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Have you ever wanted to play the part of your favorite TV or movie character? It can be a lot of fun imagining yourself in these crazy, silly, or even bizarre situations our favorite characters get into. Unfortunately, we won’t get the chance to be that person in real life (other than in our dreams), but I did find a way to feel like your dreams are a little bit more of a reality. Thanks to TV Store Online, you can find a TON of cool gear from your favorite shows, movies, and more! TV Store Online sent me these goodies, so I could give you a taste of all the fun stuff they carry!

TV Store Online “started with a dream to provide everyone near or far with access to cult classic memorabilia with the click of a button. The love of pop culture and all of its genres (TV, Movies, Comics, Music) helped sprout this dream. TV Store Online developed from an idea to a reality starting in 2004 out of our basement.”And 15 years later, they have grown into a 42,000 sq ft warehouse with hundreds of thousands of retail products! There’s truly something for everyone here.

When I was little, like most all kids, I watched Mickey, Minnie, and all the classic Disney characters. I thought my daughter would get a kick out of me dressing like Minnie Mouse, so I had to get that! She was able to meet this fun mouse when we went to Disneyland a few years back and loved getting to see all her favorite Disney characters. This “Minnie Mouse Bodysuit and Skirt Costume Set” is too sweet! This is an officially licensed item! The bodysuit is really nice because it gives you a good fit with a smooth line for the skirt. No bunchy tops, or long baggy shirts that hide the cute design. Pair this outfit with black leggings or boots and get ready for a Halloween party. Or, have a fun dress up time at home with the kids!

Growing up I loved the TV show Saved by the Bell. All the characters were so much fun and the episodes always had a good message for kids. These California students were as cool as they could get and Zack and Kelly, were of course, the cutest couple. That’s why I couldn’t pass up the “Kelly Kapowski Bayside Tigers Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt”! It’s really cute and it’s an officially licensed item, too! I am totally channeling my 90’s self when I wear this!

Then there’s the one and only Zack Morris! The fun and crazy kid that we all loved watching get into mischief. But of course, he was a good kid and always made things right. This fun costume, called the “90’s Saved by the Stud Costume Bayside Jacket & Wig”, comes with a jacket that looks just like the real deal and a fun ultra blonde wig to complete this California kids look.

This Halloween is going to be so much fun! My husband and I are going as Kelly and Zack this year! Surprise hubster! Hehe. There is an abundance of really cool costumes, accessories, and so much more! You will find everything from your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Comics, Music, and Games! You gotta check out all they have to offer! You’ll be glad you did!

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Kids Halloween Holiday Home Reviews

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