Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 I completed another chart!  I am now on chart 6 so I think things are getting closer to normal here.  Well normal (a setting on your dryer).  I am abby normal. First of all I have knocked out 3 smaller debt payments and am working on a 4th.  It does make a difference in how much money I can sock away and pay toward debt. Saving, saving....

I was able to get 5 dresses altered yesterday, and started on another, however I had 3 more come in and another wedding dress. Hubs had to go to the school at 4:30 and Daughter needed me to watch Kelsa so she dropped a sandwich off to her dad as I would not be leaving the house with dinner.  Which means I did not have to cook!  I did P&J.  Dinner today will be what I was going to cook yesterday, so no thinking, which is good for me. Hubs is out fishing for the day.

I think a couple of Hub's sisters and a brother in law are due to visit in a few days.  SO I had better get this house really cleaned up and then I think, do any of these women work?  Have any of them ever had to pay all the bills and take care of everything?  No they have been totally taken care of and all they had to do is clean house, so if I leave it  a little messy, they can help me clean.  WHO's with me?  If the picture frames are dusty they can clean them. I do love my Hub's family and they have all had their share of problems, but the girls do not work.  Maybe a part time job here or there over the years, but very rarely.  I have been severely criticized for working.  I was supposed to live in poverty if their brother could not provide.  I wanted to much.  I have a little bit of jealousy and angst about this. Just sayin. It makes me nervous to have them here as I feel judged  And actually they are probably really not judging me at all.  It is all my own head's verbal vomit.  Anyway I digress.  I am happy to have them and I am nervous to have them. Hub's is super excited. Me not so much, more on the oh crap I hope I can pull this off mind set.

That being said, I need to really get caught up on the sewing (if I can so I can spend some time with them). I have four dresses I want to get altered today and then a wedding dress.  I know daughter is coming by to have me drive her somewhere as she takes her car in to have it worked on.  I will also have the kids tonight while she teaches.  Got to get my work done today.

Thrifty Thursday: 

1. saved all my spare change

2. saved all $5 bills now up to $805.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 dollar bill

4. saved money in two of my 100 saving envelopes

5. ate and cooked all meals at home except one and then brought home leftovers to eat for lunch the next day

6. no food waste, fed all scraps to the chickens

7. picked up free bread stuff from a give away

8. found .6 cents a penny and a nickle at Albertsons

9. used a coupon at Joanns for thread.

10. won free merch at Albertsons, water bottles 3, fruit cocktail, goldfish packages, vinegar, sparkling water, plus .50 off a few things I would normally buy

11. Found a skirt for my little missionary friend at goodwill brand new for $4.99

12.Bought potting soil for flower pots 5/10 on sale at Home depot, they have this sale once a year.

13. Brought out my wintered over geraniums to harden off, I think I save at least 3/4's of them and 3 spikes.

14. recovered cushions with sale material rather than buying new saved a ton of money

Did you do anything to save money this week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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