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Here is my take on an outfit that I wore on this date 10 years ago! You can see the original outfit post right here. This is the same dress, but in the intervening years I had it altered to be a bit shorter. I love the gradient pattern at the bottom and didn't want to lose that, so instead of doing a traditional hem, my tailor unattached the bodice from the skirt and hemmed it from the top of the skirt instead of the bottom! This is one of my all-time favorite dresses that I own. At some point like 4 years ago during one of my frantic "I need to sell everything in my closet in order to pay a bill" shop my closet sales I had this listed for like five minutes before quickly pulling it down. There are some dresses that I just cannot part with, no matter how much I need the cash lol. 

I originally wore this for the first time on my blog on January 28, 2011 and in that post I wrote about how the dress was too big for me. The words "too big for me" were pinging around in my brain as I struggled to zip this up today. Ahh! I have really struggled with eating well and exercising during quarantine, especially since it got cold out. Before the pandemic I used to go for walks at the mall whenever it was too cold to walk outside. But this winter I haven't left my house *at all,* except to get mail off the porch, since late November. I know that technically there are always ways to stay fit if you're really dedicated, and I'm getting there. But ugh. Getting in shape is a feat when the world is normal, when my brain is healthier, when picking out fresh produce at the grocery store and walking at the park are accessible options. Trying to get in shape when I feel mentally low every day, don't leave the house, and can't go to the grocery store or walk outside, it's just a lot more difficult. But I'm going to try. I signed up for weight watchers again and I'm spending today and tomorrow partaking in some of my favorite treats before I commit to a healthier lifestyle this weekend. Having dresses that I love as much as this one has been a constant impetus to get healthy whenever I start eating too much McDonald's. When zippers become a challenge and my belts just barely reach the last hole I know it's time to cut back on the soda and stock up on veggies! I want to be able to wear this dress again on February 17, 2031 and February 17, 2041 and if that means I can't keep eating french fries and sitting in my chair all day long, so be it lol!

dress - modcloth | tights - target | shoes - aldo | sweater - old navy
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