sunniesI thought it would be kinda nice to just write a regular ole blog post


 Like in the old days.  One that isn’t a tutorial or an explanation or really categorized as anything.  Just an update.  A news feed.  A post you can read in under an hour (or even a fraction of one) and it just gives an update of our life in this moment.  I mean….you guys haven’t seen these faces around here lately…

Also I get questions constantly about things I listed on Instagram.  Things for sale, things that are great deals, etc.  sooooo this will also act as a weekly top 10 of things sold.  If you choose to click on one of those tiny affiliate links and purchase….well…thank you….because that is paying for the food in my kids mouth and the dentist thanks you because us Bowers have weak teeth and they make a killing off us


Ella’s Birthday.  Ella turned two.  I can hardly believe it.  It’s basically criminal.  And I love her to death but we are DEEP in the terribles.  She has a limited expressive vocabulary and it is causing some frustrations.  But when she is happy – oh man – it is the BEST.  She loves and cuddles and laughs and is so dramatic about how happy she is.  I just love it.  Also she is crazy picky about who she likes….so if you are one of the few….consider yourself blessed.  She said “egg” today….so that was exciting.  Max claimed he taught her that in the car on the way to preschool.

I’m really excited to do a little at home birthday party with her.  I still haven’t chosen a theme.  Maybe we should just do a snack party because that is her favorite things  

my top

September was a month full of trips for me.  They both were longer work trips – each four to five days!  


I spent some time in Santa Barbara for a conference and I went with a friend Jamie who is going to be working with me on an upcoming project.  It was so fun to get to know her better (she is a doll!) and I hope I get to pick her brain on all things photography because she is crazy talented!  

I also went to New York (another work trip) and they were both mentally and emotionally amazing.  I cried.  I laughed.  I thought more deeply about work and what I want this crazy amazing job to be for me.  I think that the personal connections were the most favorite part though.  I met some of the most amazing people that inspire me and I am ready to jump back into blogging and projects and sharing like I’ve never felt before.  

In New York, I attended my first ever Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker event.  I was able to listen to some really inspiring speakers and rub shoulders with some of the talented bloggers, instagrammers and influencers in our home decor world and I am really honored that I got to go! 

September was also a huge month for me when it comes to reflection.  Taking time to reflect on things is almost impossible these days.  Five kids all needing something, dog usually throwing up somewhere, and a husband that is distractingly hot….well….reflection is last on the list.  But I took a little time to really look into my behavior and my thoughts and my actions and it confronted me with something surprising.  

I have been acting a lot in fear lately.  Fear like a hurt animal.  It became weirdly clear that I was a little wounded.  (it sounds even wierd to me).  I think I’ve been thinking like a victim in one way or another due to A BUNCH of stuff and exposing this to the internet at large was in of itself…really scary.  I didn’t even want to talk about it here because I was afraid of judgement or mean statements.  OH Katie is complaining about something so trivial.  OH Katie is WOUNDED – cry me a river.  OH Katie is making a mountain out of a molehill.  It was all this narrative I played in my head.  I was holding back from processing whatever was going on in my real life because of fear.  But we can not let fear win.

I realized that I needed to just be able to speak my truth.  I think in general sometimes we all hold back because of fear of judgement or attack.  I know I did.  But I don’t want to be that girl.  I want to be able to say “This is where I’m at.  It’s not perfect.  But I’m working on it.” and I think there is great power in that.  So that’s me right now.  Mostly good….and a little not….but this was a huge step.  

Sports.  MAN – the kids are getting bigger and more involved all the way around and sports schedules are kicking our butt.  They seem to have tons of games and practices and snacks out the wazoo!  I might as well invest stock in Gatorade now!  But watching them out there – by George if that’s not the highlight of my day.  I LOVE IT.  They are so happy and excited to be with their friends and doing something they love and I am so filled up watching them do that.  And when their coach has a beard and them tight shorts….HOT DANG.

Last thing before we get to the top 10 – Fall is coming up quick and I’m excited for the cooler weather and the fall decor.  I think this year we want to share more and more and I am very very happy to have you along for the ride.  I want to tell you that yes, I turned off comments here on the blog and yes, it makes it easier for me – so thank you for understanding but if you want to tell me something – please follow me on Instagram and comment there or shoot me a DM.  I’m still here and I’m still sharing a whole whole lot….just want to let you know.  Now for the top 10.  

We share lots of finds on Instagram and Instastories and the top 10 is the way I can share the best of the best.  These were the most purchased and most loved items of the week.  

cami – jeans – shorts – bracelets

This cardigan was the top selling item this week.  I love it for summer and fall….it transitions great!  The price is good, prime and free returns!  Wearing a small (I always try to size down for cardigans).

hat – dress – cardigan

These boots were another fan favorite.  I got them because i love the cognac color and the knee height was great.  I’m gonna wear these all season long.  

skirt – boots – bracelet

This dolman shirt is from Forever 21 (!!!) and that means that the price is gonna be good and it is the most flattering for anyone with arm/tummy insecurities.  Flows super well away from the body!  Wearing a medium.

satin shirt – shoes – clutch – earrings

Got this leather skirt and it has quickly become a favorite of mine.  It would work well for work, date night and I even wore it with black hose and black booties to my mom’s birthday party  I sized down to a six (I’m normally an 8/10).  

I talked about this pasta pot on Instastories and some folks were like “YES I’ve had my pasta pot for 15 years!”  Umm….where the heck have I been?!  Oh right having kids.  This has been a game changer for us.  We Italians like our noodles and this has saved me a ton of time with it’s lid that acts like a colander.  No more washing more dishes and the size works well for big families. 

top – jeans – bracelets – sunnies

Snakeskin is the newest trend and I got these wild snake skin sneakers months ago and have been comparing them to all other snake skin sneakers to make sure I highly recommend these ones.  They are great.  I love the fit, the comfort, the pattern, the price… ones out there right now.  

I think I talk about this top every time I get online….it is just a dang good top.  Tie front, waffle knit, nursing friendly….the whole shebang.  Wearing a large.

The kids got these flying toys for presents and they are OBSESSED.  They plug in to charge, and you control them with your hand!!!  They simply toss up in the hair gently and then they start to hover….to move them, put your hand on the side or under and they fly in the opposite direction!!!  It’s so cool.  This would be the ultimate gift for kids who love remote control cars or drones.

On the rare occasion that there is an epic sale going on, I jump on stories and tell you about it.  The Loft sale did not disappoint and so many folks got this striped tunic sweater.  We are all blessed by this.

heels – bracelets

This dress was bought for my trip to New York but it didn’t come in time (literally missed it by an hour!)….but I might just hang onto it because HELLO.  It’s so classic and the rouching goes on both the front and the back.  The one shoulder is very flattering and the length is modest!  Overall – such a great LBD and the fact that you can’t tell I’m wearing spanx is icing on the cake!  Wearing a small.

And one little bonus find that I actually haven’t talked about much but they are in almost every outfit these days is THIS BRACELET.  Just like designer.  Under $10!!!

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