Thursday, Finally we are getting our loan!

      The bank called today and we are finally going to close on our loan.  I will be so glad when this is done.  You should see my desk piled high with bills and things I want to take care of.  I just need to know where I stand and get things paid back.  It will be such a relief to me.

     I attacked that pile of crappy alterations and it really did not take that long and was not that hard.  Why do I build things up in my mind to be so difficult when they are not?  Do any of you do that?  Make something bigger and worse than it is in your mind and put it off only allowing it to become and even bigger vice in your mind?  I used to do that all the time, but have gotten better over the years.  The habit seems to be creeping back in, probably due to just the circumstances of my life right now.

     Today it is a wedding dress and a few other things that I will get done, then onto my projects.  I think I will due one Nezperce skirt first and then get all my vests cut out for that wedding.

     Schmills was really tired after school and did not like it or want to go back. But too bad we all have a job and his job is school.  I am not worried he will adjust.  Most of it was just the baby keeping him up at night and then going hard all day too much for his little mind. We put him to bed earlier and I think that will help.

     Nathan is out gutting the poly coat on my new book shelf that he and Hubs built.  I am so excited to get this and it will be ready to put in it's spot tomorrow.  One more thing off the list.  The house is coming together. It is slow, but every day I try to get some little thing done. Yesterday Nathan got many things hung for me which was nice.  Love having a live in slave

     I need to call my Sissie and get to work.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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