When it comes to fashion, sometimes “normal” just doesn’t cut it


If you find that your old wardrobe isn’t suiting you anymore, it may be time to reevaluate the way that you define your individual style and try something a bit more edgy.

“Edgy” style doesn’t have an easy definition. Instead, it refers to any trend that pushes the envelope, whether it be through adopting elements of subculture, gender-bending ensembles, or the addition of alternative elements. Here is a selection of outfit ideas for men and women who are looking to challenge their personal style. 
Edgy Outfits for Men 1. Edgy casual outfits @kluth.steven@wi_tobi@shaileshrathore7
Just because you’re on the lookout for edgy menswear, doesn’t mean that you can’t also keep it casual. To keep things easy-going, opt for simple staples like ripped jeans, sneakers, and graphic tees. When in doubt, lean on nondescript colors like white, grey, and black. An investment in a great pair of white sneakers of black pants can go a long way in allowing you to look put-together while also maintaining an edgy look.

2. Classy edgy outfits @rocketmorton77
The word “classy” may bring up ideas of fancy suits and ballroom wear, but you can still pull off a sophisticated look while aiming for an edgy style. To add an unexpected pop to a classy look, try experimenting with a funky patterned dress pant or an ornamental necklace.

3. Edgy leather jacket outfits @jules.exe@damiankrzemien_fit@unbrokenkicks222
One of the best things about a leather jacket is how it can easily be incorporated in so many different styles and preferences. However, there is no denying that a classic jacket feels most at home in an edgy style. An authentic leather jacket can be a great investment as it will last for many years and be of a high quality.

However, for those on a budget, secondhand and synthetic leather jackets can also do the trick. No matter the material, leather jackets look great with skinny jeans. Plaid pants also go particularly well with leather outerwear.

4. Edgy ripped jeans outfits @narendrasonkar07@zanderxblue@thisisgabrielefranza@albisgl@makenziehaleyphotos@_philross@albisgl
We couldn’t have a list about edgy style without featuring some classic ripped, or distressed, jeans.

Ripped jeans started to become popular sometime in the 1980s when they popped up in the hard-rock and punk scenes. Before this time, distressed jeans were mostly associated with need than they were choice — in fact, it would have been unusual for anyone to purposefully wear damaged jeans out of choice.

However, today ripped jeans are seen as a fashionable and unique clothing item and fit very well within an edgy fashion profile.

5. Edgy sneakers outfits @fuckinganalise@manu.frnk@timaabergh
When we talk about a personal style profile, it isn’t all about which shirt or jacket you’re wearing — shoes are an important way to express yourself, too. Sneakers are an edgy choice for men who find that their edgy sensibilities can’t be completely expressed through their clothes.

Edgy sneaker choices can range from casual styles (like high-tops or canvas shoes) or athleisure-inspired running shoes. To look for something a bit different, look for shoes in vibrant colors. You can also tame a bold outfit by using a pair of neutral-colored sneakers.

Edgy Outfits for Women 1. Edgy combat boots outfits @soulful_seams
It’s well-understood that combat boots are associated with edgy outfits and punk style, but where did this association come from? True to their name, combat boots were originally designed for use by soldiers during battle or training before they were picked up by certain subcultures, such as street style and grunge.

While they’ve become more and more mainstream, incorporating combat boots into your look can help you stand out among the rest, especially if paired with other edgy elements such as ripped jeans or a bomber jacket.

2. Edgy denim outfits @authentically_beyoutiful@andreazaplatilkova@leanncaves
Everybody loves denim, and there are many ways to wear one of the world’s favorite fabric types. Although we already know that denim makes great pants and jackets, there are other approaches to jean material that exist if we only think outside the box.

Push your fashion limits with a trendy denim romper, or add some extra distressing to your pair of favorite jeans.

3. Edgy dress outfits @anaxmolina@isabell_alexa
Just because you are aiming for an edgy style doesn’t mean that you can’t also be feminine. Wearing a dress, whether long or short, can allow you to express yourself while also embracing some of the most flattering trends in the world of female fashion.

Try looking for polka-dot dresses, or dresses with a sheer layer. Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite pair of combat boots.

4. Edgy grunge outfits @iamdaniellemaas
Grunge fashion styles and edgy fashion styles may seem to go hand in hand, but there are a few factors that differentiate the two. While edgy fashion can refer to any outfit type that pushes beyond mainstream fashion choices, grunge was a particular subculture that emerged out of the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990s.

To easily get that classic women’s grunge look, try adding a pair of fishnet stockings or a splash of color to your edgy outfit.

5. Edgy leather jacket outfits @bellahibbs@parmidahamzeh
We mentioned that leather jackets are a good choice for edgy men, but it’s important to mention that leather jackets are an excellent fashion choice for women as well.

As is the case for men, women’s leather jackets make a versatile wardrobe item as they can be paired with a variety of pant and shirt styles. Even though leather jackets give off an instant edgy vibe, you can complete the look with a high-rise boot and skinny jeans.

6. Edgy sneakers outfits @wandering.in.style@preciselyrose
It’s odd to think of sneakers giving off an edgy vibe — after all, they are a staple for athletic and preppy styles, which seem like the opposite of edgy. However, if worn correctly, sneakers can produce an unexpected effect.

Try choosing a classic canvas sneaker or tennis shoe and pairing it with overalls, a flannel shirt, or even a leather skirt or pants. Not only will the effect be casual and unpredictable, but you will also be comfortable, too.

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