How to Choose the Best Shoes

Shoes are the most used accessory. No outfit can be worn without a matching pair of shoes. Shoes should always be comfortably sited for the wearer for her to be able to freely walk and admire everyone with her graceful gait. That being said, shoes should fit your foot perfectly. Needless to say, it is very important to always opt for high quality shoes so that your feet breathe well.

There are different types of shoes, varying from heels to flats. Depending on what type of an outfit you are going to wear, the shoes should accordingly correspond to the style to compliment your look.

A clever person always has different shoe styles at home for every occasion. Some even have a weakness for this beloved accessory, consistently filling their wardrobes with newest shoe trends. Others, however, stick to one single style unless it gets completely worn out.

Lets view the different styles of shoes and see which of them are most comfortable to wear, with what outfits certain types of shoes can be worn and where.

Types of Shoes



A flat is one kind of foot wear every girl should certainly have in her wardrobe. They are very comfortable to wear. Flats can ideally match both jeans, light and loose everyday dresses, maxi dresses, and shorts. You never get tired of these shoes since once wearing them you feel like you are still at your home in slippers. Note, if you opt for this style, make sure the flats have a hard base to protect your feet from feeling a stone or any other sharp pieces every time you step on the ground.


If you always have to visit different special events and always look elegant and classical, then pumps are what should prevail in your shoe collection. Pumps come in different variants with open toes, peep toes, pointy toes, round toes, almond toes or square toes, and with heels of any height, so try several of them to see which ones make your feet feel comfortable.

Pumps are an ideal choice for suits, evening dresses, for a business look, skirt suits, and so on. Depending on what type of an activity you are going to take part in, pay attention to the heels. If it is formal, business meetings opt for medium heels. For evening looks, extremely high-heeled pumps can be picked.


The best sportswear that each of us has in our wardrobe is definitely sneakers. These comfy shoes are worn when working out, running in the morning or going hiking or whenever you are a tourist. They really work well for those who spend much time walking, especially on uneven places like on the mountains, in the forests and so on. A nice sporting outfit or an ordinary t-shirt paired with casual shorts is an ideal outfit to combine with sneakers.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes can be classified in the sneakers type, since they are mostly sportswear shoes. However, in todays fashion world, canvas shoes even come on heels thus creating a new casual style for girls. However, this type of shoes is mostly appropriate for informal and casual everyday use. Teens especially love this type of shoe.


The typical high heeled shoes with a thin and long heel are very much loved by women. Their height can vary from 1 to 8 inches. The small heeled ones are called kitten heels. They can come in razor sharp pointed toes. This slim Italian style of a shoe is really very trendy and accepted among women.

Snow/Rain Boot

They protect your feet from the snow and rain without letting the latter pass through the material of the shoes thus preventing your feet from getting wet. They come in different styles, colors and patterns and are really very fashionable to wear. They resemble an ordinary boot with the difference that they are normally made of rubber.


A moccasin is usually made of deerskin or other soft leather. They are soft and flexible, and resemble flats. You can wear moccasins both inside and outside. Again they can be worn with jeans, loose pants and tights, paired with a top and a loose jacket.


These shower or beach wear is very light and comfortable. To avoid foot fungus, slippery surfaces a pair of flips flops can save you from the risk. They come in different colors, shapes and are really very convenient to wear.



Boots are the shoes worn in winter usually. They can come with or without heels and can be designed in a myriad of styles, such as classic, sporty or Cowboy.


These shoes with thick soles have a long history. They are a mixture of two styles. Platforms can have platform soles and stiletto heels.


These summer shoes are very comfortable in humid climate or for the summer season. The soles of the shoes are strapped to the wearers foot by straps generally over the feet and around the ankle. They can be both with low heels and high heels. So depending on what heels you choose you can go for both a casual outfit and a cocktail one.

Since we have already discussed the types of shoes, now lets focus mainly on the so much loved high heels, which are the most widely used types of shoes by most women and offer a variety of styles.

