40 Times Brides Decided To Make Their Own Wedding Dresses And Looked Beyond Stunning

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Americans spend on average $33,391 on their wedding day. And while most lovebirds are willing to pay $540 on average for the cake, the wedding gown can set them back $1,509. If the pair are high spenders, the budget for the dress can soar up to $3,158, according to a study by The Knot.

No wonder so many brides these days are looking for smart alternatives when it comes to looking their best on the big day. Whether it’s due to saving some money or wanting to come up with their own dream design, some very talented women are taking the matter into their own hands.

From a $50 thrift store dress transformed into a jaw-dropping wedding gown to knitting their own dress on the bus on the way to work, these are some of the most inspiring looks from superwomen with mad arts and craft skills.

#1 I Knitted My Lace Wedding Dress On The Bus On The Way To Work. It Took 5 Months And Less Than $30 To Create This Beauty

Image credits: alkikat

#2 I Made The Dress. I Did That From Scratch With Two Hands

Image credits: themanifestdestiny

#3 Made A Non Conventional Wedding Dress! V9296

Image credits: reddit.com

Making your very own wedding dress you’ve dreamed of is not for faint-hearted brides. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. The sewing fanatic and blogger Charlie, who has done it, warned everyone that “All romance aside, it’s quite a tedious, sometimes boring, sometimes frustrating process.”

It turns out, the actual fun of seeing your dream dress come to reality was nowhere around until 3 months before the big day. “Imagine not having seen yourself in a dress and it’s already 8 weeks before the wedding,” Charlie recollected in her blog.

If you choose the path of DIY-ing your wedding gown, you may have to come to the understanding that you won’t get to see yourself in a dress for way longer than you’d like. And it can be nerve-wracking.

#4 I Fell In Love With A Dress, But It Cost $2,200, So I Decided To Make The Same One Myself. I Used Scotch Tape And A T-Shirt To Make A Mannequin, And Bought 26 Ft Of Silk And Lace. Here’s The Result

Image credits: ChocolateCookieAndFudge

#5 I Just Love How My Dress Turned Out

Image credits: jack.stitch

#6 I Diyed My Wedding Dress From Olive-Nets

Image credits: saranenadiy

Charlie suggests giving yourself a fair amount of extra time in case something goes wrong. Count all the unexpected breaks, mistakes, and moments you’ll need to slow down and give yourself a moment to think. Imagine facing multiple doubts, like pattern, decor, length, cleavage, texture, etc. and you’ll see that nothing goes according to plan, no matter how well prepared you are.

Another great tip is to “Decide on a design early on and try not to change your mind.” Sticking to what your gut is initially telling you may be key to actually accomplishing your goal.

Also, always think of buying extra fabric even if you’re sure you won’t need it. Miscalculations happen and it’s best to not try and avoid them, but be ready to tackle them with solutions.

#7 One Year Ago Today, I Got Wear This Beauty ? It Took Me A Whole Week Of Sewing 12 Hours Per Day To Finish This One, But I Am So Glad I Took On This Challege

Image credits: sewingjulieblog

#8 My DIY Thrift-Flipped Wedding Dress

Image credits: thesarcasticginger

#9 I Made My Wedding Dress. I Wanted Something Unique That Would Really Suit Me, And It Turned Out Great

Image credits: moment444

The last tip from Charlie is to “stop comparing your dress to others once you start on your project.” Not only is it unhelpful, but those thoughts can become really draining, especially if you start thinking someone else’s dress is better than yours.

In the end, it’s not really about the dress, but rather about the commitment you put into creating something as beautiful as your love you are going to marry. And this is the most precious thing you can think of.

#10 DIY Wedding Dress

Image credits: drago.chan

#11 This Dress Is The Star ? And She Did It Herself After Seeing It On Pinterest. Congrats

Image credits: lauraekmakeup

#12 'celine' Wedding Gown With Built-In Corset

Image credits: NedaNiquie

#13 I Worked On My Outfit For 8 Months With The Help Of Online Courses. It Didn’t Work Out Perfectly, But I Did It, And This Is The Most Important Thing!

