Looking for Cute Teacher Outfits?

Inside: Ideas for cute teacher outfits for homeschool moms, teachers, and virtual classrooms

Did you favorite teachers wear really cute teacher outfits every day?

Mine did too!!

She always wore her lessons. She may have invented the phrase “all-in”.

When you embrace a lesson enough to change your earring, shirt, skirt, bracelet, and shoes… the kids notice.

Yes, they may look at you sideways. But they remember the lesson.

Here are a few themed ideas to getting you on your merry way.

Learning about FROGS?

Close up of ear wearing silver frog earrings
Frog Earrings
Cute teacher outfit: Woman in a frog print dress
Yes! A frog dress

Lessons about FROGS

Learning about the Solar System?

“Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus is serious #teachergoals. She’s eccentric, dedicated, and compassionate. Best of all, she’s known for her wild and wacky teacher dresses that have a way of making every classroom lesson fun and memorable.” – We are Teachers

Lessons about the SOLAR SYSTEM

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Learning about Dinosaurs?

Close up of woman wearing dinosaur earrings
Dinosaur earrings
Cute teacher outfit, dinosaur dress
Dino dress!

Lessons about Dinosaurs

Learning about Geography?

Close up of woman’s ear wearing globe earrings
Globe earrings
Geography dress

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