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Why? Because the celebration of the creepy season, Halloween, is yearly. Having kid Halloween costumes for your children are essential. That’s the best part of the seasonal event, to dress up weird and look frightening.

Your child might have to attend parties or go Trick-or-Treating, so they must have a kid Halloween costume on and that’s traditional. Those Halloween parties would probably hold a contest for the best costume as well. Obviously you would want your child to win, since you as the mother is the one dressing your kids up anyways. Guess what? We’re going to help your kid win and make other mums envy you and your child by preparing this list of the best available outfits for kids out there.

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Top 15 Best Kid Halloween Costumes in 2020
15. Forum Novelties Kids Dark Rag Doll Costume

Forum Novelties Kids Dark Rag Doll Costume, Black, Large

Dark Rag Doll costume dress; Traditional rag doll dress with a spooky twist; Look to Forum Novelties to complete this costume with gloves, tights, and face paint


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To start us off, this kid Halloween costume is a dark theme of doll design. In the color of black and made of polyester, guarantee to make your kid the creepiest looking. Additionally, size measurements are for a toddler, small, medium and large. Your little girl will transform into a dark entity, appearance-wise, for the night.


Made of Polyester
Size measurements – Toddler, Small, Medium, Large
Raggedy Doll Design
Color – Black

14. JAPANSCHOICE Kids Superhero Costume Suit 3D


Kids Superhero Costume Suit 3D Spandex Unisex Jumpsuit Bodysuit for Kids Aged 5-13 (Venom, S for Height 43.3"-49.2"(Aged 5-7))

☞ High definition clothing pattern and simulated full soft muscle block.; ☞ Soft muscle chest definition jumpsuit has attached boot tops and arm cover.


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Seeing your kids so into the movie Spider-man, but for Halloween purposes dressing like the protagonist isn’t so satisfying. So, get the antagonist, Venom from Spider-man design for your son. Not only an ideal Halloween costume for most little boys that comes with a bodysuit but also a mask and gloves and in the color of black and blue. Size varies from small to large, so worry not about the fitting and comfort.


Venom from Spider-man design
Comes with a Body suit, Mask & Gloves

S – length 100cm
M – length 108cm
L – length 110cm

Color – Black & Blue
Soft padded muscle definition chest

13.  Voltron Deluxe Costume

Voltron Deluxe Costume, Multicolor, Large (10-12)

Product includes: jumpsuit with padded chest & 3D elements and vacuform mask; Voltron: legendary defender (DreamWorks)


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Children love characters that are superhero format but got a kind of robotic theme to it and this Voltron, kid Halloween costume, the design is just the right style for them. A bodysuit that comes with a mask and soft-padded chest for a tough-looking appearance. Also, licensed officially and made with multiple colors as well. Your little boy shall slay a tough robotic look now.


Voltron design
Licensed officially
Size Large, 10 -12
Comes with Mask and soft-padded chested jumpsuit
Multiple colors

12. Boy Mummy Costume

Boy's Mummy Costume Medium

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The most, extremely well known design would be a Mummy. A kid Halloween costume made purely of polyester. The ever classic wrapped white-jumpsuit that is knitted and has a back zipper for easy wearing intentions. As for the size, it comes in small, medium, large and extra-large so, kids of any size would find a fit. Keeping it simple yet classy with this highly-rated, 4.7 stars of 5, outfit choice for your adorable little ones.


Purely Polyester (100%)
Mummy design
Size – Size S, M, L, XL
Back-Zipper Knitted Jumpsuit
Color – White

11. DAZCOS Kids Size Boys Anime Uzumaki

DAZCOS Kids Size Boys Anime Uzumaki Childhood Cosplay Costume (Child S) Orange

【Package listing】— Only uzumaki jacket and pants; 【Important】— Package does NOT include the headband, shoes, or the leg accessories.


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Moving on to the realm of Anime, which loads of children in this generation are watching. The very popular, Naruto, is an anime that every kid knows of. That’s how popular that anime series was.

Also, this kid Halloween costume was made in the design of Uzumaki Naruto is a huge hit, with ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The outfit comes with an orange and black colored jacket and orange-colored pants. Furthermore, they are so sure of their product that they will give you your money back if not satisfied.


