More Bedroom Changes

Thank you for all of your love on the DIY wall moulding I just added to our master bedroom! If you missed that last post, you can check it out here. And, just when I thought that would be last thing on my bedroom’s checklist, other things popped up. This is your typical one thing leads to another scenario. I’m going to share with you what those more bedroom changes might look like.


Remember a few months ago when I gave our guest room a makeover? We sold the existing bedroom set to make room for the new furniture. Part of that set, a nightstand, was hiding under a slipcover in our master. When it left I placed a temporary piece of furniture under the slipcover so I could still have a working nightstand. Months passed and I almost forgot about it. Then, when I moved the other nightstand away from the walls to repaint, part of it broke again. That table has been glued multiple times over the years. Ugh. It was time to do something.

temporary nightstand
more bedroom changes

Searching for new nightstands was tricky and I had to pay close attention to measurements. The space next to our windows is fairly large, but the space next to our bathroom door is greatly minimized. Any item of furniture placed there can’t block the entrance.

While Memorial Day sales were in full swing I purchased a matching pair of these black nightstands. We’ve been married almost 16 years and this is the first time I have purchased nightstands for our master bedroom. To say I’m excited is an understatement! They have yet to come in, but I’m sure they are going to be a perfect fit.


Now that I have the nightstand issue taken care of, my thoughts have moved toward our bed. What’s working with existing bed is the color. I still love the dark grey and want to stick with that color. What isn’t working for me anymore are the silver nailheads, the tufting, and our sad bedskirt. Our thin white bedskirt just can’t hold up to our dog who likes to run his cheeks all down the sides of the bed every morning and night. My plan is to DIY a new bed. By making it myself I will save a ton of money (helps offsets the price of two new nightstands), and I will also be able to create exactly what I want.

DIY Bed Options

I’ve got a few beds that I’m turning to for inspiration. Each has a benefit, and I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do yet. What I am set on is creating wide side rails. We love our queen sized bed and I think this will give it the appearance of a larger bed. Let me go through each one and explain my thoughts.

DIY bed options
  1. The curved detail on this bed is pretty, but I would want mine to be squared out. I like that this one would be a simple project. Once the build is done it’s just stapling padding and fabric in place. I’m also drawn to the clean look of the side and footboard extending all the way to the ground. But, that means I can’t store anything under the bed if I want to.
  2. This one has the same pluses and the first with it being simple to upholster. Main difference is the exposed feet. With this one I could possibly slide small storage under the bed. I just don’t know how I feel about the feet.
  3. Over all this slipcovered bed is my favorite, but I would build it without the raised footboard. The more relaxed slipcover style is my preference. I feel it would be a great contrast to the more formal wall moulding and French pleated drapes. There would be a lot of sewing involved on this bed, but the loose skirt would give me access to storing items under the bed. This is also the color of fabric I would like to find.
  4. Another slipcovered bed that would be very similar to No. 3 if 3 didn’t have a footboard. I would make this so that the mattress sits up higher. The main difference between this one and No. 3 is that this has a pleat at each corner of the foot.

So, that’s where I currently am with our bedroom. What are your thoughts on the direction I should go with the bed? And tell me, what can of worms have you opened up lately? Hopefully after this there shouldn’t be more bedroom changes. But I think we all know the answer to that one.

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