Are you looking for the season’s most stylish water fashions? If you haven’t already, people will be heading out for the afternoon on their boats any day now


And, you’ll want to be stylish and comfortable on the water.

Water Fashions 
So, what are water fashions? Water fashion can mean resort wear or boat wear. But, basically, it’s clothes you’ll be wearing while lounging around the water. Or, the clothes you wear while taking in the sites. That could mean designer swimsuits, skorts, or even a casual summer dress. 
How should I dress for a boat ride?
If you’re opting for a casual look, a pair of dressy shorts and a lightweight shirt is perfect. Add a cute pair of strappy sandals and a raffia tote and you’re all set for the weekend. If you’re worried about the sun, a simple visor is stylish and practical.
What is boat casual attire?
When it comes to the yacht club, boat casual generally indicates a collared shirt and a pair of khaki shorts or slacks. Tennis whites are also usually acceptable. Avoid torn or frayed jeans and anything too casual.

Skorts are one of my favorite types of water fashions. They are comfortable, modest, and easy to wear. They’re slightly dressier than shorts but much easier to wear than a skirt. Opt for a skort in a basic color like khaki or navy to mix and match with your other summer favorites. Check out the selection.
When it comes to water fashions for boating, capri pants are a great choice. Capri pants are longer than shorts but not as long as pants. They can be form-fitting like leggings or looser like trousers. You can easily dress them up with a linen jacket or keep it casual with a cotton shirt. Capri pants are a wonderful choice if you expect the day to be cool. See your options here.

Bermuda shorts
Bermuda shorts are longer than skorts but shorter than capris. They come in a wide variety of different materials including denim, linen, and cotton. There are so many different styles that it’s easy to keep it casual or dressy with these. See the styles here.
Swimwear water fashions
If you plan on being on the boat, you may simply want to stay in your swimsuit. If that’s the case, when it comes to water fashion, opt for a coverup if you plan on heading into town or even docking on the beach and going to get a cold drink. You can opt for something casual like a sarong. Or, a longer coverup can look almost like a casual dress. This one is stunning.

Warm water fashions
Of course, it’s not always warm on a boat. Once you get out away from land, the temperature often drops and the wind picks up. If you want something to keep warm with while you’re boating, you should consider dressing in layers. A waterproof, windproof jacket like this one is a perfect choice.
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