Japan’s Department of Magic releases new “Magic School” uniform

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Mix-and-match pieces are the cosplay/street fashion crossover witches have been waiting for. 

Japanese online retailer Felissimo is a bit of a fairy godparent when it comes to homewares, beauty, and fashion, making all our dreams come true with make-believe pets, hair gel designed to feel like kitty saliva, and fluffy cat-like accessories that magically transform us into human-sized kittens.

So when the popular brand stepped into the world of magic with their new “Department of Magic” range last year, wannabe witches and wizards everywhere flocked to the new collection, eager to snap up all the cleverly designed products, which weren’t just cute and whimsical, but stylish as well.

▼ 魔法部 (“Mahoubu“) translates to “Department of Magic”

The range was so popular with customers that they’ve decided to follow up with a new instalment this year. This time, the star of the show is a “Magic School” uniform, which includes a cape-like blouse and starry skirt that both longtime spell-casters and newcomers to the craft will want to own.

▼ This outfit is a dream come true for anyone who ever dreamed of becoming a witch when they were younger.

The blouse, which retails for 6,160 yen (US$56.99), consists of a cape that covers a sleeveless top. This makes it well-suited for warm weather, and with a little layering it can be worn comfortably during the colder months as well.

Uniform-like elements can be seen in the white piping, ribbons on the neck, and embroidery on the collar, which is said to resemble a coat of arms. And while you might know you’re wearing the uniform of a Magic School student, nobody else has to, as the outfit can easily pass for non-witch fashion, especially when worn separately with other garments for a stylish everyday look.

▼ Only other Magic School students will be able to identify your secret uniform.

Joining the witch’s cape blouse is a gorgeous, glittery skirt (7,920 yen) that makes it look as if stars spring from your every step.

Called the “Wizard Runs in the Night Sky Gold Embroidery Tulle Skirt“, this garment comes with an elasticised waistband and a satin ribbon finished with gold details.

To complete the look, Felissimo has released special nail sticker sets so you can adorn your fingertips with celestial motifs like the moon, stars, and constellations for 1,650 yen (US$15.27).

Another star of the collection is the Treasure Chest Pouch (2,300 yen), where you can keep all your precious treasures safely on hand for any magical encounters that come your way during your travels.

The magical collection is a great way to add some fantasy to our lives, and makes a nice addition to the grimoire goods we’ve already splurged on! The complete range went on sale online on 14 April.

Images: PR Times
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