Types of High Heeled Shoes


These are the most widely used types of shoes that are accepted by all women. If not worn on an everyday basis, every girl certainly has at least one or two pairs of high heels at home for special occasions. These types of shoes normally have a heel of at least 2 inches. The height of the heels, however, varies from a kitten heel to extra high heeled ones. There are so many types of high heels. The majority of women chooses high heels rather than flats, as they tend to make you look curvier, sexier and taller. Besides, there is nothing better than to wear high heels with evening dresses or skirts. Heeled shoes come with various types of heels, such as stilettos, kitten heels, cone heels, spool heels and alike. So lets have a look at each type of high heels below.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are normal heeled shoes, only the height of the heel is lower, varying from 1.5 inches to 2 inches. Such heels more often appear on sandals. The best thing about kitten heeled shoes is that they look as elegant and feminine as normal heeled ones without giving extra height to tall women. It is very comfortable to wear so you can pick a pair for everyday use without fear that your feet will soon get tired on the heels.

Cone Heels

As the name already suggests, such heels are rounded. Normally, they are broader at the sole of the shoe, while going down they get narrower. The heel heights differ from low ones to towering high ones.

Prism Heels

These are kind of triangle heels, as they feature three sides. However, this type is not so comfortable to wear for long periods. Your foot easily gets tired on such a surface.

Wedge Heels

Unlike normal heels, wedge heels go from the front part of the sandal to the back, becoming thicker at the back than the front part. This type can easily be worn with jeans. They make you taller, slimmer; however do not make your feet feel uncomfortable. This type gives the impression of wearing flats indeed. This is especially the perfect pick for those who want to elongate their figures, yet they are not used to thin heels. If you are just starting to switch from flats to heels, then this is the ideal choice for you to learn on.


Pumps are dressier and sexier shoes, which are usually low cut on the front part and feature a lovely pointed toe, either rounded or pointy, while the heels have the minimum height of 2 inches. The toe part can be open or closed. With a rounded toe you can be sure that your toes will fit comfortably since there is much space for them.

Sling Backs

Such shoes are similar to pumps, when it comes to the height of the heels and the front style. However, the back part of such shoes isnt totally covered, but instead features a strap, this way showing the rest of the heels.

How to Choose Shoes

Since you already know all the basic types of shoes, its time to learn some easy tips on choosing the right footwear for you. Whenever choosing shoes you should be attentive and examine the shoes carefully since it is intended not for a one time wear but is going to serve you for a season for example. No shoe will be worth wearing, despite its quality and value unless you feel comfortable in it. Think about your feet, care about your style and the manner of walking, which is mainly determined by the shoes and make the right choice. Pick the style and material that you like most of all. Take functional ones to serve the initial purpose of the shoes.

The most difficult part of a shoe choice is when you are choosing high heeled ones. Since the latter are already a little tricky with the heels, sometimes it is difficult to orient whether the latter is fitting you well or not. Unlike sneakers, flats or any other types which come on an even surface, these types demand a thorough examination.

Whenever buying high heeled pumps, for instance, pay attention to its being comfortable. Since they are on high heels, some women feel uncomfortable on them. However,when you pick the right pair of pumps, you will definitely benefit from your choice.

Here are other things you should pay attention to when choosing shoes:

Shop: Always make sure you visit a specialized shoe shop for your footwear. These types of shops really care about your feet and offer only good quality and durable comfortable shoes. Better pay a little more but have the best of the shoes.

Material:The most important thing to consider while choosing shoes is their material. Do not rush for fashionable ones only, without even studying the material, if you dont want to feel uncomfortable later on. Better take leather or suede. Leather tends to absorb moisture and doesnt let your feet sweat. Leather pumps with sexy high heels look fantastic for almost every occasion. And you can be on the safe side since they will last a great deal.

Fit: The pumps should fit you ideally. Wear both pairs together and start walking in the shop for some time to check how you feel in them. If you notice that your toes feel uncomfortable or the heels are not easy to walk on, better leave that pair and look for something else.

When you are choosing other types of shoes, always consider your toe position. Neither should there be too much room so that your toes jump back and forward every time you walk, nor should they be tightly pressed. Take an ideally fitting pair.

Size: Never take a tight pair, since you will not be able to wear it more than once. Know your exact size and you will pick the right pair. Always try on the shoes you buy, as the sizes can differ depending on the shoe style and the manufacturer Do not convince yourself that once they are of leather they will extend a little bit. Of course, it is logical that wearing pure leather shoes for some time the latter gets adapted to your foot shape and gets the ideal shape, however, never risk and rely on this detail. Till you reach this stage your feet may be in an awful stage already. Also remember that the size of your feet changes throughout seasons. In summer time you may be wearing a half size larger than in winter, when the feet normally gets thinner due to the cold. So pay attention to the season as well. Besides when buying winter boots take the ones that have a little spacious room since you are going to wear it with socks, or check the latter wearing socks.

