Lizzo Looks Like The Cinderella We Deserve In Her Luxe ‘Vogue’ Shoot

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Cancel all your plans for the foreseeable future, because gawking over Lizzo’s October 2020 Vogue cover is the only thing you’re going to want to do from now until forever. Like so many others, I’ve become the ultimate Lizzo stan in recent years, and seeing her on the cover of Vogue has made my day—nay, life. Both Vogue and the pop star have blessed us with enough outfit inspiration (and inspiration in general, TBH) to last a lifetime, and for that, I am truly grateful.

And as someone whose body type is similar to Lizzo’s (a size you don’t typically see on the cover of magazines, no matter how far into the “body positivity” movement we get), it’s especially exciting to see the singer decked out in designer ensembles looking absolutely stunning. Lizzo rocked five (five!) different looks for this cover shoot, and each one is more awe-inspiring than the last. I already knew that Lizzo could do no wrong, but this Vogue cover story just confirms it.

In case you needed any more incentive to read it, the entire piece was written by Claudia Rankine (a prolific voice whose poetry, essays and plays are necessary reading for all) and shot by Hype Williams (a photographer, director, producer and screenwriter who wrote the film Runaway, directed by Kanye West). This piece deserves all the attention it’s sure to get.

If you’d like a peek at all the outfits and some of the content featured in the article, keep reading. I’ll take you through each ensemble—and their designers, of course—and give you a few snippets from the Vogue piece. There truly is no one like Lizzo, and I know that this is only the beginning.

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Let’s just throw caution to the wind and start with the cover, shall we? Wearing the most luxe red Valentino gown I’ve ever seen (!), both Tiffany & Co. and Chopard jewelry, plus Manolo Blahnik heels, Lizzo made history. Her caption points out the fact that this is a first for Vogue, though I have a feeling it won’t be the last. She says on her Instagram post, “I am the first big black woman on the cover of @voguemagazine. The first black anything feels overdue. But our time has come. To all my black girls, if someone like you hasn’t done it yet— BE THE FIRST.”

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Then, we have Lizzo in this seriously gorgeous LaQuan Smith top and skirt—which, by the way, was made custom for the singer. The elegance of this ensemble is like none other. If I could go back to high school and pick any outfit in the world to wear to prom, it would undoubtedly be this exact look. LaQuan Smith, you genius.

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Next up, a hot pink Moschino Couture cape that would stop traffic. Paired once again with Tiffany & Co. and Chopard rings and bracelets—with the addition of Sylva & Cie earrings and a Bvlgari necklace. So casual, right?

In her Instagram caption, she used this particular look to share a quote from the cover story about body positivity—and why she’s moved on from the phrase. “I think it’s lazy for me to just say I’m body positive at this point,” Lizzo says. “It’s easy. I would like to be body-normative. I want to normalize my body. And not just be like, ‘Ooh, look at this cool movement. Being fat is body positive.’ No, being fat is normal. I think now, I owe it to the people who started this to not just stop here. We have to make people uncomfortable again, so that we can continue to change. Change is always uncomfortable, right?”

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You can also get a peek of this Gucci gown on Lizzo’s Instagram, showing off all the jaw-dropping sparkles at the top of the bodice. (The full ensemble is featured in the Vogue cover story, too, so you can check there for the complete look!) In the caption here, the singer got a bit into her thoughts on politics and the upcoming election.

She mentions how change isn’t a veneer—and the way something looks doesn’t mean it’s inherently better. Lizzo also makes note of the fact that we need to acknowledge and talk about all the women during this time, making sure to cite Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland and all the other women who often get left out of the conversation.

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Finally, we’ve arrived at my favorite look (perhaps of all time): this swoon-worthy pink princess gown from Moschino Couture. (!!!!!) Here, Lizzo truly looks like the Cinderella we all deserve. The entire Vogue cover shoot is a dream and a half, but there’s something so special about this particular look.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it reminds us all just how important representation can be. Whether it’s in race, body size or sexuality, Rankine said it best in the Vogue article: “Anyone who could understand what it was like to be targeted felt spoken to by Lizzo. They were seen by Lizzo and were taking her lead to love themselves a little bit harder.”

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