Restraint isn’t an issue when it comes to baby and toddler Halloween costumes costumes, ranging from dragons to sharks to witches to everything else your addled brain can dream up.


You want costumes that are, of course, as cute and Instagrammable as humanly possible. Because after all, you have a limited amount of time to publicly humiliate your child by dressing him as a duck or her as a rhino. Once you’ve satisfied your aesthetic needs, make sure the costume is easy to put on and take off, for any inevitable diaper changes. And bonus points if the baby and toddler Halloween costume is warm.
Best Baby Halloween Costumes and Toddler Halloween Costumes Baby Dalmatian Costume
Woof, there she is! Yes, parents, the cutest little baby Dalmatian costume.
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This cuddly little baby romper has the signature Dalmatian markings, and a hooded design that keeps your child warm.
Frozen's Olaf Toddler Costume
Just in time for the second installment of Frozen, we bring you this unspeakably cute Olaf Halloween costume.
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Have you ever seen a snowman this cute? No, really. The Olaf toddler costume includes a jumpsuit and the character headpiece.
Sozo Baby Caterpillar Bunting and Cap Set
This is a baby sleep sack that's actually a perfect costume. A caterpillar! We're sold!
Buy Now $30.00
This 100 percent cotton baby costume has a cap, foldover cuffs to prevent scratching, and a full zip front with snap closures for diaper changes.
Baby Cow Costume
Moooove over. This cow costume for babies is sweeter than warm milk.
Buy Now $17.18
This cow costume is a romper with non-skid soles, inner leg closures, and a headpiece that’s a-dairy-ble. Yes, we know it’s lame. No, we can’t help ourselves.
Baby Dog Costume
We love the two-piece style of this dog costume for babies and toddlers.
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Kids tend to overheat, so this two-piece canine costumer is a no brainer. Easy on, easy off. Plus, hands and feet aren’t covered.
Sozo Baby-Girls Newborn Mermaid Costume
What's sweeter than a newborn baby? A newborn baby dressed as a mermaid, of course.
Buy Now $26.94
This baby costume comes with bunting and a cap. It’s made of 100 percent cotton, and has a zip front with tab closures. Plus, it comes with mittens so your baby won’t scratch him- or herself.
IDGIRL Baby Duck Costume
This duck costume is super-soft, super-comfortable, and super-warm.
Buy Now $18.99
This roomy one-piece duck is costume zips up for quick diaper changes, and is warm enough to wear out during colder nights.
Baby Shark Costume
This kids' shark costume has a front zip closure, snap crotch for easy diaper change, and the requisite fin for reenacting Jaws.
Buy Now $25.99
The good news: This is one damn cute warm and cozy shark costume. The even better news: There’s no Baby Shark singing involved.
Baby Puppy Love Costume
The floppy ears alone sold us on this puppy baby costume.
Buy Now $20.95
This puptastic costume is a one-piece zippered jumpsuit, with snaps for diaper changes, and skid-resistant paws.
Carter's Baby Halloween Costume Rhino
If you don't fall in love with this baby rhino costume, you are truly dead inside.
Buy Now $39.05
Carter’s microfleece costumes wash and dry well, and don’t fall apart. Plus, you cannot argue with their level of total cuteness.
Warner Bros. Wonder Woman Costume
Showcase your child's superpowers with this Wonder Woman costume, which comes with a satin elastic gold crown headband.
Buy Now $27.99
Not only is this very topical, but this baby costume even comes with its own cape. As befitting a true superhero.
Disguise Story Book Toddler Witch Costume
Abracadabra! It's Halloween magic with this toddler witch costume, which has a ragged hemline and cuffs, and a green striped apron with a matching green striped underskirt.
Buy Now $29.93
We love the adorable black cat on the witch costume, and the witch hat gives it some magical vibes. Broomstick not included.
California Costumes Toddler Dragon Costume
If a fiery red dragon is more your vibe, get this smokin' one that comes with snapped-closure legs, an attached tail, detachable wings and character hood.
Buy Now $30.54
Just look at the feet (or, we mean claws) on this stupid-cute dragon costume. The level of detail is pretty extraordinary.
InCharacter Costumes Baby's Lil' Lobster Costume
If you love seafood, and you love sea creatures, get ready to fall in love with this baby crab costume.
Buy Now $47.43
This crab costume includes a lined zippered jumpsuit with lobster claw arms and attached lobster legs. It has leg snaps for easy diaper changes.
Toddler Fox Costume
This romper zips up for easy diaper changes, and once Halloween is over, turns into a fantastic playsuit or sleeper.
Buy Now $19.99
There’s nothing sly about this fox costume, which is plush, comfortable, and totally cozy.
Rubie's Shark Romper Costume
Admit it. You now have Baby Shark stuck in your head. You're welcome.
Buy Now $29.95
The shark costume is a full romper with a snap crotch for easy clothing and diaper changes.
Baby Fox Baby Infant Costume
What does the fox say? When your baby is wearing this Halloween costume, we're sort of at a loss for words.
Buy Now $20.12
Sly? Not even close. This fox is all cuteness, in this footed jumpsuit with an attached tail and a hood that snaps open and closed.
InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume
We're fresh out of puns. But all kidding aside, this dragon baby costume is 100 percent on fire.
Buy Now $30.78
You’ll be the father or mother of dragons when your kiddo is wearing this Halloween getup. You get a lined jumpsuit with a zipper, and a character hood with snap/hook-and-loop closure.
California Costumes Baby Girls' Crafty Lil' Witch Infant
This little baby witch is going to cast a major Halloween spell. Boo!
Buy Now $19.99
But seriously. This witch costume is ridiculously cute. And it comes with a damn pointy hat!
IDGIRL Baby Panda Costume
We love these fluffy zip-up costumes that also double as PJs. You can choose from a variety of animals, and thanks to the zipper, they're easy on, easy off. And they're crazy-warm.
Buy Now $18.99
Panda not your thing? Then opt for a fox, a pig, or a tiger. The costume zips right on and off. And yes, they even come in adult sizes (or so a neighbor told us).
Idgirl Yellow Duck Costume
Another zip-up costume option, this one quacks like a duck and looks like a duck and dammit, it is a duck!
Buy Now $18.99
The fabric is thick enough to keep your kid warm, but breathable enough that he or she won’t overheat. We won’t comment on the adorableness factor.
Peppa Pig Deluxe Dress Costume,
Oh dear! That is sure one badass Peppa Pig costume for your toddler.
Buy Now $32.08
It’s a dress! With a pig headpiece! And tulle! What more could any Peppa Pig fan want?
PJ Masks Capes and Masks
If you've got a houseful of PJ Masks fans, then get them these masks and capes, for some superhero antics.
Buy Now $9.99
Kids can represent their favorite character in these double-sided satin capes and felt masks.
Cow Costume
Moo! It's a cow! Who just won first place at the fair!
Buy Now $21.54
This cow costume includes a bubble romper, character hood with eggs and horns, leggings, booties, and of course, the shiny blue first-place ribbon.
Disguise Red Minnie Mouse Infant Child Costume
Wow, it's quite an elaborate getup. This Minnie Mouse costume includes the red dress and a headband with ears.
Buy Now $23.25
We’re talking fancy costumes here. This Minnie Mouse costume has a satin skirt with a soft glitter tulle layer on top and even a bow pocket detail on the skirt. 

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