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Hooks HueMinimal Main Mirror Planter

Hue Minimal recently launched as a design brand born with the idea of creating innovative products that make your home inspired and surprising. Through traditional and cutting edge technologies, they design and manufacture a collection of products using quality materials and finishes designed to last. They’re focused on capturing the soul of everyday objects while making them simple and functional. Founded by Eitan Gigi and Ofer Dahan, the brand’s products are a mix of art and design aiming to draw the eyes in and evoke feelings of surprise and wonder. The Hue Minimal collection includes wall hooks, wall shelves, trays, mirrors, and planters in an array of fun colors, and they’re available for purchase here.

FOV Pink Wall Hooks

FOV Black Wall Hooks

FOV Assorted Wall Hooks

Shuffle Wall Hooks

Leaf Black Shelves

Leaf Bordeaux Shelves

Leaf Bordeaux Round Tray

Leaf Black Round Tray

Leaf Bordeaux Oval Tray

Orbit Black Wall Mirror

Orbit Blue Wall Mirror

Orbit Bordeaux Wall Mirror

Skirt Blue Planter

Skirt Gray Planter

Skirt Pink Planter

Skirt Assorted Planters

Trio Terracotta Bowls

>>> To purchase products from Hue Minimal, visit the Design Milk Shop here! <<<
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Mirror Planter Main Hooks HueMinimal

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