Image credits: itskelsie

#14 Handmade Wedding Dress

Image credits: mmadalynne

#15 The Biggest Project I've Ever Worked On In My Life, My Wedding Dress! This Dress Was The First Dress I've Ever Made And Was Constructed Over The Course Of 2 Years. It Has Around 60k To 70k Individually Hand Strung Sequins. I Hand Drew The Entire Dress Pattern. [self Drafted]

Image credits: uknowwhoiiam

#16 Back In 2015 When I Was Making This DIY Wedding Dress Of Mine, Naked Lace Was (Or Was Becoming) A Thing

Image credits: prettynothingsco

#17 My Wedding Dress. Holy Moly This Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Made. I Just Love It Beyond Words.

Image credits: kaleidoscopekatie_

#18 Handmade Wedding Dress

Image credits: Jaczingle

#19 I Sewed A Wedding Dress Out Of Sweatpants...

Image credits: jennaphipps4

#20 [vintage Simplicity 2442] My Wedding Dress

Image credits: sewballet

#21 [self Drafted] Last Time I Shared My Wedding Dress, But I Added A Last Minute Touch! It Was Magical

Image credits: romeroj

#22 [self Drafted] I Made My Own Wedding Dress. It May Not Be Perfect But It Was Just What I Wanted

Image credits: Sapphoshouseofcake

#23 This Beautiful Bride Made ?? Her ?? Own ?? Dress ?? And It Was Absolutely Gorgeous On Her!

Image credits: alyssa.whalen

#24 I Spent At Least 100 Hours Working On My Outfit And Felt Great In It! I Think My Husband And I Looked Fantastic

Image credits: kateful

#25 [fo] Wedding Dress (Loosely Based On By Hand London Kim Dress), Details In Comments

Image credits: Pioneeress

#26 Making My Own Wedding Gown Was A Dream Come True For Me

Image credits: savannah.quie.erdahl

#27 I Sewed A Wedding Dress With The Help Of Videos Online. There Is A Lot Of Handmade Work Here

Image credits: ladyithis

#28 Finally - This Dress. I Am So Glad I Was Somehow *overly* Confident Enough To Make My Own Wedding Dress

Image credits: craftswoman.al

#29 Still Soo In Love With My Selfsewn Wedding Dress

Image credits: m.e.i.l.i.s

#30 Synne With Her Elegant And Down-To-Earth Wedding Dress That She Made Herself With The Help Of Her Mother-In-Law

Image credits: lysbilderlongva

#31 She Created Her 2020 Dress Masterpiece From Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

Image credits: pocono_sew_and_vac

#32 I Made Myself Both A Wedding Dress And An Outfit For My Husband. We Wanted A Celebration With Forest Fairy Aesthetics. And This Is What We Got

Image credits: gesasage88

#33 After Some Blood, Sweat, Burn Holes, Major Resizing, And A Million Other Little Sewing Snafus - I Made My Own Dress

Image credits: brasscreative

#34 So My Sister Got Married This Weekend And I Designed/Made Her Gown?

Image credits: july281990

#35 I Made Two (!) Wedding Dresses

Image credits: jenovianti

#36 Finally Pictures Of My DIY Wedding Dress

Image credits: studybreakmakes

#37 Sirja Made Herself A Wonderful Wedding Dress That Charms With Her Personality

Image credits: eurokangas

#38 One Year Ago Already! I Sewed My Own Wedding Dress...and It Almost Made Me Crazy!

Image credits: camimadepatterns

#39 Updated A $25 1986 Wedding Dress To My Dream Dress. Details In Comments.

Image credits: FakeBeccaJean

#40 I Poured My Soul Into This Wedding Dress

Image credits: stephloveshandmade

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