Is It New Year Yet?

Leather & Florals
Photography viaNatasha/@_nhphotoz

OMG these last few days of 2019 refuse to pass by (I just typed 2020 and then had to change it to 2019!) - I have been thinking we are in 2020 for at least a week already. Usually I am on vacation during this time of the year and now I recall how brutal it is to be in US when you don't really participate in the holidays but have to go through the rhythm of the season. I am just ready to get going, have my routine back. I have already pressed reset and I am refreshed. The calendar has to catch up now. :)

Finishing the year with another shoot with Natasha. Most of my favorite work this year has been with her. And while this isn't her favorite shoot with me, I think the pictures are quite spectacular. Your thoughts? :)
Leather & Florals Tanvii.comLeather & Florals Tanvii.comLeather & Florals Tanvii.comLeather & Florals
Leather & Florals
Location - National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.

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