When we first started staying at home, and isolating from friends and everyone, 4 weeks ago, I knew that it was time to embrace Zoom

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I did not hesitate to sign up for the over 40 minute package because there were enough constraints to deal with already.

With no idea how often I would use it, or that it would even be user friendly, I did know that as an extrovert, face-timing wasn’t going to cut it. I was hoping for easy access to family time, friend time and to try out things I hadn’t even imagined.

And, I haven’t been disappointed by the Zoom technology. I love the ease of setting up calls and have even launched a writing workshop without a hitch.

But, Zoom brings out some funny behaviors which could even be seen as opportunities for improvement. The collective of zoom participants presents a great sociological panoply of personality traits that are so fantastically transparent that I cannot resist writing about them.

These are a few of my observations but, I’m sure you have more and invite you to share in the comment section below.
Online Class Flunky Video Bloopers: I’ve learned to turn video off in yoga class and I wish others would too. Have you ever noticed someone texting on their yoga mat, or even clipping their toe nails. I have. What if you have to leave the room to pee…who needs to know? Extroverts Dilemma: The other night we were zooming with some dear friends, one being an indisputable extrovert. As the conversation became ever more animated, he started pushing his face so close to the screen appearing to move through it until his wife put a virtual seat belt on him. The truth is, apparently I was doing the same. Pretty funny. Extroverts can run but they can’t hide! Zoom Gorgers: Meeting up for cocktail zooms doesn’t mean shoving food in your face during the entire session. We get that comfort eating is essential now but do we have to watch? Frankly, I think I ate the entire wedge of Jarlsberg during our zoom cocktail the other night and wasn’t the slightest bit aware I had been chowing and chatting for the whole hour until my friend said, “So I thought you had given up dairy.” “F##ck no!” In fact, processed food, in particular, has become essential. Over Connected : I emailed a friend to find a zoom time for cocktails and she suggested 8 days from now? I swear I had not one iota of FOMO about who else was on her Zoom rotation, but I did wonder….do people “DO IT EVERY NIGHT”? Clueless Camera Angled (Crotch Shot Risk): So, by now we should all be aware that where you place your lap top for Zooming matters. The other night we had a couples Zoom party and we all had a fantastic giggle realizing our BA50 friend’s camera was zeroing in between her legs and into her husband’s crotch as well…when wearing a mini-skirt or shorts — think twice please! We have to look at you! Bored Participants: “Hello, Am I BORING You? Do you have to be so obvious.” Walking away from zoom screen to start cleaning and cooking gives us the feeling that you are “just not that into us.” It’s ok, that’s what the speaker phone is for. Unless perhaps you would like to give us some cooking lessons. Over Talkers. How do you know when it’s your turn to talk or to stop talking? Do you know how to pick up your Zoom cues> You will be notified pretty quickly if you are an Over Talker. It’s so much more obvious on Zoom. Perhaps Zoom is an opportunity to practice your active listening skills .
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