Google Lens Brings Style Inspiration To Shoppers

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With a redesign of Google Shopping, the platform is receiving multiple new features such as options to track prices, shop local stores and come across style inspiration via Google Lens. The smart image recognition technology of Google Lens can already aid in identifying objects, finding similar items and translating text, according to reports. 

With an image of an outfit that consumers like, Google Lens can now pull up other “style ideas” from the internet. Those concepts are geared toward showing consumers how others are wearing a particular item instead of merely showing matches of similar products. Consumers who find a skirt on social media, for instance, can make a screenshot. They can use Lens to see how other consumers have been photographed wearing the same article of clothing.

The feature isn’t only for pictures of new clothes posted on the internet, as users can also take a photo of an item in their closet or on a store rack. According to reports, “it’s also clearly meant as a challenger to Pinterest.” That social media platform has been bolstering its image recognition technology. Its newest efforts include the rollout of a “shop” tab that is meant to feature products.

Users on Pinterest many times will look around the website for inspiration on what to wear (and how to wear it), where to travel and how to decorate their homes. The social media platform’s challenge is linking the inspiration searching with the process of checkout.

In separate news from July, the new Google Shopping homepage is live in the U.S. after testing around the globe since last year.

The new shopping experience rolled out by Alphabet’s Google focuses on browsing as well as personalization. The revamped experience was unveiled in India before rolling out to France in March. Users are greeted with “Let’s go shopping” with a price tag logo and a “What are you looking for?” search field.

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