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I admit that over the past year, I've bought some pretty weird things. Being stuck at home I've been both bored and enabled by the vastness of the internet. I have no idea when or where I'll get to premiere the deeply discounted patent leather pencil skirt I bought on impulse, or why I thought I needed three different sets of candlestick holders, but with each passing day, the lines between practicality and absurdity have blurred considerably.

That said, the vast majority of things I've bought or received this year have one thing in common: they bring comfort. (Even the aforementioned skirt, which is totally uncomfortable, but the thought of a world in which I might wear it feels so good.) Being stuck at home, I want all the loungewear, body care, good smells, and coziness money can buy (within reason, of course.)

As we approach the one-year anniversary of pandemic living, I asked #TeamMotherly what they bought this year to bring a little bit of comfort into their lives. And they did not disappoint. Check out their must-have comfy purchases below!

Sunday Citizen waffle shawl robe

With no need for real clothes, no traveling, and no going out, most of my discretionary spending this past year has been on things that bring spa vibes to my everyday existence. A girl can dream, right? This ridiculously cozy robe from Sunday Citizen brings all that and then some. The super-luxe fabric helps pull me out of bed while the shawl neck and longer length make drying off after a shower a total breeze.

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Jumby great big hug body balm

My kids and I have very sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and discomfort in the winter and spring. It's hard to find a product that moisturizes but doesn't irritate—at least it was until I tried Jumby! It's organic and gluten-free which I love, and it's made of an amazing assortment of natural oils. It's greasy at first but absorbs quickly, and we saw nearly instant improvement to our winter skin woes. Bonus: A little goes a long way, AND there are many several to choose from. My favorite is the Body Balm for Sensitive Skin, but I have to say the Bedtime Balm is pretty divine too.

Diana Spalding, Health and Wellness Director

Brooklinen super-plush bath towels

Is it safe to say here that I hadn't bought towels in a decade? Well, if the pandemic taught me something is that it was time to treat myself, so I got these super plush Brooklinen towels that are just a soft hug to your body. I can't go to a spa (yet) but at least I can sit wrapped in these for like 10 seconds before one of my kids barges into the bathroom requesting something from me.

Conz Preti, Content Director

Bellocq No. 18 Afghani chai tea

I'm no tea connoisseur, but the ritual of making chai has always brought me such calming comfort. This particular blend feels extra special and makes the entire house smell downright lovely. I'm partial to milk and a healthy dose of honey to make it as much like dessert as possible.

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Lululemon align pant

I've been obsessed with these Lululemon leggings—and they come in a short size for us petite women! They're insanely comfortable and fit perfectly in all the right places, without digging into my post-baby belly. Perfect for working from home!

Brittany Pettit, Operations Manager

The Dad Hoodie

This one is a rec from my husband who has not stopped wearing this hoodie since I got it for him. He hates diaper bags but is also the stay-at-home parent looking after our twins, so this seemed like a genius idea (spoiler: it is). But beyond the genius idea of being able to carry everything you need for a baby without a bag, the hoodie is super soft and surprisingly stylish. 10/10 times he's worn it I've commented on how handsome he looks. So, there you have it.

Conz Preti, Content Director

Lola essential oil period roller

Let me preface by saying, I'm not generally inclined to look to essential oils to cure anything. I love a good diffuser scent and will gladly slather them all over myself in an attempt to smell divine, but that's about it. So of course I was a tab bit dubious about a blend that promised to soothe cramps on contact. I'm pleased to report the comfort is real. After rolling a generous amount across my lower belly, I went about my business and realized hours later I never even took my customary ibuprofen.

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Dearfoam mama bear buffalo check clog slipper

Since I haven't worn real shoes in a year (thank you Crocs) and have a new rule of no outside shoes in the house (because crawling babies and muddy footprints are not a good match), I got these slippers that are both cozy and incredibly comfortable. I'll be all dressed up with nowhere to go and also wearing these regardless of whether they match my outfit. Speaking of matching, you can get them for your entire family to match (hello Holiday card 2021, it's never too early).

Conz Preti, Content Director

Softwear grey tie dye pullover 

I haven't yet worn all the sweatshirts on the planet, but I can say with a great amount of certainty that this could be the best. The fabric is unlike any I've ever worn, likely because it's made from a proprietary blend of modal, cotton and spandex that is nothing short of heaven. It's bouncy and buttery soft and washes like a dream without pilling—and if the feel alone weren't impressive enough, it's also sustainably produced in the US.

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Extract Labs deep CBD bath bomb

Granted, it's not like I'm doing much more than taking the occasional dog walk these days, but typing away at the computer for hours isn't doing my aching body any favors either. To mitigate, I've taken to a new bath ritual every once in a while. My favorite? This beauty, which is packed with essential oils, flowers and CBD to offer up the most indulgent and comforting bath you can imagine. Relaxing amongst the petals while the soothing blend unfurls feels downright indulgent and the infusion of CBD definitely offers an added dose of goodness for my muscles.

Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Everyday California corningstones sweats

If I'm being super honest with everyone, this past year has not been known for my eddy outfits. It was more about seeing when and if I could take a shower and put on clean clothes. The majority of my time was spent in comfy sweatpants like these Everyday California ones that are currently in super heavy rotation.

Conz Preti, Content Director

Allbirds tree runners 

You know what goes well with sweats? Sneakers that are so comfortable you don't have to work out in them to feel better (although they are technically made for running, so if that's your thing, do it!). I love these because they are easy to put on and off, which is key when I have to do most things with one baby in arms.

Conz Preti, Content Director

Happy Labs CBD

Happy Labs crushes it with convenient compact portable packaging and engaging copy! I am currently testing the Pick Me Ups during the week and the Chill Pills on the weekends, though I have taken them at night occasionally and have found them to be quite effective—and, again, convenient!

Anne-Marie Gambelin, Editor

Nicole Miller universal love crew neck sweater

In this gray year I've needed some pop of color, and this sweater is exactly that. Playful, soft, and super stylish. It's like Nicole Miller looked into my brain and came up with exactly the thing I've been dreaming about since I was a teenager.

Conz Preti, Content Director

Moonpals weighted stuffed animals

Because a pandemic wasn't enough stress, my toddler also had to go through surgery (and a brutal recovery) this past year. One of the things that really help him be more comfortable is his Moon Pal who he adorably named Purr. Moon Pals are weighted stuffed animals that help children relax like a weighted blanket would. They come with a fun book that tells the origin of the Moon Pals. Purr really helped my son in the days prior to surgery to sleep better, and gave him comfort as he was recovering from it.

Conz Preti, Content Director

Tea Collection sea garden peel and stick wallpaper

Since we are constantly staring at the same four walls, we decided to spruce things up with wallpaper. We started with our powder room and the upgrade was so significant that then we moved to other rooms in our house. The kids' room got some fun TEA collection x Wallshoppe paper as accents, to make their room more fun and creative.

Conz Preti, Content Director

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