How To Wear A Blazer In Fine Weather According To The Latest Trends

We know, in a month, it is summer, and the sun does not seem to want to point the tip of its nose. Never mind! We take out the jacket. But not just any. For a chic look in all circumstances, we bet on the blazer .

This iconic piece of masculine/feminine style, the darling of our fall looks, also works wonders on sunny days. We, therefore, adopt it without hesitation to ward off the chilly breeze which seems not yet to be ready to desert.

Fashion trend: how to wear a blazer with style in fine weather 


To play it, girl, in the wind, we do not hesitate to choose an oversized piece, very trendy.

On the look side, two great possibilities are available to you:

– Play the ” together ” side. This season, the suit is ultra-stylish in all its forms: pants, Bermuda shorts, short shorts, skirt … We therefore gladly wear your blazer with a coordinated bottom.

– Play the big mix. There, we twist its look with pieces that clash with each other. We wear the somewhat strict masculine blazer with ultra-feminine and fluid dress for example. Or his chic jacket with a very street outfit.

So? Team together? Team mix? No matter, you can return your jacket as much as you want, you will stay stylish.











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