Heels: Depending on what purposes you are choosing the pumps, consider the heels. If it is going to be an everyday one, thick heel is preferable. Most women opt for pumps with thin heels. Thin heels really look fantastic, but if you are overweight the latter will not handle your weight and you may even start walking with difficulty thus ruining both the shoes and your feet. Besides, such shoes arent that comfortable to be worn. So consider choosing broad heels. However, if you are slim enough, take a thin heeled one for special occasions.

Have a Change: Do not keep on wearing the same pump for a long time. Especially if it is your favorite one, it will be worn out soon. Making sure you keep your shoes in good condition will ensure that you always have great looking shoes to wear no matter where youre going! Since the latter adds a style, colors and elegance to your personality, get yourself several pairs to look both fashionable and stylish.

What Shoes to Wear With Certain Outfits and Where to Wear Them

Last but not least, always know what shoes to pair with certain outfits and where to wear them. Pay attention to the occasion, the time of the day, the season and also to how long you are going to wear them. For instance, if you are invited to a wedding party and it lasts quite long, take one pair of comfortable shoes with you, besides those glamorous heeled ones, as your feet may feel uncomfortable in them all the day long.

Its important to consider your job too. For instance, if you work at an office, you are to be always dressy and professional. Therefore, medium or high heeled shoes should be the dominant shoe styles in your wardrobe. You can certainly wear wedges too and very rarely flats, however, heeled ones are the most preferable style in this case. Also try to avoid too bright and printed shoes that attract lots of attention. For professional settings, always go for classic black or brown heeled leather shoes. You can also try other neutral shades, like cream or earthy tones. An inappropriate color will work only if you have a less strict dress code at the office.

If your job requires lots of movement, go for a more comfortable pair rather than heels. In this case, wedges will be the ideal style, since they are both comfortable and dressy.

In all the other cases, when you work in an informal place, you can go for the style you like. Flats, sneakers, sandals, anything will do.

On the other hand, if you have some informal meeting, like you have to go out shopping with friends, or you plan a trip to the mountains, to the country or to the beach, never go for those sexy heels, despite the fact that they look more feminine. You will definitely look ridiculous taking pains to walk properly on the sandy beach for instance.


When it comes to knowing the secrets of pairing the right shoes with your outfits, keep these style tips in mind:

Wear dressy shoes, that is heels or wedges, with dressy outfits, including an evening dress or a business attire. Flats or sneakers with an evening dress will look just fatal. Try to be maximum elegant and feminine on special occasions and at the office.

With casual outfits, you can go for almost any style. Just consider the style of your dress or pants, try on a few pair of shoes to see in which one you feel more comfortable and stylish. With jeans, for instance, you can wear both high heel shoes and flats: in the first case you will look sexier, while in the second one more innocent and girlish. With miniskirts too, you can go for any style, sandals, heeled shoes, wedges or flats. Just determine the look you are going to create and accordingly choose the right pair.

Pay attention to your walking skills too. Its definitely more feminine and seductive, when you wear high heel shoes, unless you know how to walk on them. If you are to wear heeled shoes for the first time, first practice on kitten heeled ones or wedges, and once you feel adapted to heels, little by little go higher. Youll never look sexy in a pair of heeled pumps, if you dont walk well on them.

When it comes to the color choices, try to be either creative or matchy-matchy. You can choose your shoes according to the color of your outfits, but never go for too strict color matching. For instance, a head to toe red look will look really unflattering and dull. Try to break the colors by going for anything matchy or contrasting. You can pick your shoes according to the color of your bag or belt for instance.

A great idea is also to color block. Choosing a pair of shoes in a contrasting color than your outfits will create a trendier and more confident look. Here, however, try to stick to the main color blocking rules, and work in the same color spectrum. Add zest to a plain outfit and break the monotony by going for bolder and brighter shades.

Last but not least, make sure you go out of house with clean shoes that are in a perfect condition. Worn out expensive shoes will never look cool! Get a new pair of stylish shoes every time you see a nice pair and satisfy your shoe lust! After all, shoes tell a lot about your personality and personal style.


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