Wondering how to wear rain boots? April means April Showers and of course, in Vermont, it also means mud season


Starting at the end of March and going through until about the middle of May, I don’t leave the house without my rain boots. 

How to Wear Rain Boots

It’s too warm for snow boots and I don’t want to get mud all over my good boots. But, it’s too messy for my favorite athletic shoes or flats. The solution is a stylish pair of rain boots that are easy to clean and waterproof. That way, I can show off my style without destroying my other pairs of shoes. Rain boots are generally waterproof so you can wipe off the mud easily and keep your feet dry when you go outside. 

Traditional or patterns?

As an adult, I always feel like I should be practical in my wardrobe selections, and I am most of the time. I’m all about classic navy, black, and khaki. They’re great wardrobe basics to build your style around. That doesn’t mean you won’t find me throwing in some fun bursts of color with the rest of the clothes I wear. I love these gorgeous Hunter boots.

Do you wear shoes in your rain boots?

You only wear shoes in your rain boots if you have galoshes. Otherwise, your rain boots will be worn like you wear any other type of boot. You can bring traditional shoes with you in a bag to change when you get where you’re going if you want to.

Are you supposed to wear socks with rain boots?

Yes, you generally wear socks with rain boots. Rain boots are generally a bit larger than traditional boots. So, you have plenty of room to wear socks. Avoid wearing short socks as you may end up with blisters that way. You can always change your socks when you put your shoes on if you need to.

Rain boots outfit ideas

Simple style – The easiest way to wear rain boots is with a pair of leggings, tall socks, an oversized t-shirt or sweater, and a fun hat. Go for a warm hat if it’s cold out or choose a cute hat to keep the sun off your face if it’s hot.

Skirt and sweater – Don’t be afraid to pair your favorite skirt and sweater with a pair of funky rain boots. A solid print skirt and cable knit sweater would be a perfect match for a pair of rain boots in a bold pattern or floral design.  Choose a solid color pair of boots if your outfit is patterned.

A springtime dress – A beautiful white lace dress and a fun pair of bright yellow rain boots would be a great way to welcome spring! Add in an oversized umbrella and you’ll have the ideal April shower outfit. I love the designs on these Nomad Boots.

Jeans and a poncho – I love jeans because they are so comfortable and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with a colorful rain poncho (or knit poncho in the cooler weather) will keep you stylish and dry!

Classic black – If funky isn’t exactly your thing, you can always choose a pair of classic black rain boots and pair them with your favorite black leggings and sweater for a more professional or toned down look.

How do you wear rain boots when you go out in the rain? Now that you know how to wear rain boots, don’t forget to choose a stylish umbrella!

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