Saturdays on the Porch #11

woman in white dress

Saturdays on the Porch #11 featuring this casual white dress from Target and porch updates for summer living!

Happy Saturday to you! It's been an absolutely gorgeous week here with temps on the rise. 90 degrees today!

I should probably change the name of this series to Saturday Mornings from Bed. I typically write this post on Saturday mornings in bed while sipping coffee and watching TV. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I need to get this post written during the week and to you early on Saturday mornings. 

Doing it this way has allowed me to get all of the week's happenings to you!


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Saturdays on the Porch #11

woman in white dress

Earrings |  Topiaries  | Blue Rug Similar Mat | Similar Lanterns  | White Dress  | Similar Bracelet Sandals | Similar Necklace

If you saw my stories on Instagram this week, I shared a summer dress try-on video session. You can find it under my Highlights section. I'm working on a blog post to share all the details on it. 

This casual white dress from Target comes in several colors. Target is so very popular because their clothes are well made at great prices. Because of this popularity, they sell out quickly. If you see something that you like, you can't wait. 

This dress is loose while having shape. It's a great modest length right above the knee. It will be great for church like this or running errands with flat sandals. 

A couple of things about the dress. The skirt and front are lined. The upper back of the dress is not. Wear a nude bra which may still slightly show. If this bothers you, wear a camisole. 

Fit Tip: I am wearing a size small. I could also wear a medium, but the arm holes might be too big. 

Upcoming Post

I have absolutely loved working with Chico's. Their clothes are high quality and always fit! They have quickly become my favorite shop!!!! They run sales all the time! I just received a shipment of several looks from them for upcoming posts. Ashlyn is in Florida. So I snapped a couple of photos of the pants she wanted me to get to send her. These are straight out of the box and not steamed still with tags. I thought I'd go on and give you a sneak peek of these. Y'all these pants are so good! They have some stretch to them, lightweight, and pull on with no buttons or zippers! 

chico's outfit

Hat | Linen Tee | Striped Pants (on sale today) | Sandals | Necklace | Earrings | Bracelet (not pictured) | Mirror

Fit Tip: I am wearing a .5 in the pants and size 1 in both tops.

I told Ashlyn that I felt like I was ready for a trip to the Hamptons! Seriously! This look can be dressed up or down. I had a hard time deciding between the 0 and the 1 in the linen tee. I decided to go with the size 1. If in doubt go with the larger size. The pants are true to size. 


Sunglasses | Floral Top | Striped Pants (on sale today) | Sandals | Necklace| Earrings | Bracelet (not pictured) | Mirror

I'll be photographing this upcoming Chico's post next week. It's going to be a good one….featuring coral as the theme. You'll see these 2 looks as well and these adorable white capri pants, this crazy good lightweight black dress, and this gorgeous gauze, long coral dress

A Reason to Celebrate

target dress

Mirror | Sandals | Purse

Last Sunday was the first time that we have been to church since early last March!

When we reached the 2-week mark of having our second dose of the Covid vaccine, we decided it was time to go back. Our church is having services in the gym. When you go in, you grab your own chair and spread out with your pod of people. I felt comfortable. No One tried to shake my hand which I was glad of. I did an elbow bump with our pastor. Bless his heart. He became our new pastor right at the start of the pandemic. It's the first time that I have met him in person. I believe that no Sunday school classes are being held to date.

I bought this dress on clearance at Target back in 2019 end of the season. This was the first time that I have ever worn it. It's no longer available, but Target is great for dresses. I bought the purse from Amazon 2 years ago for a cruise that we went on with the kids and friends. It's a good match with these sandals.

TIP: I have been buying these sets of shoe pads from Amazon and adding them into all of my wedges and heels. It makes the ball of your foot so much more comfortable. I don't wear heels often or for long periods. I'll wear them for a date night or church otherwise it's flats for me!

Help Me Decide


I need new glasses! You can see the video try-on from my Instagram Stories as well as polling results. Warby Parker has a free at-home try-on program where you select 5 frames at a time for 5 days. I think number 3 is now eliminated. I just can't decide. Let me know which one you like the best in the comments. Number 1 and 2 have been the polling favorite. 

A Little Funny


This is a horrible photo, but I snapped it quickly and quietly to not disturb sleeping beauty. Jack would fail miserably at hide and seek! 

He keeps us laughing. He is so funny how he moves around the house to new places to sleep. 

In the mornings, he drives us nuts with his in and out. He snacks and wants outside. Then he's crying to come back inside. He either jumps in the bedroom window or stand at the front door. He does this repeatedly for a couple of hours. Then stays inside to sleep for hours. He eats dinner around 6:30pm and wants back outside. He always sleeps inside at night. 

Updating Porch Cushions


This is a little peek at an upcoming post as well. This is an antique couch that we've had for about 23 years. I had to have these cushions made. I love the green but wanted to have a light option as well. I can't find off-the-shelf cushions for these. Having new cushions made would cost as much as just buying a new set of furniture. That's just not in the budget this year. 


Porch Cushion Covers

I'll be sharing more on this soon, but these stretch covers from Amazon did the trick for outdoor summer living. They are NOT made for outdoor use but have held up well on our covered porch. I used these all last summer. I washed them for the first time this week when we did the big porch clean. They washed beautifully with them spray treated for stain and a scoop of OxiClean powder. 

They aren't perfect. You can see the green on the backs. I'll be sharing in the upcoming post a work around for that.

I broke down and ordered a new rug for this area yesterday. I can't wait to get it from Boutique Rugs! 

outdoor rug

Isn't it pretty! The stripes will really change up the space. I think it will really coordinate well with the rug on the patio


I literally took these photos quickly this morning. Here is Jack in action on his way out after another bite of breakfast. 

We just turned our air conditioning on Thursday evening. It's still cool in the morning so Max opens all of the French doors in the morning to let the cool air in before the air starts to run for the day. The fan helps blow it in. We won't be able to do this much longer. I'll miss this though. 

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Have an amazing weekend!

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