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Can you believe that Halloween is a week away??  October has been such a busy month, and I’ll admit I only just now figured out our costumes for this year.  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays of the year, but I have to say that with kids, it’s 10000x more fun!  I was finally able to convince Adrian to get in on dressing up a couple of years ago, and our family Halloween costumes have since become a memory that my kids talk about all year long!

I wanted to share some throwback photos of our Halloween from years past and hopefully, it might give you a few costume ideas as well!  Everything I’m linking is available on Amazon Prime so with the 2-day shipping, you’ll still be ready in time for those Halloween parties and/or trick-or-treating!

The Incredibles
Mr. Incredible costume (also here) | Mrs. Incredible costume (also here and here)
Dash boy costume | Violet girl costume (toddler option) | Jack Jack baby costume (not shown)

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I took the kids to watch The Incredibles 2 movie last year shortly before Halloween so the choice to dress up as The Incredibles family was a no-brainer.  This was one of the easiest costumes to put together and actually were surprisingly warm as it provided head-to-toe coverage.  Plus it was definitely fun to act like “superheroes” for a night!
Disney’s Frozen
Elsa costume (girls option) | Olaf costume (similar, child option)
Anna girls costume | Kristoff boys costume (men’s option and here)

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Mei has been pretty obsessed with Disney’s Frozen and has always loved the Anna character in particular.  We had purchased the Anna outfit for her just for dress-up fun so coordinating a family Halloween costume idea around Frozen was a given.  Having Adrian dress up as Olaf was also one of the funnier moments and was unfortunately because adult Kristoff costumes were all out and/or $100+. But he was definitely a good sport and we all loved how the Olaf costume worked out!
girl skeleton pjs | similar boy skeleton pjs | baby skeleton pjs (not shown)
women’s skeleton pjs (not shown) | black satin pjs (similar)

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This costume idea works double duty as these pajamas would be great for just everyday! The kids love wearing matching pajamas when it comes to the holidays and these skeletons are one of their favorites as they actually glow in the dark too!
Toy Story
Buzz costume (mens option, love this inflatable option!) | similar Jesse costume (skirt option, women’s option)
Woody costume (boys option, accessory kit) | Little Bo Peep costume

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I’m actually kinda bummed we didn’t do a whole family Halloween costume idea around Toy Story but this would be so much fun to do — and timely given that Toy Story 4 just released this year! Dylan and Mei loved being Buzz Lightyear and Jesse, but there are so many characters in the Toy Story movie that it’s fun to pick your character for dress-up.
Where The Wild Things Are
similar baby carol costume | max costume (also here)

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The “Where The Wild Things Are” story is one of our favorites and this is another fun option especially if you have siblings that can pair up as Max and Baby Carol.


Do you have you costume figured out for Halloween yet?  

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