Anime Uzumaki Naruto cosplay design
Comes with a jacket and pants
Guaranteed – Money return & Exchange if unsatisfied
Size measurements – S, M, L
Color – Orange & Black

10. California Costumes Evil Unchained Costume

An eerie kid Halloween costume was what you’re looking for? Then this would be one of the greatest option for your child. Girl or boy, both can rock this frightening look. Made purely of polyester, aiming for comfort. A Hooded-robe design in the color of black with a mask, a wrist-chain and as well as cuffs. There are also selections of sizes that range from small to large. Your kids are now already to roam the Halloween-celebrating streets looking the freakiest.

California Costumes Evil Unchained Costume, One Color, 8-10

Robe; Character Mask; Hood with Drape; Printed Cuffs; Wrist Chain


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Purely Polyester (100%)
Hooded Robe design
Comes with a Mask, Wrist-chain, and cuffs
Size S (8-10), M (10-12), L (12-14)
Color – Black

9. Fun World – Skeleton Zombie Child Costume


Fun World Skeleton Zombie Costume, Medium 8 - 10, Multicolor

Includes;; Top pants mask gloves


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A skeletal zombie, kid Halloween costume, the design might actually help your child win the best Halloween costume contest at the party their attending that Halloween night. In fact, the terrifying outfit comes with a skeletal printed shirt and mask, with gloves and pants as well. In multiple colors, your kid will be a miniature zombie that at first glance would throw a person off guard looking so realistic.


Skeletal Zombie design
Multiple Color
Comes with a shirt, a mask, gloves as well as pants
Size S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14)

8.  California Costumes Swamp Monster Child Costume

California Costumes Swamp Monster Child Costume, Medium

100% Polyester; Available in Sizes, M, L, XL; Item Includes: Shirt with Attached Hood, Pants, Mask

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Wanting your child’s outfit to be kind of different from others but in a good way that makes it stands out the most. Then this is the kid Halloween costume you want, in a design of a green swamp monster. Polyester-made material that comes with a hooded-shirt, a mask and pants. Comfort and uniqueness is certainly there, so wait no further to purchase this product. Not to mention that it’s rating is 4.7 stars out of 5, very high indeed.


Purely Polyester (100%)
Swamp-Monster design
Size measurements M, L, XL
Color – Green
Comes with a Hooded shirt, a Mask & Pants

7. Creepy Clown Boy Costume

Creepy Clown Boy's Costume, Medium Multicoloured

Top with Attached Skulls; Pants; Glow in the Dark Mask with attached hair; -; -


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Clowns are always known to be associated with carnivals, a place kids find fun and enjoyable. Clowns were later found enlightening kids at birthday parties as well. But, slowly the people started to find clowns rather creepy, laughing with fake joy all the time. The creepy clown then came to be a thing for Halloween season. With this came the inspiration for this kid Halloween costume designed as a freaky clown. Materials it’s made with is pure polyester and what makes this the ideal outfit for kids is that it comes with a mask that glows, when in the dark.


Purely Polyester (100%)
Freaky Clown design
Comes with a shirt, pants & a masked-wig that glows when it’s dark
Size measurements – Medium
Color – Black & White

6. Child Costume California Costumes Soul Taker


California Costumes Soul Taker Child Costume, Medium

Robe With screen print attached Hood And Face Cover; Transparent Face Cover; Scythe, gloves and shoes not included


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Everyone heard of the dearly known soul collector, The Grim Reaper, which is the format for this kid Halloween costume. This guy will never be out of trend as the perfect outfit for Halloween or other themed party or events. A hooded-robe with a see-through a face mask in the color of grey that is purely polyester-made. Now, dress your kids up to look like a mini soul collector for this horrifying season of the year.


Grim Reaper design
Purely Polyester (100%)
See-Through face mask
Comes with a Hooded robe
Size- Medium
Color – Grey

5. California Costumes Toys Evil Jester

Evil Jester Child Costume - Large

This children costume is fun and easy to wear; Perfect for any Halloween costume party or occasion


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Parents dressing your kids in a black and red, kid Halloween costume, designed as Toys Evil Jester is a terrific idea. The structure looks like Joker’s other bad brother. Terrifying appearances with the mask and that dangling headpiece to complete the wear.

