I Tried the Print on Print Fashion Trend—and Now I’m Obsessed

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If you’re familiar with my Instagram at all, you know that I’m no stranger to color. You can often find me pulling out all the brightest pieces from my closet and mixing them together in a way that doesn’t completely make me look like a crazy person. I’m not afraid of color, but I am at least a little intimidated by prints and patterns—and where there’s a loud color, there’s usually a bold pattern with it. But in the name of #fashion, I’ve decided to face my fear and figure out how to wear the print on print fashion trend.
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At first, I accepted the challenge and headed straight to my wardrobe to see what the heck I could come up with. I pulled out each top that has some sort of consistent pattern on it, and then grabbed some bottoms that also had a print on it and held them up together. My initial thought was, “Absolutely not.” I just didn’t think they’d work.

But that was with the clothes on hangers—and, boy, was I surprised when I tried them on. They actually looked great! These looks were fun and unique. Plus, they brought a lot of new conversations my way because people were constantly complimenting these looks.

Print mixing may seem like a huge feat, but to be honest, it was much easier than I had originally thought. Scroll through to see the looks I put together!

Romper: Missguided | Blouse: Missguided | Earrings: Missguided | Hat: Lack of Color | Boots: Lulus

Bright, young and fun was the name of the game with this look. I brought together three different busy prints—a polka dot blouse, a plaid romper, and leopard print boots—for an unexpected twist on pattern mixing. Sure, it was an eye-catching, statement look, but given the right time and place, it’s absolutely wearable.

Trousers: Missguided | Blazer: Missguided | Sweater: Marks & Spencer | Hat: Lack of Color | Shoes: writer’s own | Purse: Valfre

I will never, ever pass up the opportunity to wear a matching set. No matter what it is—a skirt, pants, shorts, blazer, crop top—it doesn’t matter. I’m probably already obsessed with it. Especially if it’s a two-piece suit. It’s the perfect opportunity to have something fun and hip that you can actually wear to work. This plaid two-piece set works perfectly with this geometric sweater and flower printed bag. This is absolutely an outfit that I’m going to wear time and time again!

Jacket: Missguided | Jeans: Missguided | Bodysuit: Missguided | Hat: Lack of Color | Shoes: thrifted, writer’s own

When you put on a bright orange, floral print bodysuit, you may feel overwhelmed. But surprisingly, when I put on the pants and jacket, the look somehow felt more toned down to me. Even though this matching two-piece set does, indeed, have a pattern on it, it’s such a minimalist set that can be worn in so many different ways. Of course, I felt the need to pair it with a bright color and an even more obnoxious pattern—but you could even wear it with something less bright and be left with a unique, versatile, and confidence-boosting look.

Skirt: Lulus | Bodysuit: Lulus | Shoes: thrifted, writer’s own | Hat: Lack of Color | Jacket: writer’s own

Florals are truly always a good idea. It’s one of those prints that’s versatile enough to work for any season. With this outfit, I wanted to bring on the florals, so I decided to mix two different floral prints. The incredibly minimalistic floral pattern on the skirt balanced out the the busy print on the bodysuit. Then I threw in some neutrals to pull it all together, and voila!

Jeans: Lulus | Tank: writer’s own | Jacket: writer’s own | Hat: Lack of Color | Shoes: thrifted, writer’s own | Earrings: GUESS

In my book, animal print can do no wrong. While print mixing may seem difficult, this outfit really proved to me that it’s far from difficult. The plaid print on the blazer wasn’t too obvious, which, in my opinion, made it super easy to pull off when paired with trousers featuring a more in-your-face print. A pair of matching maroon boots pulled the whole look together perfectly. Here is yet another look that I absolutely would’ve never paired together—but will absolutely wear again and again.
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