a more natural look, consider wearing a leather band, some macrame decorations, or hair flowers instead!
  3. Accompany your fun outfit with a stylish handbag. Switch out your traditional purse or clutch for a fun, shiny handbag! A shiny, disco-era handbag can really tie your outfit together, whether youre using it as an accessory or as a means to carry your wallet. Pick something fun and funky, and dont be afraid to think outside of the box![26]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 23.jpeg
    • If you arent a fan of handbags, opt for a coin purse, wrist canteen, or binocular case instead.
  4. Adorn your neck with a colorful scarf or feather boa. Add a pop of texture or color to your disco ensemble with a fashionable scarf accessory. If youre going for a more traditional outfit, try for a solid-colored or printed scarf. If youd prefer to make your ensemble extra funky, opt for a brightly-colored feather boa instead![27]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 24.jpeg
    • If scarves and boas arent your style, try grabbing a sequin sash or fan!
  5. Highlight your ensemble with large, chunky jewelry. Finish off your outfit with some especially flashy earrings and bracelets. If you really want to embody the disco spirit, try on some armbands or wrist cuffs! If youre looking to round out your costume, then whisper chains and checkers are also an option.[28]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 25.jpeg
    • If youd like to look extra fancy, finish off your outfit with a tiara or crown!
  6. Complete your look with a solid or bejeweled belt. Balance out your costume around the waist by wearing a neutral-toned or multi-colored belt. If youre going for a themed outfit, a belt can really make your ensemble pop! For a simpler look, opt for a braided leather or beaded accessory. If youd prefer to stand out, choose a shiny vinyl, velvet, or rhinestone-encrusted belt.[29]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 26.jpeg
    • If youre wearing a full body outfit, like a jumpsuit, consider tying off the garment with a fabric sash.
  7. Add some height to your outfit with platform shoes. Be the tallest person in the room by slipping on some platform shoes. If you cant decide what kind of style to go for, platform shoes are great starting point. If you want to try a more simple look, opt for chunky platform loafers that only rise . If you want to go for a bolder style, try on some platform boots or sandals that rise several inches or centimeters.[30]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 27.jpeg
    • For a classic disco look, pair a jumpsuit with a set of platform loafers or boots.
    • Alternatively, pair a sleeveless white dancing dress with a pair of high-heeled sandals. If youd like to add more color to the outfit, try a more brightly colored dress with more colorful shoes.
  8. Pick out some golf shoes for a classy look. Complete a more formal disco outfit with some monochromatic golf shoes. Unlike many other accessories and outfit choices of the disco era, golf shoes help you look ready for the party without seeming gaudy. For an especially formal look, try pairing golf shoes with slacks or a nice suit.[31]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 28.jpeg
    • For instance, wear a pair of black and white golf shoes with a black or white disco suit.
  9. Wear some loafers to give off a more traditional vibe. Being at a disco party doesnt mean that your whole outfit has to be funky and over-the-top! If you want to put more emphasis on your shirt and pants, slip on some loafers to round out your outfit. You can also try on some loafers with a jumpsuit or disco suit if youd like to make a statement.[32]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 29.jpeg
    • For example, try wearing an all white disco suit with a pair of white loafers. You can also pair some neutral-toned loafers with a funky disco shirt and a dark pair of slacks or bell-bottoms.
  10. Try on some tall boots to show off your legs. You dont have to choose an outfit with a long skirt or pant legsinstead, pair some tall boots with a miniskirt, or a tight set of hot pants. Feel free to jazz up your outfit with some color, too! If youre wearing a brightly colored top, feel free to wear a pair of colorful, knee-length boots to match.[33]
    Dress Up for a Disco Party Step 30.jpeg
    • For instance, pair some navy blue and teal boots with a teal top, along with some matching hot pants
    • Fringed boots are also a fun fashion trend you can take advantage of for disco parties!
    • Despite the name, hot pants look more like shorts, and only reach the top of your thighs.


  • Most disco clothing and accessories can be purchased online. Some outfits, like jumpsuits, are still sold in clothing stores; however, they wont be the same style as a disco jumpsuit.


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