Moreover, the shirt and pants are made of the material polyester that differs from the material used for the mask, which is vinyl. Take time to make a simple purchase to witness the smile on your kid’s face when he/she sees this outfit.


Made of Polyester & Mask made of Vinyl
Toys Evil Jester design
Comes with shirt, pants, a Mask, a waist-sash and a headpiece
Size – S, M, L, XL
Color – Black & Red

4. Kids Black and White Check Morphsuits Childs Costumes

Morphsuits Black and White Check Kids Fancy Dress Costume - Size Medium 3’6”-3’11” (105cm - 119cm)


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Guys, you do know what a check board looks like, right? How about imagining a kid wearing one? Impossible? No, guess what, this morphsuits kid Halloween costume is in a checkboard black and white patterned design and is made of polyester and spandex for stretch-ability. Incredible, Who would have thought this could exist.


Made of Polyester & Spandex
Black & White Check board Morphsuits design
Size – S (94-104cm), M (108-122cm), L (123-137cm)
Color – Black & White
can Wash by both hands and Air-Dried

3. Riekinc Unisex Lycra Spandex Zentai Halloween Cosplay Costumes

No products found.

Back to the Superhero concept, a kid Halloween costume themed that will never die out or grow old. The design of Riekinc which is made in the USA in the color of black and red. This purely spandex-made material comes with a bodysuit, a mask, a gun bag, straps and also a belt. Also, has a huge range of sizes to choose from, XS till XL. Turn your child into the superhero he has always wanted to be.


Made of purely Spandex (100%)
Made in the USA
Riekinc design

XS – 39’’ to 42’’ in Height,
S – 43’’ to 46’’ in Height,
M – 47’’ to 50’’ in Height,
L – 51’’ to 54’’ in Height
XL – 55’’ to 60’’ in Height

Color – Red & Black
Comes with a suit, a mask, gun bag, straps and a belt

2.  Morphsuits Kids Exploding Guts Zombie Monster Costume

Morphsuits Kids Exploding Guts Zombie Monster Costume - Small 3'-3'5 / 6-8 Years


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If your aim or goal is to make your child this Halloween season look as disgusting as possible with the most nauseating kid Halloween costume ever, then this design of printed exploding Zombie guts bodysuit is the perfect choice. Revolting prints of blood leaking from the stomach with the intestines oozing out and a huge dangling mouth would make anyone turn away in fright and disgust. But, would compliment you on buying such a mind-blowing outfit. Made of polyester and spandex plus is imported as well.


Made of Polyester (87%) and party Spandex (13%)
Guts Zombie Morphsuits design
Size Small, Medium & Large
Color – Multiple
Wash by hands & Air-dried

1. Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child



Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child's Costume

OFFICIALLY LICENSED DC COMICS deluxe Wonder Woman Costume set


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Mothers, we have only shown you Superhero costumes for your little boys. You are probably wondering, what if my little girl wants a Super Heroine costume too? Fear not, for every little girls dream is to be like their idol Wonder Woman, which is actually the design of this kid Halloween costume.

In addition, this wonderful wear comes with all accessories that Wonder Woman has, from the capes to the metal wrist cuffs, a belt and the signature crown as well. In the color of blue, red and gold with stars at the skirt and is made purely of polyester.


Made of Polyester
Wonder Woman design
Size S, 4-6; M, 8-10;  L, 10-12
Color – Multiple
Comes with a cape attached to the dress, belt, metal wrist bracelet/cuffs, a crown, and covers for the boots

Finally, mums are you satisfied with all those tremendous kid Halloween costumes? I am very impressed by seeing those imaginative designs with amazing qualities of materials and fabric used. Having to purchase an actual kid Halloween costumes for your child to know that it would last more than a wear is absolutely incredible, because most costumes in the market nowadays are made for one wear only which in my opinion is not beneficial to us the purchaser in anyways possible. But, these outfits are made to guarantee satisfaction and it really does delivers.

Now, get one for your child and make them stand out among a crowd of casual kid’s outfit. Lastly, your kid will excel the most in terms of aesthetic and you standing there feeling a sense of pride as a parent.

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