Weekly Update, 5.13.2020

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Wearing headband // necklace // top // skirt // sandals
Hey guys! It’s week 9 of quarantine for me, I think. After getting dressed for the doctor’s office last week, I got sick of seeing myself in workout clothes and pajamas. I was talking to my best friend and she was telling me how every morning she got dressed for the day. I am not there yet, but I’m trying to do better on weekends. Even if I’m just going to be seating on the patio browsing instagram. I did it Saturday and it felt great, I also put my hair in a pony tail instead of my quarantine braids, and I kid you not, I got an instant headache. This is what I get for not tying my hair for 8 weeks. To be honest, this quarantine has done wonders for my skin and hair. Not stressing them on the daily has been really helpful for my hyperpigmentation and thin hair.
Since this quarantine started I have been shopping mostly for essentials, because, well I have no where to go. I have been tempted by the sales but didn’t cave. When I saw this top, I really wanted to try it, and it’s a keeper. It fits so well and will look great with my high waist jeans, dressed up or down.

That one I have in black and love, so I wanted the ivory as well. It hits right under the belly button.

So I follow this account, I was up for no reason at 4 AM one night and was browsing instagram. They posted this deal where you could get $140 worth of Armani beauty products for $38.5. I always wanted to try Armani foundation but didn’t want to pay $64, but through this deal I got the Armani Luminous Silk foundation and two maestro liquid lipsticks. I am wearing the foundation above in 13.25. I’m just wearing a thin layer applied with my fingers, using no filter, powder or concealer. I didn’t take pictures of the lipsticks but they are so much better than I expected. I think I may like them better than the Nars lip pigment, but I’ll have to wear it for a long period before I decide.
these hoops are the best!Cooking
I took it easy with the cooking this past weekend, I only did the minimum and didn’t cook anything fun or bake. I did make homemade fries, since watching Chef Ludo make then on instagram I’ve been obsessed. They are so good and so fresh. I actually did the exact same meal, Chef Ludo made twice and I felt like I was eating at a nice restaurant.
Nowadays, a show or movie has to be extremely entertaining for me to sit down and watch it. Never Have I Ever is everything. It is adorable and hilarious. It’s about a geeky girl, who’s determined to be cooler and date the hottest guy in her school, while being a good friend, maintaining perfect grades and deal with her grief. Good job Mindy Kalin.

Thank you for reading, so what are you up to?
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